The contract on Trump

No holds barred, takedown plans to rub out Trump in September. Wait, well maybe a few holds, like not by reluctant fellow candidates. They don’t want their fingerprints on that. Still it comes from the estabos anyway.

It’s no secret the Republican establishment is unnerved by Donald Trump and his lead in national and key state polls./…

“So they’re looking to more establishment PACs to potentially take him down in post-Labor Day ads.”

That opens it up to contract for hire. I wonder what the reward is? Rally the pacs to crank out the ads. All this might sound like a conspiracy if I didn’t know better. Knowing Trump and the way he handles things, who can rule out a backfire? They just might take aim to drive his poll numbers up even more.

Remember what Newt did in South Carolina. Now perhaps the same ire as the media got then will be turned on the estabos and their pacs. (their credibility is waning already) Just saying, at this point it is a possibility. And this being only the first unified attempt at the mission.

People are about to find out how nasty the estabos can be in a turf war. Never mind how nasty you think Trump is. That puts lamestream media and the establishment on the same page. Will they conspire (ally) with Democrats? Sounds like a job for the Cosa Nostra.

12 comments on “The contract on Trump

  1. the unit says:

    Did you see the size of his bodyguard ejecting Ramos? Even so he (guard) better don’t gas up on a dark complection evening at any convenience store.

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. One would have think the RINO’s/elites have been in bed with the Alinsky Party for a long time. Serving up McLame. Serving up Romney. Doing their best to serve up the Jebbie or Rubio. FOX (I’ve heard from very trusted friend) letting Christie Cream run ad after ad, meaning, lie after lie, while letting elite pundits hammer Trump all day long.

    Dipshit City is a “no wake zone” and the Trumpster causes way too many wakes for the elites. I guess we shall see if the big moola hammers Trump like it did Newt (after SC) in FL. I believe the back bone (or lack thereof) of voters will really be on display once we get to FL.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, me thinks they are about to crank it up to mach speed. Between Alinshy’s and the RINO estabos we’re just seeing the show, or what they want us to see. Trump doesn’t comport with their model, deny and deflect.

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