Questions and stupid suggestions

Someone tell media that Trump is running as a candidate for President, not for commissioner of the speech police.

He gets a question about Muslims and, right on cue, media attacks Trump for “not correcting” the questioner. It sounds pretty suspicious to me.

The indictment is his “failure to correct a questioner“.  Another ludicrous thing to thank McCain for setting some stupid standard on. It is not their job to correct every person who may or not make a statement.

We aren’t in the silly season, we are in the desperate season. Everyone is appalled. I wish they were publicly appalled at the terrorism plots and hateful rhetoric from Islamists.– or at statements from Obama which he never apologizes for.

Media gets an “F- F” for being useful idiots.

(Fox and much of media is now on the Carly Fiorina bandwagon)

19 comments on “Questions and stupid suggestions

  1. the unit says:

    The media and journilists and pundits and talking heads are nothing like a box of chocolates. I know what I’m going to get.

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull and I like Erik Rush’s article.

    Love the theme of your post/opinion. It is not Trump’s (or any other persons place) to correct what another believes when the answer is ambiguous at best. If the dude had said, “Both of Barry’s parents are honkies.” then that would be an opening to correct him. Shit I don’t even know, if Barry is from our planet.?.?

    The same folks knocking the Trumpster allowing someone to have their own opinion are the same ones that have been knocking him on everything, so jeez surprise. They still just don’t get where Trump’s support is coming from and they never will.

    FOX in the Hen House and much of the lamestream media are loving on Carly right now, because she did her best the other night to accuse Trump at being at war with women. She failed, Fox in the Hen House fails along with those other lamestream media(s).

    I hate to be PC incorrect, but they can kiss my lily white ass and also the ass of the horse I rode in on…

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    • Bullright says:

      Well, great comments Dave, I hope it was a white horse too.

      Yea here we go “will you ____ condemn the statement of this [anonymous] questioner at an open town hall rally in NH?” And this is where you must condemn him or lose your right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness and your first born. Not much of an exaggeration.

      Aren’t we all all sick and tired of this no-win game yet? I guess not. Dems never ever play that game. Candidates are falling in lockstep to the game plan. Yep, what was so great that Carly accomplished, taking on Trump? That makes you a winner today?

      Hey, I wonder what makes you a loser? Doing or saying anything else?

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      • Peppermint says:

        Great reply Bull! I’m so sick of the media gotcha game.

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        • Bullright says:

          Well, Dave said it well, I just elaborated a little. Dave articulates the problem well. But I thought we were done with this after McCain pulled that lecture on the little old lady and ripped that microphone out of her hand like it was a loaded weapon. He gets the badge of courage???

          Plus it is backwards. This is what town halls are, people speaking out not a top down lecture at we the people on what WE can say, or think on any number of things. So they don’t get the 1st amendment and the format of representative gov thingy.

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          • Peppermint says:

            If the left says something awful nothing is said about it. Can you imagine if someone had said to a leftist nominee, “Bush lied, people died”? Not a word of criticism would there have been.

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  3. Peppermint says: Obama admits he’s a Muslim in this old YouTube.

    I see no reason why Trump has to correct this man. Is he supposed to be the police speech man now?

    Right now Bret Baier’s panel is doing nothing but blaming Trump for this man. Disgusting and desperate these people are! Anything to take Trump down, no matter how stupid.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, yep Obama has said things pretty clearly. But he has been anything but honest about most anything. And they have problems with people having an opinion. Obama himself planted all the suspicion. Is it going to be a crime now to have an opinion?

      But having camps in the US is sort of old common news. So the one thing they are attacking people for is calling Obama a Muslim. Gee, the way Barry talks, it would probably be the highest compliment you could give him.

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      • Peppermint says:

        If you are logical what is wrong about being a “Muslim” all of a sudden. Eh?
        You’d think someone called Ohomo Hitler.

        I just spent the first 25 min watching Megyn go on and on about Trump and this “horrible way he handled this man”. I got sick of it and turned her off.

        Last I saw she was interviewing Rubio and at the end she brought out about his guy and Rand’s guy getting into a dust up. If you saw it did you see Rubio’s face when she did that? I think he was pissed off she had to bring up another dumb ass thing. Like who cares if their mgrs or whatever got into a dust up?

        She sure is looking like a back stabber with all but Fiorina, Christie, and Jeb.

        God she sucks! I’m ticked off. Can U tell?

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        • Bullright says:

          Yea Pepp, where is the insult.. did I miss it? (thinking of what they called Boooosh and his family)

          I saw it too. She gave a repeat performance. Even his filmmaker producer(whatever) she tried to attack for mentioning 2007. Then she pulled in 2011 and everything. No bias there uh? Right she really flew her colors again. What is she the self-anointed attack dog on Donald?

          I think she’s in search of validating herself. On what I don’t know. But she’s off like she was in telling Paul off.

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          • Peppermint says:

            I thought in the leftist mind Muslims were good. So why all the nonsense about “criticizing” Obama being a Muslim? The guy just spoke his mind and the media hated it. There’s so much evidence that he is a Muslim and they refuse to acknowledge it. Why do they all try to hide it? I thoght all Muslims were good. 🙂

            Obviously Megyn is coming out of the closet as a flaming sexist and liberal. Whatever faults Carly has I’ve never heard one bad thing out of Megyn’s mouth. From what I’ve read Carly made some bad remarks about Boxer’s looks.Oh but that’s OK.

            By the time she stabbed Rubio in the back with that nonsense about his mgr. I had to turn her off or I would have been throwing things. I actually felt sorry for Rubio at that point. She had to make sure she stomped on his success. Anything for Carly.

            I see Trump’s point for saying what he did about her face. I’m sick of seeing that pompous, angry face already. If she becomes prez, I’m going to have to turn off the TV like I do with Obama. She already looks like O coming out and the constant nagging. I’m afraid she’ll be pointing her finger at us like O does. She does nothing to inspire me at all.

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            • Bullright says:

              Yes Pepp, that sidewinder about Rubio’s manager was for effect. If it was Dems it would have been different. “Passions flaring”. I would have nipped it in the butt too, but nothing else was on.

              it’s like we get to vote once, the media gets to vote every day. I get the same vision of Carly taking us to the woodshed. I haven’t gotten that impression from Trump.

              I think Carly is a scrapper and that is a great thing for her — “Go Carly” — but bad for Trump. I don’t think she picked on the media yet except for disagreeing with CNN’s qualifications. Now that Walker is saying the fix was in that she was going to be celebrated no matter, they go after him.. She was the interrupter in chief but they criticize all the others for it.


        • Bullright says:

          FOX NEWS ALERT !!!

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