Saying it ain’t so don’t make it so… PS 101

Only 2 months ago, students may have been singing ‘school’s out’ but now it’s time once again for the back to school blues, which are as much for parents these days as for kids. Maybe it is out of that need to make kids enjoy it more that they are pushing even further in the direction of the perverted, under what they deem public education?

Who knows exactly, but parents aren’t thrilled at the curriculum in many areas.  That never stopped the big-government train from speeding along.  And they have plenty of special whistle stops planned for their trip.

Back To School: Soft Porn For 10 Year-Olds, Islam For Every Child, No Parental Rights & The Need To Opt Out

Educators have expressed: Children Don’t Belong to their Parents

Bethany Blankley September 8, 2015 | Western Journalism

This new school year under expansive Common Core curriculum and standards testing, children will have data collected by the government about behavioral and mental aptitude, not their test scores. No matter what a governor or state school board might claim, if the state receives federal money in any form, it is participating in data collection without parental consent. Parents have the constitutional right to opt out their child by filling out this form.

The Exodus Mandate is encouraging and providing resources for Christian parents to do more than opt out, but to exit the public school system altogether. Two excellent videos explain why.

Continue at Western Journalism:

Data mining and collection being only one of several areas of concern. Sex education to pervert them, and confuse sexual identity. Question what is a parent, or 1 and 2. (more to be added?)Defer to the central authority of the “school.”

So Islam-pimping lobbies want to teach our kids. They are doing so well with education over in the Mid-East, aren’t they? Where’s the prayer rugs and the arrows on the floor, just in case you forget which way to face? Inquiring minds want need to know.

What always amazes me is, with all this going on, how liberals can be as quiet as church mice about it. As if it were not happening. How do they restrain themselves? Then when approached they always have the standard, scripted answers.  No harm, no foul…just education in the 21st century, they say.  “Get over it,” they tell us. The greater good is looking badder and badder all the time. And we are labeled the crazy ones?

Then they will claim opt-out options are provided. But at what cost? The opt-out, in particulars or the entire public school, is not a real option for many people. Choice for abortions not for education.

Per author link:

The $632 billion the federal government spends each year on public school “education” is spent on education policy and curriculum that directly violates Constitutional protections.
Read more:

Multiculturists and their tolerance agenda has no room for parents who oppose their program. We are quickly labeled extremists. Data collection we are just supposed to accept. “Trust us, the professionals.” All the data being pilfered with rampant hacking today and this is safe? They can teach sex education, but yet gender has no place in the program. We are all the same. But we’re old-fashioned or extremists.
We the people are the problem.

12 comments on “Saying it ain’t so don’t make it so… PS 101

  1. Hardnox says:

    Froggy, you’re so 20th century dude.

    Seriously, the feds shouldn’t be in education. Look what they have done to blacks.

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    • Bullright says:

      I’m a dinosaur, I know. But somewhere I have a feeling some teachers are not happy either, maybe they haven’t evolved much further than me. Well, that doesn’t matter, they adapt.

      We don’t even talk about abolishing the DoEd anymore. Evolution I guess. The data component kind of set me off. Right, blacks don’t like profiling. Welcome to profiling on steroids. (probably everyone but “undocumented” Bwah ha ha)

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      • Hardnox says:

        My comment was tongue and cheek. There are a lot us us dinosaurs out there, both young and old. Millions and millions in fact. Common sense tells us that the government shouldn’t be teaching them that shit. We all know that schools have become lefty indoctrination centers. I still think the sentiment to abolishing the DoEd exists except demanding it under this admin would be a waste of time like so many other demands that have been shelved.

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        • Bullright says:

          I know Nox. LOL we all are. I think they changed our expiration dates.Doesn’t fool us. At this point some people would be satisfied not to expand DoEd like they’ve been doing. It may have fallen from the priority list with everything District Cesspool has been doing.


  2. Peppermint says:

    Good grief, this article sent shivers up and down my spine. Data collection! Wth is that? Profiling?

    I’m so glad my grand kids are in a private school. I’m glad I’m not a parent at this time.

    More strikes out for Jeb for continuing to push Common Poor. This whole agenda makes me sick. And the sex ed belongs at home. Especially when it comes to sexual identity. They’ll be screwing these kids heads up so much they won’t know whether they are girls or boys.

    This goes along with the Alinsky tactics to destroy more morals in this country by teaching our kids perverted things and making them accept it. This is so sick!

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I imagine if this stuff happened like 70 years ago parents would be furious. Seems like everywhere there is a crack in the door, DC goons stick their foot in it. It’s a shame private or home school seems like the only options, (but that is not really an “option” then) Who wanted to politicize schools? That be the Alinskyites. progs.


  3. Davetherave says:

    So now I know Bill Gates (I knew he was a liptard, but damn) is just as evil as Soros. And now I know common core goes against the 1st and 14th amendments. And now I know the opt-out is actually bull shit. And now I know I hate common core more than I did when I woke up this morning and I didn’t think that was possible.

    This year’s SAT scores the worse in years, so the kids aren’t learning shit as suspected. But the teach union brags the graduation rate is higher. Well that’s just awesome sending more kids out into the world dumber than shit. That’s something to brag about.

    So now the teach union will help participate in sending out kids dumber than shit, thinking Moo-ham-mad had a master’s in business and being a pervert is really cool. Oh yeah; and those older folks that feed you, house you…etc. don’t know shit and don’t listen to those hateful people.

    Life is just great in the good ole USA. Jeez! I’m so glad I’m one of those older folks that won’t be around that much longer to see this shit get any worse, but feel bad for my son though…

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, perfect analysis. My sentiments exactly. Just when you think there are some limits(taboos) out there which cannot be crossed, wham. So I guess the trick is not to believe ‘no they can’t’. I guess it would be something if we could see some educative thing happening in Washington, but we don’t. Last I knew they couldn’t get a clean audit of DoEd either. So we’re just For the kids today, I don’t know. I guess if they have their social media crap they feel like they gained something.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, I would imagine in the early days there were some folks that told Stalin and Hitler this can’t be done. Oops.

        The Department of Uneducation needs to be tanked for sure. Feds have no reason sticking their nose in state and local bidness. I know why they do, but somehow they need to be told to f*ck off.

        I didn’t get my son a cell phone until he was 16 (in case he was in a car accident or needed to call me to get his ass out of jail). He did not have access to a private computer in his bedroom until he was 18. To this day he still just has an old style cell phone. He just makes and accepts calls. He doesn’t even text and he has zero desire for a hand held computer phone.

        So at least when we talk he looks me in the face and is not tweeting while ignoring me… 🙂

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        • Bullright says:

          Dave, true someone threw down the double dare and they one-upped it with interest. They dared Obama to pen illegal amnesty, dang he did.

          Now by my book you have the perfect family relationship. Still talking even… I mean verbally, in person. But by their latest updated definitions, you are probably a backward, stuck in the eighties, obsolete relic. So you’d be abnormal in their book.

          It’s like sitting at a football game watching everyone with their head down looking at their phone. That’s the new normal. What’s wrong with everyone else? Abnormal is watching the game. People used to actually go on vacation to get away from the phone. Now what do they do?

          BTW: smart kid, probably learned early on he couldn’t ignore you nohow.

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          • Davetherave says:

            LOL, oh yeah I’m sure I’m depicted as a bigot, racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, women hater, wild west gun totter, bible thumper (of course wrong bible to the wrong God), redneck, hillbilly and I’m sure I’ve left some out. Some may be true or all may be wrong. Our constitution allows me to be any or all these and so many forget that point. So I just run with f*ck the commies and the asshole they crawled out of.

            I was watching some of the US Open tennis matches last night. The entire time their running commercials that folks have to actually be here to fully enjoy the atmosphere. Then as the camera spans the crowd that is there watching the matches I notice so many aren’t watching the matches. Nope, they’ve got their faces shoved in little hand help computers texting and tweeting.

            LMAO…really? That sure in the hell didn’t help the cause (IMO) to get more folks to show up in person. Hell they text and tweet from home a hell of a lot cheaper than the prices NYC is charging to actually be there.

            My son is smart kid (usually start A’s in college) and yes he did learn at 2 years old not to ignore me. Had to reinforce it a few times as the years went by, but heh… 🙂


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