Bill bailing out Hillary

Bill Clinton on Hillary email/server scandal: this always happens. So this is just fodder about nothing. They’ve been victims since ’91. Poor old Clintons, so used and abused.

Hey Bill. this whole victim story thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen. After all the money he took in while Hillary was Secretary of State, he has nerve to say that. Even her Senate campaign was rife with scandal. That’s just how they roll.

9 comments on “Bill bailing out Hillary

  1. Hardnox says:

    I posted the same video at N&F. This meme by Bill is beyond absurd. The problem is that Hildabeast is still polling around 40% with another 40% going to the communist bernie Sanders, which means that 8 out of 10 likely democratic voters have their heads firmly up their asses.

    For crying out loud, after 3 decades of one Clinton scandal after the other, WHAT does it take to wake people up? I submit nothing. Lefties are brain dead, always have been, and always will be. There is no cure short of a civil war in this country.

    The fact that these two aren’t in prison speaks to the absolute inability for justice to be served under any administration OR that they have some pretty heavy duty goods on people in very high places. More than likely the latter.

    The Clintons were the first “birthers” then magically that narrative ended and it was foisted on the right by the media that simply asked the questions that were so obvious… and still remain to be answered.

    Of course none of this would be remotely possible were it not for the knee-pad wearing lefty media that cover up for all this shit or simply refuse to report it. We all know they are on the same team.

    It’s no small wonder everytime Trump mentions the dishonesty in the media he gets a round of applause followed immediately by the media accusing him of being thin-skinned while at the same time giving the Clinton Crime Family regular airtime to complain about the “vast right wing conspiracy”. Yeah, right.

    Hillary for Prison 2016!

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Billythecigar blaming the Bush family. Never heard that before from the demonrats (sarcasm). Billythecigar states Whitewater wasn’t an issue. OK there pervert I’ll just give you that one, but what about you lying under oath? Was that just made up? Why didn’t you bring that up you pr*ck?

    “Ever since Watergate something like this happens, so… (stutter…stutter)…I’d rather it happen now than later and it was always going to happen. And more bullshit from Billythecigar…”

    The pervert looks away from the commie asking the questions before his starts answering. That would indicate lying and Lord knows Billythecigar loves to lie.

    The pervert apparently forgot Nixon was a Repuke and that was a real scandal (we can argue how badly later). But it was real and now the pervert seems to be using that as some non-existent scandal that will pop up every election, except now it will be turned on the demonrats. My bullshit bucket is already spilling over on my floor.

    And Billythecigar takes the stance many reputable “press people” have defended Hitlary, but it just doesn’t show up on television. WTF? First, I have a problem with the pervert using “reputable” and “press people” in the same sentence when it’s ran by commies and/or elites. Secondly, those f*cking so called “press people” work for his and Hitlary’s party. Again, WTF?

    It’s so bad now I have to get a shovel…

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    • Bullright says:

      You got that right Dave. (sarcasm and all) He and Hillary have that habit of looking down or away when the question hits home. I bet Vlad knows all about that trait. The kicker is that they never actually cared about the issues, all they care about is lining their litter box and feathering their nest.

      Help is there a mop for that bullshit? Funny how it is Dems that are skilled at the character assassination. That’s their M/O. Its what she built a shadow organization to do. The only problem this time is there are so many and they’re unsure of the target yet. Yea, as if there is a bias, conspiracy against her. And all this stuff was permitted, right. Care to tell us by who? It’s even a stretch for his lying talent.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Yea, Hitlary and her surfs running around looking for someone to blame for this/these mess(s). I don’t guess they have the Brothers Grimm mirror anywhere. 🙂

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