Hey big spender, Bernie

The beauty, or should I say lie, of a Democrat plan. Or is it really a socialist plan? In any case it is.

Bernie Sanders is again touting his jobs plan as the cure for unemployment problems, particularly younger people. But it is not a jobs plan at all, its a big-spending plan, by big government of course. Bloomberg news: 5.5 billion to employ 1 million young people.

[June]The legislation, introduced by Michigan Representative John Conyers, would create a $5.5 billion fund, $4 billion earmarked for the employment of people between 16 and 24, $1.5 billion for job training grants. There are no pay-fors. It would ask a Congress that is dead-set against “big government” to employ people, with the help of big government.

Bernster already received ringing praise and an endorsement on it from Robert Reich. Birds of the feather. Reich said it is a perfect time for this spending plan to take advantage of low borrowing rates. Yea, that’s the ticket.

Chris Hayes(MSNBC) called this one of the longest post-war economic expansions ever recorded. (stop laughing people) Sander’ plan, “direct 200 bln dollars a year for 5 years” on infrastructure spending, “we got a multiplier effect.”(remember Obama’s spending on those “shovel-ready” jobs — shoveling money. What multiplied was our debt)

The economy: “It’s growing…at this point one of the most enduring post-war expansions we have ever seen,” said Hayes.

Reich: “I tell you why I think its a very good idea and a very important idea: number one, because we can borrow at very,very low interest rates right now. Number two, you still have a lot of people who are not only out of work,…. Number three, you have a crumbling infrastructure. You have roads and bridges, and pipes, and rapid transit systems that are all falling apart [sort of like Hillary Clinton’s campaign.] all over America. Put those three together and it’s logical this kind of plan is necessary.

“I think she’d make an excellent president. … and in terms of policies, he [Bernie] is very much articulating the kind of things that are needed in this country. I mean I think he is allowing, because he is, ah, kind of creating territory for Hillary to move into. He is allowing Hillary, the Democratic candidate, I think, whoever that is, to be a little bit more bolder than otherwise. But this country, right now, really needs boldness.”

So just to be clear, we aren’t talking about jobs really at all but spending — big-government spending. It’s the answer to everything. “Spending, got some?”

No surprise at what Bernie Sanders is actually doing. He’s just laying out the socialist Left flank for Hillary, er so she doesn’t have to.(all those people at rallies, haha) When the time comes, it all merges to Hillary Clinton. Sanders is only a bold, big-spending placeholder.

11 comments on “Hey big spender, Bernie

  1. Davetherave says:

    The commies bow at Barry’s feet as being the next savior, but now they say HIS economy needs help? The economy that the commies state (lie) is the “the longest post-war economic expansions ever recorded.” Now that makes a lot of f*cking sense.

    I don’t recall us needing to do this bull shit “monster building” bill during the Reagan 80’s economic boom (and that was an actual, real boom). Another infrastructure lefty lie to rake in more cash for something else. Are we really supposed to believe in this day and age of the “Nanny State” that droves of the young commie lovers are going to build roads, work on bridges, etc. in this kind of damn heat? That would be a big fat cup of no-pa! They’ll take food stamps for $500 Alex.

    Bernie is blazing a nice trail for Hitlary to move even more left than where she already resides. Build the machine bigger and bigger and the benefits you reap will become greater and greater. Doesn’t matter to them what it’s really doing to our nation. Just get the votes baby…

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    • Bullright says:

      I sort of thought you’d be amused by that “ex—pan—shun” stuff l…o…n…g as it has been, and just as great. That boy just wrote a new definition. (was it .10 or .50 I almost forget its been so great.)

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      • Davetherave says:

        Barry’s GDP is kicking ass and taking names at a .2, yep that’s period in front of the 2, .2%. Reagan’s GDP ranged from 3.5% up to 4.9%. Reagan added 20 million jobs (that’s real jobs where folks go to work) as where Barry adds gov union jobs and the unemployment goes down due to folks giving up on looking for real jobs. The Alinskys have such a hard time keeping up with all their lies. They double talk themselves all the time.

        Reich is correct in one belief: our nation desperately needs help after almost 8 years of Barry’s game plan. It just sure in the hell isn’t more (commie) socialism.

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        • Bullright says:

          Dave, great posts, I figure its just moving so fast we can’t keep up.He’s no Reagan .LOL We can’t even trust the revised numbers. Maybe he’s using that common core math? Reich at least admitted to problems, Hayes just has no respect for value whatsoever—it’s all good!

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  2. the unit says:

    Pre-election propaganda is just lubricating beneath foreskin of what’s coming. Again. Did I say cumming? Thought I did, getting harder to type these days, crooked fingers…not crooks though. 🙂

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  3. Peppermint says:

    LMAO! Funny article. It’s clone of what Ohomo did and look where we are now? Bernie needs to go back to his grave and sleep it off!

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, yep that is right she’s just trying to duplicate. And the witch thinks everyone will run interference for her anyhow as the heir apparent. It’s a joke she runs a campaign like this. They are both promising everything to everyone. It’s all about spending. We are still trying to dig out of Barry’s hole. So right, look where we are and then where they want to go. Insanity.

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      • Peppermint says:

        Well she, Bernie, and Biden should just forget about it. Trump beats them all in a new national poll. LOL! Don’t know if that will last but that’s what I read today.

        Mo money, mo money. That’s all these commie/socialists think about. We’ve run out of workers to support all these giveaways. Stupid ppl and insanity!



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