Agenda 2030 and the Pope

Agenda 2030 And The “New Economic World Order” – Coming This Year?

Dire economic prognostications exist simultaneously

by The Sleuth Journal | September 23, 2015 | Infowars

With Q3 of the 2015 fiscal year just around the corner, one cannot help but notice unprecedented unease in both financial and social spheres, and perhaps with good reason; with alternative media forecasters, national banks, and supranational institutions alike heralding the coming of “global depression” by the end of 2016, this consensus of seemingly strange bedfellows almost universally agree that something wicked this way comes.
These dire economic prognostications exist simultaneously in a world in which energy and development prospects, both nationally and transnationally, are being reworked – with equally profound implications as the aforementioned financial trend analysis. Be it the Obama Administration’s “Clean Power Plan” or the EU and China’splanned Neomalthusian 2030 carbon emission cutbacks, national entities the world over are positioning themselves for profound shifts in energy, development, trade, and even currency ahead of COP21 in Paris this December, or as some have deemed it, “Agenda 2030.”
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Into this backdrop the Pope descended and spoke at the UN mentioning the Agenda 2030.

“Education conceived in this way is the basis for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and for reclaiming the environment. At the same time, government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity and to create and support a family, which is the primary cell of any social development. In practical terms, this absolute minimum has three names:lodging, labour, and land; and one spiritual name: spiritual freedom, which includes religious freedom, the right to education and other civil rights.”

At the UN, Pope Francis said:

“In effect, a selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged … The poorest are those who suffer most from such offenses, for three serious reasons: They are cast off by society, forced to live off what is discarded and suffer unjustly from the abuse of the environment. They are part of today’s widespread and quietly growing ‘culture of waste.'”

What about the abuse of government, or global government, and the effects people suffer at the hands of it? We can dismiss that evil for the greater evil of environmental abuse.(relativism) Or so that is the implication. But funny how the emphasis is on enviro-abuse when there is a long track record, indeed agenda, from the UN or global politics begging criticism and suspicion. The same poor who will be adversely and negatively impacted by this agenda, drawn further into the cracks, suffering marginalization. Are we trying to create more of a burden on society, or less?

He tells us their noble ambitions and efforts risk becoming “idle chatter which serves as a cover for all kinds of abuse and corruption, or for carrying out an ideological colonization by the imposition of anomalous models and lifestyles which are alien to people’s identity and, in the end, irresponsible.

What about when they succeed in their lofty goals and agendas? He worries about idle chatter. Well, I worry about their actions and goals, and corrupt power and resources. But notice how the chatter against that is marginalized, ignored, dismissed as extremists, or labeled deniers. Their UN extreme agenda apparently is not a threat, to Francis, only if they do not follow through.

How irresponsible is an agenda which further victimizes downtrodden people while expanding the power of the political elite?

“The present time invites us to give priority to actions which generate new processes in society, so as to bear fruit in significant and positive historical events.  We cannot permit ourselves to postpone “certain agendas” for the future. The future demands of us critical and global decisions in the face of world-wide conflicts which increase the number of the excluded and those in need.

“The praiseworthy international juridical framework of the United Nations Organization and of all its activities, like any other human endeavors, can be improved, yet it remains necessary; at the same time it can be the pledge of a secure and happy future for future generations. And so it will, if the representatives of the States can set aside partisan and ideological interests, and sincerely strive to serve the common good. I pray to Almighty God that this will be the case,…”

Referring to the Iran Agreement, and controversy:

“The recent agreement reached on the nuclear question in a sensitive region of Asia and the Middle East is proof of the potential of political good will and of law, exercised with sincerity, patience and constancy. I express my hope that this agreement will be lasting and efficacious, and bring forth the desired fruits with the cooperation of all the parties involved. In this sense, hard evidence is not lacking of the negative effects of military and political interventions which are not coordinated between members of the international community.

“For this reason, while regretting to have to do so, I must renew my repeated appeals regarding the painful situation of the entire Middle East, North Africa and other African countries, where Christians, together with other cultural or ethnic groups, and even members of the majority religion who have no desire to be caught up in hatred and folly, have been forced to witness the destruction of their places of worship, their cultural and religious heritage, their houses and property, and have faced the alternative either of fleeing or of paying for their adhesion to good and to peace by their own lives, or by enslavement.”

He seems to make the whole Iran deal contingent and dependent on the US breaking its ‘partisan and ideological’ divide — an ironic lecture from the Pope of Rome. But never mind the Constitutional, legal, economical and moral reasons for this disagreement. Tenuous partisanship it is not.

“Our world demands of all government leaders a will which is effective, practical and constant, concrete steps and immediate measures for preserving and improving the natural environment and thus putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion, with its baneful consequences: human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and tissues, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labour, including prostitution, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism and international organized crime.”

And let’s not forget the consequences of this Iran deal, as well as consequences of UN’s entire agenda, including 2030. Those consequences cannot be ignored any more than he says the human rights or environmental issues can be ignored.

“Certainly, many grave problems remain to be resolved, yet it is clear that, without all those interventions on the international level, mankind would not have been able to survive the unchecked use of its own possibilities. Every one of these political, juridical and technical advances is a path towards attaining the ideal of human fraternity and a means for its greater realization.”

I hear mankind would not have been able to survive its unchecked liberty, without the international intervention. The danger is unleashed liberty, which must be held in check.

17 comments on “Agenda 2030 and the Pope

  1. Why would the Infowars article, posted on 9/23/2015, start off with the sentence, “With Q3 of the 2015 fiscal year just around the corner.” The fact is we’re almost done with Q4 of the 2015 fiscal year, and Q1 of fiscal year 2016 starts in less than a week! There’s some “sleuth” work there, boy.

    Sorry Bull, but I would have needed to consume the whole rest of that article with suspicion that it’s probably full of stretched truths and wannabe punditry (a hallmark of the world of Alex Jones). So I didn’t read it. I did however read the rest of YOUR article, which was a worthy piece.

    I share your feeling of distress over the ideological politicization of this Pope’s speeches. I’m not questioning his spiritual sincerity whatsoever, but in his crossover proclamations in the areas of political philosophy, economics, and climate science, it’s hard for me to believe he’s writing these speeches by himself. They’re not even remotely “neutral” — they’re some of the most blatant leftist ideological screeds we’ve seen from ANY world figure out there today.

    Have you noticed how all these usually-secular activists in America and abroad are suddenly frenzied fans of the Pope? All of a sudden, they endorse religion-derived opinions about other societal issues. Apparently American entrepreneurial business owners aren’t allowed to express religion-based concerns about public policies, but the Pope is a rock star when he does so.

    Do religion-derived opinions have a place in public policy discourse or not, liberals? Make up your mind.

    Best regards, my friend.
    – Jeff

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    • Bullright says:

      Jeff: Thanks for the comments. I didn’t pay much attention to that (the light didn’t go off.) I looked to see if it was written earlier and just posted that day, I don’t know. Thanks.

      I rarely Infowars but this article, short as it is, hit some high points. I’m no big Jones fan, but there are several others who wrote about this, lengthier. He’s certainly not alone. I walked through Millennium goals, much the same agenda involved.

      To the last point: well their brand of liberalism is a religion so they’ve grown to use whatever they can (as Islamists do) but it is definitely a la carte.

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    • Bullright says:

      Jeff, I’m not completely sure he is writing the speeches all by himself. I do know he has lots of advisers on climate change clap influencing him. Then again, I don’t see him as a puppet, he’s smart enough to know what he is saying. Good point still.

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  2. the unit says:

    I had to go into deep thought for this post. So I did. Two seconds later I thought…Pope you suck (writers and advisors).
    Go back behind the 60 foot wall of the Vatican and “thus putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion.” Well didn’t I read you took in two Syrian families? Big heart indeed. Hope Jihadi John and family wasn’t one. 🙂 P.S. Hope your jet doesn’t cross carbon footprint with Al Gore. 🙂

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  3. […] Source: Agenda 2030 and the Pope […]


  4. Davetherave says:

    I found the article interesting Bull. One does have to take Jones with some skepticism (I’m putting aside the Q3, Q4 issue for now), but he’s not breaking new ground here. Many have written on this issue for several years with more doing so more recently. IMO specifically because of Barry squatting in our WH.

    In all this (which sound like commie crap to me) the one word that stood out the most to me was in a sentence above by Francis: “Our world demands of all government leaders a will which is effective, practical and constant, concrete steps…”

    It’s that word “practical” that bothers me. The folks currently defining “practical” are not practical people. I love the way you blast this bullshit in your writings above of all these agenda’s that are/will hurt the poor even more. Perhaps even or just as worse there going to make more poor people. Is that “practical”? Thomas Malthus would say, “Hell yes!” I say, “Hell no!”

    To keep this comment somewhat short; it just appears to me Francis is another puppet to the ridiculous notion everyone can be made to have equality. Been tried, never worked, never will.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, thanks. Yes it’s been examined just as it rolls out everyone says, “what’s this stuff?”

      You pay attention to the words too. My radar pop up every 5th sentence of his. That word practical he must like. Just like Dems use “common sense legislation” for anything. Practical yep!

      I’m noticing all the ways he is like Obama. For a minute there I thought he was joining the race for 2016. So right about that forced equality. And they try to disguise it so many ways. Oh, creating new poor, that’s for sure.

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      • Davetherave says:

        That entire group sounds the same to me Bull. If one looks for proof we can clone people, those lefty loons would be number one on my list. I would differentiate I don’t think Francis is inherently evil like Barry and most of that ilk, but rather his background in Argentina drives his thought process.

        He’s now wearing the infamous “can’t see the forest for the trees” blinders. We know where the road paved with good intentions leads. In this case hell on earth.

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  5. peppermintfarm says:

    Wow am I ever sick of this Pope! How dare he lecture about “poverty and helping those in need when he officiates that we need to spare the planet and believe in GloBULL climate. Who does he think is going to suffer the most of the severe regulations? The poor are going to of course. He can sit in his nice warm, plush,Vatican and not be effected at all. But lo we poor peons who will suffer the consequences of drastic climate change hoaxes.

    I heard not a word against abortion while he was here. What is wrong with this guy? Instead of talking about things that have always mattered in the Catholic church he goes off onto subjects he really has no business in.

    And his sniping about capitalism! Where does he think the money comes from to adorn all the churches with the most beautiful and ornate stuff? Does he think it drops from the sky?

    I for one was not the least bit happy about his visit and the things he talked about. Oh yeah then there was the open borders thing and accepting immigrants from anywhere at any time into this country.

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    • the unit says:

      I don’t do so well with translations myself. Trump say speaky the English. Maybe he mixed up Manna from Heaven with Guano. 🙂

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        LOL! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • the unit says:

          I gotta go for a while. Pro football has started. I in a friendly betting pool. No money, just Schadenfreude with a smile, I picked, you picked, you idiot. This a guitar playing bunch of Van Halen lovers. They put up with the unit who never played more than a comb with tissue paper. It is a break from the week that was. Example here is one of assimilation. lol

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, great points, as if we don’t get lectured enough from Obama and his crowd of anti-American sycophants. And like Dave said, I neglected to mention all the new poor it will create.

      I wondered where the references to baby-killing abortion lobbies and politicians was? Just couched references too it while he mentioned honoring life. He’s writing a new script I guess. The old one wasn’t enough for him.

      Yes, Pepp, the lead up to the visit wasn’t much better. We knew but were told we were wrong about his positioning. When he is on message no one can blame his comments. But the diatribe is all too familiar. Hooking up with Tom Steyer on ad messaging didn’t help.

      Lectured we got. I just wonder how his message will be used by the Alinsky-ites hell bent on destroying America and the dream she spawned?

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