Kerry seeks no fly zone

And Obama flies by the seat of his pants on Syria.

CNN reports – 10/6/2015

Washington (CNN)Secretary of State John Kerry has raised the possibility of a no-fly zone in Syria to protect civilians even as President Barack Obama has consistently rejected the idea, several administration officials told CNN.

Turkey, France and the Syrian opposition have long pushed for a safe zone to protect civilians from Syrian airstrikes, but the Obama administration has repeatedly rejected the idea as too difficult to implement.

Senior administration officials said serious logistical concerns remain, including who would enforce it and the need to divert resources from the campaign against ISIS.

Senior administration officials said Russian airstrikes have repeatedly targeted CIA-backed rebels, despite Moscow’s assertion that it is only attacking ISIS targets.

Obama says its too difficult calling the arguments for it mumbo jumbo. Funny how mumbo jumbo, from Obama, was in fashion in Libya and on Egypt.

“When I hear people offering up half-baked ideas as if they are solutions, or trying to downplay the challenges involved in this situation — what I’d like to see people ask is, specifically, precisely, what exactly would you do, and how would you fund it, and how would you sustain it. And typically, what you get is a bunch of mumbo jumbo.”

So his position is: ‘ask everyone else questions, not me.’ We get enough mumbo jumbo from Obama. I wonder where his Muslim Brotherhood help is? Speaking of “downplaying challenges involved,” we weren’t the ones calling ISIS a JV team mocking their abilities.

Though in the trails of is adventures, Obama’s own half-baked ideas have been on the menu despite the advice against it. No-fly zones were all the rage in Libya — which worked out real well.

Barry has an excuse for every type of action mentioned, from no-fly zones to aiding the rebels to helping Kurds. He mocks any suggestions for not appreciating the complexities. Obama had approved a training program, which netted 4 or 5 trained fighters in the 500 million dollar program. Now that plan is being scrapped. Mission failure complete.

Obama said of the no fly zone proposals:

“…but my job is to make sure that whatever we do we are doing in a way that serves the national security interests of the American people, that doesn’t lead to us getting into things that we can’t get out of or that we cannot do effectively.”

His job is saving his ass from shame or embarrassment, which he seems to be getting in spades for not doing anything. Only in Obama’s utopian reality did he expect to be commended for not doing something. Now he complains about the difficulties of possibly having to do something. National security interests of American people? When has he worried about that: Benghazi, border, sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, denying the ISIS threat, illegal alien crimes, not having a strategy, enforcing the law, answers for Benghazi, Iran nuclear deal.(speaking of getting into bad deals)

Now that Russia has inserted itself in the middle of Syria, it seems Putin has again helped Obama by creating another excuse. Barry owes Vlad for the efforts. He criticizes their efforts while it creates cover.

Well, Obama already made a big mess in Libya, and gave a big assist in Egypt’s disaster a few years ago. He is now reaching for strategy on Syria, and for ISIS. He decided long ago not to do anything there. So it is a matter of condemning any suggestions.

Obama and Kerry have already applied their boilerplate explanation on what Russia is doing. They “are acting out of weakness.”

At this point maybe the military is hoping Obama doesn’t have any more half-baked ideas of his own up his sleeve. But then clearly the major security threat is climate change anyway. Never mind the climate coming from Moscow is not very hospitable — and global temps are spiking.

I got an idea. Why can’t Obama call Russia and Putin racist and tell them they are only doing this because he’s black. They would never do this if he was white.

6 comments on “Kerry seeks no fly zone

  1. drrik says:

    His job is to support and defend the Constitution.
    That’s it.
    Everything else, he’s winging it.

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Remember when Barry said we weren’t doing heavy bombing in Syria, because we could not pinpoint and ensure we hit the correct target (paraphrase)? We knew that to be bullshit watching the plane videos from Desert Storm. And Putin shoved that comment back in Barry’s face.

    Barry said a no fly zone could not be implemented in Syria. No one has been able to explain that stupid ass comment. Our great military can pretty much put a no fly zone anywhere they want. So now the Barry and Kerry Circus are talking about implementing a no fly zone. Hmm, do ya’ reckon that would have been easier prior to Russian planes now flying where ever they want?

    If they actually do implement one, I feel pretty sure it will go no further than the borders of Turkey. Barry has to keep those muzzie buddies of his safe. The amazing thing to me is not the stupid shit that comes out of Barry’s lying mouth, but the idiots that believe it.

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    • Bullright says:

      Good analysis Dave. It seems to be calling for it now when the ship has sailed. Hillary too. Mumbo Jumbo’s comments might sell to a domestic audience but they don’t mean a thing to Putin. And so far even he’s doing a lot of talking and Barry has no reply. Indeed the idiots that believe it. And many of them showed up to Hill’s debate, too, looking for more.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, I’m waiting for Barry’s weightless words about Cuban troops now joining the tussle in Syria. Barry said he would not allow this to turn into a proxy war between Russia and the US. Hmmm. Our CIA is training troops to fight Assad. Russia sends in Iranian and now Cuban troops to fight for Assad. Does Barry not know the definition of a proxy war???


        • Bullright says:

          Dave, looks like Castro has castrated Obama, Right on schedule, the proxy war denial started about 5 hours ago. Oh, I almost forgot: Castro and Cuba is operating out of weakness. There, that explains it. Case closed. Have a cigar. Next it will be Iran operating out of weakness. No comment yet from State Dep, Foggy Bottom needs its ass wiped.



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