The Next Trump Question

In the last debate, Megyn Kelly had the gotcha question and they asked the Trump question: if everyone would sign a pledge to not run on a third Party? Of course that was a question for Trump and not really an issue for anyone else.

As the very first question it got the desired result, Donald Trump raising his single hand amid sneers from others. Rand Paul registered strong protest. That moment and question was supposed to set the tone for the debate and future campaign.

Now that we see media’s agenda, what will the Trump question be for the next debate — or gotcha question? Hugh Hewitt hinted at one in an interview with Trump. He asked him about leaders names of Hezbollah and Iranian Quds Force. Trump muddied the interpretation saying we aren’t doing enough to help the Kurds.

We know the process: liberals get “respectful” softball questions; for conservatives questions must point out what they don’t know. Make conservatives look dumb. What will the question be this time? Seems Mid Eastern leaders are in the mix.

So Trump has now signed their mandatory RNC pledge but that shouldn’t be the end of it.

Here is the real Trump question: Roll reversal 101

As they say, turnabout is fair play. Their Trump question only prompted another question about that pledge. How does the RNC demand someone sign a loyalty pledge to the Party while the Republican party has not been trustworthy? Just what are it’s intentions? It almost routinely stabs conservatives in the back.

Suppose someone turns RNC’s question around and works it into the debate. It would be great. The people should be asking how can we trust the Republican Party to stand by us and be loyal to conservatives? Where is that pledge? I’d like to see the RNC and Rience Priebus answer and sign that pledge. Maybe they all should be asking that and demand an answer. Enough of the horseshit about promise your loyalty to the grand GOP. How about the RNC pledge its loyalty and mean it? A pledge and contract. Trump could do that. But anyone and everyone should be asking. That could even be the theme of the convention.

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19 comments on “The Next Trump Question

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, if the RNC did sign a pledge to be true to we conservatives we couldn’t trust it anyway. They have screwed us over so many times, I could never ever trust them. But it’s a good thought.

    I’m wondering what CNN has in store for Trump during their debate on 9/16. At least I think it’s CNN.

    I do imagine the whole rabble of them will be asked about abortion and women’s “reproductive rights”, code name for abortion. And of course the religion question. Whatever it will do nothing for the candidates but to tear them down.

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    • Bullright says:

      True Pepp, they’d break it the day they made it. It’s a habit.

      I’m not sure or what the intent will be. CNN screwed that poll placement for over a month. Even the Dems were complaining, That must be why they revised it. I don’t know if there is a theme, foreign policy, or domestic despotism, or national scrutiny. I haven’t heard

      I guess Hugh Hewitt is involved, I thought it was just Jake Trapper. Should we even have media controlling the debates? They have a lot to prove. I haven’t given it much thought yet, so many probing subjects.

      Yes, women’s reproductive organs…. oops I mean rights, will have to be on it. That coincides with Hillary’s war on women campaign. They have to sync up …. or may have Hillary write the questions to simplify it. They’ll have to whip out the same-sex card too. Oh, and see if the wording of questions sounds like they are from progressives’ script?


  2. the unit says:

    Figuring out the next question? Is like figuring out why? Or…
    OT, but it’s Labor Day and OM… off Monday…
    You’d think after all these years and experience with more than a few or several, I’d understand women.
    Here it is Labor Day and refrigerator/freezer went on the blink Saturday morning. You know about the rest of the story, ice chest, pouring out water from melted ice, and etc.
    So repair guy MAY come tomorrow. And what does wife do today? Spend hours cleaning out and wiping clean (like Hillary with her hard drive, I guess) the fridge. Of course spoiled food already out.
    My truck is a little hard to start. Think I’ll get it repainted and detailed before I get it in to shop to see if it worth getting fixed.
    Happy Labor Day to all. 🙂

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Trying to find a candidate for the GOP we can trust has become harder than finding a needle in a haystack. RNC protects RINO’s, RINO’s protect RNC, lame ass FOX protects both, the wheel spins round and round and We the People get f*cked.

    Trump throws a big fat wrench into that cycle of screwing We the People. The RNC, RINO’s, lame ass FOX and ass wipe reporters are going to make him have to climb the stairway to Heaven to break on through to the other side. He may become the candidate, but I sure hope his method(s) helps fix the problem you point out with your article.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, shoot you made me realize we must have one big hay stack with this many needles in the mix. Well, a few real needles anyway.

      He does throw in the wrench. Oh, RNC will make him run every obstacle course, you can take that to the bank.. They still aren’t sure of his loyalty. Maybe that’s not bad thing? I wonder if isn’t an advantage for Trump not being predictable? I like that RNC can’t predict his moves.

      I just watched Laura Ingram do a tactical take down on Karl Rove. We’re in a strange new world…. According to Rove the Bush’s McCain, Romney, and I presume Jebby, were all “outsiders”. (achem) See how this works? We want a non-Washington insider so they redefine it. I call it parsing the parse. .

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      • Davetherave says:

        IMO Bull it is an advantage. Only Barry likes to tell defenses what play we’re going run before the snap. That always goes so well.

        Rove using the Alinsky strategy eh? Redefine a word as needed. Being an outsider to ‘not’ squatting in Dipshit City on our moola does not make someone a ‘true’ outsider. Damn near all politicians have aspirations to ascend higher. They strive to one day be squatting in Dipshit City on our moola. Rove did some pretty good work years ago, but his self-serving ways are now too obvious.

        Trump shaking up the tree and it’d be nice, if something rather than a damn monkey fell out this time.

        LOL…’parsing the parse…’ perfect!

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        • Bullright says:

          Well, I guess Rove felt backed in the corner to defend the last guys as outsiders. Follow the cash. Only Obama can get away with running an insurgent campaign against his own incumbency. How they bought that in 2012 I’ll never know. So I guess it is possible to full most of the people.

          But I see Rove is careful not to mention Jeb unless he has to. How can you defend a dynasty as being a genuine outsider? Johnny Cochran had a good phrase that worked for OJ. Now its ‘if the glove doesn’t fit you must convict.’

          Jeb even looks like a creature of crony Washington. The more he wags his head back and forth, like he’s scolding us, the more I do anything to oppose him. Rove knows how it looks, he’s not stupid. Bad enough to be an outsider impostor but a dynasty candidate on top? Yuk. Maybe he and Rove are in denial?


    • the unit says:

      When I vote every morning I always make final wipe with Aloe Vera lotion. If itchy add a drop of Campho-phenique. Went to high school with the granddaughter of the guy who invented it. Works wonders ’til next vote. 🙂

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      • Davetherave says:

        ROTFLMAO! Sounds like me totting off with my puke bucket every time I now vote. BUT I keep taking the damn thing and voting doing my best to keep commies out of our WH.

        It would be nice this time though to NOT have to use Listerine after voting…


  4. the unit says:

    Hate to still be OT, but might help others before long who read here. If you might need a fridge one day.
    Spent the day at big box stores looking for fridge. Remodeled kitchen in ’07, did our cabinets built in over and around new fridge then. Yeah pretty, but dumb for air circulation. Oh well, Just one we saw today will fit our hole in the wall.( Littler ones will go in of course)
    Me and wife not so good at stooping anymore. Use fridge more than freezer. So thought we’d get bottom freezer, more fridge space at stand up level, Show room guy says bottom freezer is more efficient. Came home to re-measure the hole in the wall. Check internet and read bottom freezer works harder because being right above the compressor and heat from it.
    Overheating compressor shutting off is part of my present fridge problem. So maybe having freezer over it is good.
    And in physics heat rises and cold settles…is that reversed now too (1984)? Doesn’t anybody know anything about anything anymore? 🙂

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    • Bullright says:

      I bet that is like a lot of people. You didn’t mention the models with compressor on top, but they’re real expensive. (bet they can’t be 7 year models) Would think they’d design for air circulation. They design everything for close tolerance today, so I thought.

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