Organized chaos

The description coming out of the media about Republicans is utter “chaos” or fractured body. Well, Chris Wallace described it as chaos when just last Sunday he lampooned Jason Chaffetz, who is one of the candidates for speaker. He hit him with every bomb-throwing question he could think of, namely government shutdown. Sure it was an attempt to skewer McCarthy’s competition. It was obvious to me anyway.

Now that McCarthy withdraws his name, they call it chaos and fractured. Most of the conservatives know the establishment does not give up any ground without a fight. And it has to be a formidable resistance to make that fight effective. That’s just the way it is. So these can be seen as significant but small victories for conservatives. Does it look chaotic? Does it look pretty? No, but it is what it is. I’d worry more if things were going smooth as butter — that would send a message.

I’d call it constructive chaos, if anything. Even if we haven’t seen real positive results yet, I still see it as constructive. If you want to believe in the process, you could say that.

So McCarthy steps aside and withdraws his name, to conservative applause. He then tweeted his kudos for Ryan, who also supported him. The last thing to do is: if we don’t want him, we don’t want him endorsing anyone else. (that’s the part establishment usually don’t get.) Now McCarthy tries to hang on to salvage his majority leader job.

So it’s only really chaos or turmoil — “in complete disarray” according to Chris Wallace — to media and to Democrats. Dems don’t like not knowing something, or not being able to choose for Republicans. Nor do they like this many candidates in the presidential race to confuse them.

The big problem, of course, is when you announce the person who succeeds Boehner, they will descend like vultures on him. Then the person’s 2016 election suddenly blows up into a mega race, with mega money. You have to wonder if any congressman wants that to happen as he is rolls into the campaign? Boehner ran from a safe seat in Ohio. Still it makes one’s race a target for the Democrats — something they are good at.

Virginia Congressman, Dave Brat, has initiated some general principles as something a new leader should sign on to. (facebook)

With that in mind, here are some key commitments that new leadership should be willing to make to ensure the American people are given a seat at the table, and that we are serving their best interests – not the wishes of Washington’s political class.

— Oversee a budget process that leads to a balanced budget, and enforce it through regular order.
— Facilitate free market reforms that replace Obamacare and get the federal government out of the health insurance mandate business.
— Make border security a top priority, and ensure that amnesty for illegal immigrants is off the table.
— Promote a limited government agenda, and encourage committees to look for ways to get government out of the way.
— Rein in presidential overreach and enforce the Constitutional separation of powers.
— Require bills brought to the floor have the support of the majority of the Republican conference.
— Ensure that members are allowed to vote in line with their conscience and with their constituents without fear of retaliation by leadership.

Now that is a start. What they call chaos can be a good thing, the way it works in markets.

5 comments on “Organized chaos

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I saw how Wallace is trying to make this shake up in the House a disaster But that’s what our Founding Fathers wanted, the tree to be watered and replaced. We need this to happen. The people are fed up and finally someone is listening, not all of them of course.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, they are trying to stir this into a frenzy. When we get fed up, it seems no one anywhere likes it. Ah, too bad. I didn’t know him before but I’m liking Daniel Webster for the job. And I’m definitely tired of media trying to pick leaders. Dems are now gunning for Trey Gowdy. And the election is just heating up.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, the media is making a big thing out of this, but never mind the chaos that’s going on in the dem/commie party with Hillary, the Hun and Bernie the Socialist. To think the dems want Biden in shows what chaos they are in.

        I heard Judith Miller on Fox say this speaker issue is going to ruin the the Repubs hope of having a repub prez. HUH? where is she coming from.

        I don’t know much about Webster. I guess I should look him up. I hope they do get it together to get behind one person because I heard if they don’t Nancy Pelosi will become the Speaker of the House as the dems are all going to vote for her. What a tragedy that would be.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Bull I think the piss poor job the Repukes have done not getting shit done in congress is what will hurt them. Looks to me like they’re trying to get that fixed in the House. They need to do something positive before elections. The lamestream media just love sensationalizing doom and gloom for the GOP.

    I’ve always viewed debate/argument as a positive thing for the end result. The process may not look pretty, but it brings all the ideas out into the open. One hopes the collaboration brings forth the best qualified and it’s the end result that matters. At least that’s how I always viewed business and they are supposed to be conducting the business of the people.

    Going along to get along (with the establishment) is what got us into this mess in Dipshit City. Vetting and also venting during the process are always a good things. If a meeting starts and concludes with all getting along, then usually that meeting sucked.



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