It’s a political lesson, even to evangelicals

No, you aren’t seeing things.

The lesson evangelicals can learn from Donald Trump

Brody File

Don’t faint when I say this. Just in case, you may want to grab the smelling salts. Here goes: If Evangelical Christians want to be more effective at spreading the gospel, they should take a lesson from Donald Trump. Did you faint yet? No? Great. Read on.

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Sometimes maybe it is dangerous to use politics for an example in evangelical Christianity, but not so much in this one. I think there are plenty of points to be taken. So what’s the lesson, go boldly where no one has gone before?

Interesting analogy. By next year, if the momentum keeps up, there could be t-shirts with the message: “Trump, got some?” From political newbies to evangelicals, seems everyone wants to take a lesson from Trump.

NPR: Why Trump is the choice of religious right

Trump and Graham, the famed Baptist revival preacher and counselor to presidents, are not exactly cut from the same cloth. And yet, Trump is winning over Christian conservatives in the current Republican presidential primary.

So there you have it Trump is getting evangelicals excited. Maybe the kick in the teeth they needed. But Huckabee is probably scratching his head.

4 comments on “It’s a political lesson, even to evangelicals

  1. Davetherave says:

    The GOP is broken up into so many different groups and each has their own pet peeves they want fixed in our nation.

    IMO one thing that brings so many GOP folks together is we’ve all had enough of a damn commie muslim squatting in our WH and destroying all that’s good. Another being we’re all sick and tired of both party elected officials f*cking us over and kisses the asses of special interest groups.

    The Trumpster has been able to tap into both those emotions for GOP folks like we haven’t seen in quite a while. The GOP folks also know there will be zero change, if any of the commie party traitors win the next election.

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    • Bullright says:

      As you say Dave, good points. There are a lot of voters with their pet issues too, which is all they care about. There really is a holistic approach if we apply the principles. But we are being screwed daily by the people we hired. Now it seems like every election is just the starting point for the next one and that’s all they are concerned with. It’s like watching a hamster on a treadmill.

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