What’s a Liberal Mayor to Do?

Well, if you are Rahm Emanuel and it is Chicago, there can be only one answer to that question? Raise taxes… it’s always the solution.

So Rahm proposes raising taxes a half-billion dollars, or a measly 500 million, just to tide them over until, well, the next tax increase.

He suggested a choice between drastic cuts and raising taxes. Now who always wins that battle? Right. It could have something to do with big union contracts and the inability to keep these big lucrative contracts flowing like wild honey. Incidentally, the one business probably thriving above all others in Chicago are the Funeral parlors. (another story)

Good thing “Chicago is thriving” as he called it, otherwise it might not be able to afford the tax hike.(sort of a joke) It’s what Rahm calls “progressive” so at least there’s that.
Rahm Emanuel gave a speech where he said:


“In short, if we were to fund our pensions with cuts alone, our city services would become unreliable. Our city would become unlivable. And that would be totally unacceptable.”

Isn’t that one hell of an admission? (think about that) Outrageous. I mean if the cost to float those contracts requires a 20% cut to the police force, losing 48 fire departments and 40% of firefighters — just to afford them — then what in the world is in those contracts? Wouldn’t any sane person say wonder if and how they could afford those contracts?

So the answer is to raise the taxes — good thing they can afford them, uh? Right, rather save the contracts by raising taxes. No losses there. Or tell people that they will lose all their services they already paid for, if the city doesn’t raise taxes.(Is there a hostage negotiator in the house) Don’t worry because he calls it a “progressive” approach — who can dislike anything progressive? Guess what? Even Chicago Dems do not like hikes.

4 comments on “What’s a Liberal Mayor to Do?

  1. Davetherave says:

    Emanuel didn’t raise property taxes during his first term, but only months into his second and here comes the boom. My observations of lefty loons is they don’t actually “tax and spend”, but rather “spend and tax.” In gambling terms they like to bet on the come.

    He states cuts in existing pensions are coming and he has proposed some, but they’re not doing so well in the courts. Some small issue about breaking a contract (sarcasm). I experienced in business trying to break a contract is no small issue.

    Chicago has seen this coming for some time, but done nothing. IMO this issue comes down to over promising unions (and I’ve made it no secret I’m a zero fan of modern era unions 1970-present).

    I liken it to how many use credit cards. They spend a boat load and then shit their pants when down the road payment comes due. Many even file bankruptcy and leave someone else paying their bills. Sound at all familiar?

    But what won’t the Alinskys do to keep their voting base(s) intact.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, you really nailed it there. Thanks for the background. Correctomundo. Not too familiar with Chicago but Rahm would not talk about the hikes in his campaign, saying it would be a progressive approach though. He evaded the whole thing in campaign — sound familiar.

      Who could get away with that? (wonder if Axelrod ran his campaign) The cuts of waste and abuse he hasn’t taken on. (those side affects of Libs — maybe that’s too easy) Those nasty courts, good grief! Junk bond status to boot.

      Now with all those other hikes, I think on top of the 1/2 bil are all on the table. (garbage fees too) 750 mil? Right, stuff is hitting the fan, and this is only the beginning of the union spikes. How could he have got around all this before?

      Also saw where he put some 300 desk cops out on the street and hired lower wage civilians to run the desks.

      Hey, Dave, what’s his favorite saying, never let a crisis go to waste. Crisis this size must be like manna from heaven to Rahm. haha

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      • Davetherave says:

        If there is any humor to be found here, it’s the fact this doesn’t come close to the $20B they’re short on their public pension system. This reminds me of pissing on a forest fire.

        Perhaps Chicago shall soon go the way of Detroit? Or maybe Barry will send Rahm a big bailout next year at the end of Ramadan. Tis the muzzie time for charity.

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        • Bullright says:

          Dave wow, 20 bil but might as well be 50. You could be right on bailout, I can’t see Obama building his Lie-brary in a bankrupt city. What we can be sure of is it wasn’t Dems’ fault.



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