An ah ha moment on Obama

In a recent conversation I had with Pepp on various topics, I came to a conclusion. I won’t speak for Pepp, she is very capable. It was surrounding Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran (and little Israel thrown in) and Obama’s foreign policy. All that matters is the conclusion which even stunned myself. I’m no fan of Obama or his foreign or domestic policies.

I suddenly realized that, in this volatile world with all that is going on, from Russia to the Middle East, I cannot foresee even the worst things happening in the world, where Obama could take any kind of action, that I could ever support anything big or small that he does using our military. That is a heck of a revelation.

The rule is usually in times of crisis you support the commander-in-chief. But I can’t think of a situation bad enough or simple enough that I could fully support. I am dead serious, though it was a matter of reasoning that out. Sometimes things come out in discussion with someone you wouldn’t realize outside of having that conversation.

There are a number of reasons. I’ll try to outline some of the majors:

A) He would not be trusted and would either throw our efforts or soldiers to the wolves, or under the bus in the situation.(for whatever motives)

B) He cleansed the ranks of many good career generals with experience, knowledge and backbone loyal to their oath.

C) He would not rely on best advice of the Pentagon or those in authority to know.

D) He would change the mission once engaged to some other purpose.

E) He would intentionally change the rules of engagement to suit his ideology.

F) His loyalty to the US cannot be counted on in any situation.

G) He is influenced or led by other interests outside USA’s interest.

H) He’s sided with others, opponents or enemies, while in direct military action.

I) He’s made deals with enemies to the US against our interests and security.

J) He would not be in it to win on behalf of US; other interests take priority.

K) He won’t stand up in the end for US interests or our security.

L) He would overrule or change the plans on a dime himself, for subverted reasons. Everything is fluid, he’s flexible to himself and his political interests.

M) He could and no doubt would undermine our military’s objectives for his own personal reasons, or others. (or his ideology)

O) He does not honor his oath or uphold the Constitution in the US as it is.

P) His words are meaningless anyway, and his credibility is O.

There are probably more. That’s the point. I don’t know of a situation where he or his motives could be trusted to do the right thing if required, and if people depended on it.

So, there is my basic conclusion, tough as it is to think about. Maybe others have already gone through that process. At least some in our military should have walked through the possibilities already. Thus, it is not a matter of trusting our military to do the right thing or be successful. He intervenes in that process into the mission. Intentional failure?

When a lot of people see it the same way, that’s a problem. And when our allies and enemies read it the same way, it’s definitely a real problem

Now I can’t say it would be completely intentional, who can read the diseased mind, but I can say he just cannot be trusted. This, of course, means from the simplest of presidential actions of diplomacy, to treaties, to full-blown military action — anything. That’s mine.

16 comments on “An ah ha moment on Obama

  1. garnet92 says:

    A most excellent post, Bull. It’s a sad day when, like you, I can’t support our commander-in-chief. As a veteran, a patriot, a conservative, and one who genuinely loves the U.S.A., it pains me to recognize that I harbor such mistrust of Barack Obama that whatever decision he makes – to do anything – I’ll know that he decided it with the wrong intentions. I don’t know what we, as a country, ever did to deserve such a traitor as our president. Nevertheless, it is a wake-up call to recognize that, even with our history and our (supposed) power of the vote, we can collectively make such a horrendous decision as to elect a genuine traitor.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks Garnet, it sure give me pains to think about it though I’m not a vet. Lord knows it must bother some active service. I bet you see that clearly. We have some stupid people that don’t value the country enough to keep it. That’s what hurts too knowing they don’t have any more value in our nation than this.


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, excellent post.

    Like you I feel the exact same way. Everything he touches turns to a disaster. How are we supposed to trust his actions. Besides that all he does is no coincidence that he fails at everything. He endangers our troops with his rigid and very tight ROE. We don’t win wars that way and he doesn’t intend to win them. He wants us completely neutered and it’s so obvious if anyone were to look at the succession of failed policies.

    It’s a pattern of his behavior to lose all. No one in the world trusts him so why would we? Look at all the policies of his domestic agenda that has left so many people in hopeless situations which shows me he has no compassion for any of us.

    He’s a pathological liar on top of it and we’ve seen and heard all of his lies. Nobody trusts a liar.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, it was was probably a little of stating the obvious. Thanks for the added inspiration. It just boggles my mind how each situation must be turned and use against us. True his domestic policies are no different. It’s a river of lies.

      How on earth could we have any vote of confidence in him? That’s what aggravates me with Congressional giveaways to him. They only legitimize his actions further. He’s probably incapable of most of the traits we need in a leader. Pathological is right on. We have no reason to trust him and yet many people are trying to force us to.

      I’m so done with hearing he is the president and you must support him. Since when? Support someone who cannot support the country? It’s a ruse.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, why must we support the office of the presidency when we have a fraud as a president. I don’t even consider him my president. And I get sick of hearing we must support the office. For what? damaging our country so bad we may never recover? Who can support that?? And yes it’s a ruse.

        And I doubt even if the repubs get a new speaker that anything will change as far as reigning him in. I don’t trust the whole government at this point. He’s gotten away with far too much and by now he knows the repubs have no teeth in the matter. He can keep on doing what he wants no matter what. He should have been impeached a long time ago before he was allowed to get away with so many unconstitutional crimes.

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        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, the thing comes down to supporting the president as outlined in the Constitution, and the office and the walls and floor. So that’s it. We’re a country of laws but he doesn’t believe that or in the oath. But then he thnks everything should be transposed onto him. (so he can usurp even more)

          I think we’re all from Missouri now. What gets me is that all the giving they’ve done hasn’t helped and we haven’t gotten one quid pro quo, just the opposite. The Oval Office for Obama is the gift that keeps on giving. Must be nice to have abolished the rest of the government. If they are afraid, well, he certainly couldn’t treat Congress any worse. And they’re the voice of the people. Crimes go on daily…no, hourly.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            That’s a good one Bull. The crimes go on hourly. They sure do. We have no idea what things they are planning for us behind the scenes every day. I’m almost afraid to wake up in the morning to hear more bad news.

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  3. garnet92 says:

    Bull, I’d like to cross-post this essay on ‘Nox & Friends (with full attribution to you), if it’s ok with you. Hardnox agrees. Let me know in a comment here or on one of my posts at H&F. Thanks, G92.

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  5. Davetherave says:

    A good post Bull and great list. It always comes down to ‘trust’ (or total absence of actually) with this rat bastard. The dude just can’t be trusted on anything at any level to do what’s best for our nation. And Hillary still has a lot of support??? That damn liberal logic….go figure.

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    • Bullright says:

      I think she already passed most of them, too. The Mo-Bro connections always help to fill in the gaps with both of them.

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      • Davetherave says:

        And how many innocent children have now been murdered by PP? That says volumes about what those leeches only care about. I sure hope Barry and his ilk get a big ‘ah-ha’ moment when they see our Lord face to face…that Moe-ham-id will be operating the elevator at best.

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