Global Warming groupies meet Ted Cruz

A simple question of how is it wrong becomes such a tough unanswered one except that “we concur with 97 % of scientists [who]concur that there is global warming.” That’s what we got from the Sierra Club president. They have no answers for what they call “the pause”.  Sounds more like an episode from Rod Sterling.

Ted Cruz Exposes The Deception Global Warmists Have Been Peddling

Justin Koski October 8, 2015

See Western Journalism video

Ted Cruz questioned Sierra Club President Aaron Mair, and his assertions that the Earth is warming, despite satellite data showing otherwise.

Video Transcript:

Cruz: Is it correct, that the satellite data over the last 18 years demonstrate no significant warming?

Mair: No

Cruz: How is it incorrect?

Mair couldn’t answer the question. He instead needed a sidebar with a colleague to formulate a cop-out answer.

I do find it highly interesting that the president of the Sierra Club, when asked what the satellite data demonstrate about warming, uhm, apparently is relying on staff.

Cruz then pressed Mair on the phenomenon known as “the pause.”

Cruz: Global warming alarmists call that “the pause” because the computer models say there should be dramatic warming and yet the actual satellites taking the measurement don’t show any significant warming.

Mair: But senator, 97 percent of the scientists concur and agree that there is global warming.

Cruz: Your response is quite striking. I asked about the science and the evidence – the actual data. We have satellites. They’re measuring temperature. That should be relevant. And your answer was, “Pay no attention to your lying eyes and the numbers the satellites show. Instead, listen to the scientists who are receiving massive grants who tell us do not debate the science.”

Mair then uttered what was interpreted as the Club’s official position.

Our planet is cooking up and heating and warming.

For the remainder of the questioning, Mair blindly repeated his talking point, refusing to retract the position when confronted with the damning evidence.

Mair: I’m saying I concur with 97 percent. We concur with the 97 percent scientific consensus with regards to global warming.

Cruz: But, but, but sir, would you, would you answer the question?

Mair: We are concurring with the 97 percent of the scientists. We concur with 97 percent.

Cruz: So does that mean you’re not willing to answer the question?

Mair: We concur with the preponderance of the evidence. But I concur with the 97 percent of scientists who concur that global warming is a fact.

Cruz: That undermines the credibility of any organization if you will persist in a political position regardless of what the science shows, regardless of the facts, regardless of the evidence and regardless of the data. That is not consistent, I would suggest, with sound public policy.

They sound like they concur with the 97 percent of scientists they pay to support their own position. Are we supposed to just trust them?

Article at:

Isn’t that like pleading the 5th amendment to every question asked? So: ‘we agree with those that agree with those that agree and pay us.’ What’s the problem with that?

17 comments on “Global Warming groupies meet Ted Cruz

  1. the unit says:

    Hummmm…example of liberal contemplation…a couple of months ago I bought two jugs of Grapette soda and drank them. For days I had green stuff on my toilet paper.
    That drink caused some kind of climate change in my metabolic system. Of course it was confusing because it came from Walmart. 97 percent of scientists don’t shop at Walmart as far as I know, I’ve never seen one. I think it could have been green shit on the toilet paper, but I concur there is no evidence available as to what it was. Not tested nor saved. Could have been water from Pluto? I’ll apply some liberal logic and try to get to the bottom of it. This is a serious question that needs to be wiped up and settled once and for all. In the meantime I just went back to orange soda and all has appeared back to normal. Now I’m just thinking about the 2016 elections.
    Oh, and I got a discount on more toilet paper, pay off.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    I posted the exact video at my place a few days ago. Cruz did a stellar job of exposing this moron. Funny how he didn’t know shit about anything other than parroting the same old “97% of scientists…”.

    I don’t know who coined the phrase, but it applies with the Sierra Club and the entirety of the eco-weenies: “the environmental movement is green on the outside, yet red on the inside”, or as Stalin quipped “useful idiots”. These idiots are always the first ones lined up against the wall when the left has complete control. Unfortunately these idiots never picked up a history book.

    It is stunning how normal people believe in this climate change bullshit. I always ask people what the think of the Vikings in Greenland. This usually leads to a lengthy explanation whereas they finally conclude that this climate change meme is bullshit. The climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years and will continue to change with us or without us.

    The only positive to the environmental movement is that our rivers, air, and landscape has cleaned up which is a good thing. As we all know the left never stops once the goal is achieved. They always reach for the next level as the grant monies keep rolling in.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, and with another caveat that now we see EPA polluting and destroying rivers and ecosystems as part of their agenda. Who’s kidding whom? And they proved they could not even deal with their own self-caused disaster.

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      • the unit says:

        The governor did sip a sip of water out of the polluted river to prove to the useful idiots all was safe. Ok Richard Lamm said 20 years ago the old have a duty to die. Ezekiel Emanuel M.D. , of Obamacare fame said 75 yrs. is long enough to live. Ex-gov. Lamm is 80. Mission is accomplished as duty is done! lol

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      • Hardnox says:

        That whole thing was stunningly stupid and irresponsible for 100 reasons. Further, the sediment pond was there for over a century and no failure was evident or forecasted until the EPA experts started effing around with it and cause the breach. I read a piece where the shoring contractor told them not to do what caused the failure. I imagine he is in witness protection by now. LOL.

        On a side note, within a few days after the disaster, the Barry Admin lawyers proceeded to attempt to get the locals to sign off on claims for perpetuity in exchange for a few bucks. Fortunately few did. So much for that Native American Solidarity bullshit. Their whole eco-tourism, hunting and fishing industry is destroyed. This admin is so incredibly despicable. Not a peep from the lamestream either. How predictable.

        My loathing for this administration gets worse with each passing day.

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        • Bullright says:

          Witness protection, yea that’s the ticket. Whistle blowers are outlawed or shot on sight. He did similar in Georgia, then tried to deny what they did — that they were responsible for it.

          Then he lectures us that Climate Change, Global Warming is the greatest threat. We’ve never had a threat bigger than him and his Climate Caliphate.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Good for Cruz. Man-made global warming/climate change/global warning, they can’t make up their dipshit minds and what will they come up with next? There’s too many white folks and that’s causing global warming? Why not.

    Climate change is always a possibility, but they can’t prove it’s man-made. I guess it was man-made climate change that f*cked up the dinosaurs. Our planet is a living and changing entity all on its own. The proof just keeps pouring in the commies are lying once again, but they hate proof when it doesn’t fit into their agenda.

    If Barry had another term, he could probably finish his plan of turning us into a third world country.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, must be another white-caused problem. Funny I have yet to run into many black people that are ail bent out of shape about it. Sort of odd. I don’t think it’s at the top of their list.

      Stands to reason that they think they control science…. and actual facts. If it doesn’t fit you must dismiss it. You mean just like Coulter says turn us into a third-world hell hole in every way they can.


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