Lenin turns up in Germany

Lenin makes a return. I think there’s a lesson here.

A giant Lenin ‘head’ was unearthed in Germany

September 10, 2015 | Washington Post

Vladimir Lenin’s German comeback on Thursday did not look very majestic. Fixed with straps attached to an industrial crane, a gigantic granite Lenin head was unearthed in a forest near Berlin.

Shortly afterward, the statue was transported back to the city from which it had been banned about 24 years earlier.

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In light of current events, interesting how it has new significance and meaning in the evolving landscape, particularly in relation to Russia.

16 comments on “Lenin turns up in Germany

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Is there such a thing as coincidence? Sometimes I think not and this goes a long way to make me believe even more so.

    Around 100 years from now folks may unearth “lead” heads of Barry and Francis. Lead is cheaper ya’ know and right up their ally of “let’s pretend to be poor ourselves, so we understand the poor.” At least Lenin (like Sanders) did not hide the fact he leaned toward Marxist views.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Very interesting how this ungodly thing turned up while Russia is once again taking over so many places. With them in Syria, Iraq and so many other places they are truly the global threat that Romney stated.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, isn’t it interesting though? Yep that whole the 80’s want their foreign policy back. (we’d like our country back.) But then Obama just ignores it like its inconvenient.


    • the unit says:

      I think I got to give up, approaching Zeke Emanuel’s default age. Divided household for years now. Some thinking Obama is sliced bread greatness, so smart.

      Now they perturbed Boehner quitting. Say he been crying a long time, so what? I guess they happy he never did anything to stop the intelligent one. I’ve cooked good chicken and dumplings over the years(a real mother taught me, not a fake FLOTUS), guess I got to let them do it now and let them stew in the mess we got.

        I’m going where the sun keeps shining
        Through the pouring rain
        Going where the weather suits my clothes

        Banking off of the northeast winds
        Sailing on a summer breeze
        And skipping over the ocean like a stone

        Everybody’s talking at me
        Can’t hear a word they’re saying
        Only the echoes of my mind (which knows)

        I won’t let you leave my love behind
        No, I won’t let you leave
        Wah, wah
        I won’t let you leave my love behind (America, that’s where I’m staying where the sun keep shining)

      So i ain’t giving up… 🙂

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      • Bullright says:

        Ah, nice touch.

        No can’t give up, “wouldn’t be prudent.” But I don’t need their “thousand points of light” to see my way either.

        He needs a good crying towel, that’s all. One of them thick ones. Too bad his conscience didn’t start talking at him sooner. Obama will be the one disappointed.

        Never surrender.

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