Search for Competency

How do you start a post that is filled with sanctimonious hubris, self-serving political interests, elite establishment powers and politics? Maybe you just dive in.

The recent debate taught some of us that the media is an important player in that process. But it was evident from the beginning when CNN wanted to use old polls in placing candidates on the two different tiers. It proved media can and does have some influence in the debates — not to mention the questions.

Elite establishment likes to pick the winners. Should I say they like to decide? With all these influences coming together, the one thing that unifies them is the establishment. Why don’t we just have an Establishment Party? It would be simpler.

Even despite all this influence peddling, I have a few observations that stand out to me:

Both Parties are having primaries, why does it appear the media only cares about one, the Republican primary? No one is interested in Dems’ views on current issues.

The media competes on what probing questions to ask Republican candidates, especially the outsider ones. No one asks any tough probing policy questions to the Democrats, including Hillary. In fact, Hillary had refused to state her position on the XL Pipeline for months. No one pushed the issue. Then suddenly, in the face of dwindling polls and the Pope”s visit highlighting the climate change agenda, she vows to oppose it.

Media is casting its vote all the time. They don’t like Trump. They all would like him out, but they do like the ratings he brings them. But don’t talk about Hillary’s opponents.

All these factors together help create one atmosphere of unrest. People were already angry enough, which is why Trump got on top. Democrats are too, but they look to a big government socialist like Sanders for solutions — more government. But people are not just angry with government or Congress. It’s toward media, too, long a point of contention with conservatives, and anything connected with old-guard establishment.

So we have the government not trusted, in any branch. Media is distrusted more and more and under suspicion. The economy is no pillar of stability, not to most people anyway. The world is destabilized with refugees now flooding all across Europe. And Kerry already announced we are going to take a 80,000 and 100,000 the following year. Putin is putting on the blitz.

IRS was targeting people, EPA is running roughshod. Hillary is a ham sandwich short of indictment. We still have the border crisis which people are ticked off with. Mad but no, they do not just want new immigration law. We can’t trust the government to enforce current laws. So we have that old festering wound which doesn’t trust government on anything. Nor the media. We can’t trust the government to investigate itself.

They are angry with the effects Obamacare has had. They are angry with the debt and budget, and Planned Parenthood. They are angry with the effects government has had over their lives and liberty.They are angry with the abuse of power. They are angry that they elected representatives who forgot what they came to Washington for. They are angry at their Party who shortstops their voice in elections. Pissed off would be putting it mildly.

Then you have career politicians vying to fix the problems, with the track records they already have — generally making things worse — while the establishment runs interference to pick them. Then there are the denials about many of the problems we take seriously and they don’t seem to. Talk about icing the cake!


12 comments on “Search for Competency

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Great article Bull! Everything you wrote I sure agree with. Only primary Repubs get hard ball questions plus “hypothetical” questions like Carson got about a Muslim president. Then they beat the hell out of him for his answer.

    Hillary and Sanders get to skate as usual, no hard ball questions for either of them. And bloody hell there’s a wealth of hard ball questions that should be put to the reigning Hillary Witch.

    It seems though that the people are onto the media and their biases and lies.

    I just saw yesterday an Ohio Rep who stood on camera and talked about what a better job the Congress needs to do, but he himself has an F rating as a conservative. Bloviating fool is one of the very ones who lies to the people. Then he acts like he’s been good while the others bad. Sickening.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:


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    • the unit says:

      One can’t be too careful. Lobulated recent growth of a few weeks, although small, could be melanoma. Actually any age gets it sometimes. So not bigoted to call it senile which is more commonly known as Seborrheic Keratosis. My primary care doc is 84 so he should know. Anyways, hope to live to get another. Stand by me, don’t pick a fine time to leave me Lucille. 🙂

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Oh, I understand I’ve had some senile spots removed myself. I thought one was melanoma but thankfully it wasn’t. Glad U get your morning constitutional at the doc’s. Good idea, I never thought of that one and toilet paper is costly.
        Though we’re apart
        You’re part of me still

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Really good article Bull. Sorry it took me a while to comment after reading.

    You did an excellent job explaining the anger among so many voters. Also pointing out how our two party system still remains, but now it’s us (the bosses of the elected idiots) and them (the elected idiots). The far majority of those rat bastards are totally self-serving.

    Even the commie pundits state we need to go in a new direction (from Barry’s policies), but they support Hitlary and/or Biden. Is it just me or is that more commie double talk? Same of the more, but a new direction. Pisses me off to no end.

    The only good news out of Dipshit City this week was Boehner stepping. Have to cling to the little things these days…

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, you’re excused. Only so much crap you can handle at a time. (ha ha) Try to be more punctual. LOL. (thanks for usually commenting – I appreciate it)

      Bingo, totally self-serving. That’s the words for it. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, it gets thrown on the pile. If it doesn’t benefit them politically, it isn’t important. Border security, what problem?

      Right even commies recognize the need to change direction, while wanting to go full speed in the same old direction. Their compass is stuck on stupid. Spending another 18 trillion dollars, yep, that will fix it.

      Hang on to those small steps, right you are. We’re getting one 1/2 step at a time. But hey, incrementalism got us into this over say 80 years, so anything is a small improvement to that. It’s not like trying to turn a tractor trailer around, its like trying to turn a mile-long convoy around.



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