Made for production Dem Debate

Not that hypocrisy ever matters to Democrats or the media liberals.

The story going into the 1st Democrat debate was how Democrats should not attack each other. The whole objective of the two Republican debates was to have them attacking each other.(cannibalizing is a better word) They suggested because Sanders is so low compared to Hillary, that she should let it go even if Bernie attacks her. They asked why elevate him by dignifying it with a response?

On Republicans, they insisted that all the attacks should be responded to, or wave the white flag and forfeit. Now it’s why show any disharmony or disunity in the Democrat Party ranks? Don’t need to do that, even if they are running against each other for control of the Marxist Party.

On the other hand, if they want to talk about rough and tumble Party infighting, point to Republicans. That was surely the script going in.

The debate went according to plan, featuring Hillary in the lead role that will win her an academy award. She’s as gifted at denial as the present Oval Office Occupant. Everyone else was a supporting role. Who cares who they were? Jim Webb didn’t stand a chance with a socialist audience. They made sure not to applaud any of his answers except for a handful that appreciated his pro-gun message. Note, there are a few stragglers left. In their after coverage, they talked about odd moments and pointed to Jim Webb’s answer to who was his biggest enemy? Webb said it would be the enemy soldier who threw the grenade that wounded him. But CNN and their pundits thought that a strangely odd answer.

Debate is over, gun control is the answer. Hillary chimed in she’d make the rich people pay. What emails, or server? Bernie came to Hill’s rescue saying “enough with the emails”. Case closed. Gateway Pundit reported the press room cheered at that line. He is “sick and tired” of hearing about her “emails”.

Later, everyone fawned all over Hillary for how well she had done. Someone who failed at every job she had in the last decade and a half, always claiming to take full responsibility, wink wink.

For people that are forward looking they spent most of the time in the rear view mirror, the last 20 years worth. Hillary said her chief enemies are the NRA and Republicans. Yea so much gainful news there, over the back-biting long nails of Republican infighting. (so the narrative goes) Only Black Lives Matter was declared honorary winner by Van Jones after the debate, for keeping them all on message. Hillary never answered the question.

At one point, I didn’t think it was a debate, I thought Hillary was giving a press conference. Post debate focus group focused on Hillary, surprise surprise. Hillary “absorbs new information”… good cover for lying and flip flopping like a pancake.

And Las Vegas the gambling capitol was the perfect backdrop for a Dem debate. It’s no longer an election, Dems are betting voters really are that stupid.

United Socialists of America have spoken. The debate is over, just as it is on Climate Change, global warming and gun control. (science and facts be damned) The two most hated things in America, according to that crowd, are flat earth deniers and the NRA. Rich people are a close second — unless you happen to be a socialist Democrat. Gun control, socialism, global warming… what’s not to like?

8 comments on “Made for production Dem Debate

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Good article Bull!

    You nailed it on Hillary. It seemed to me the other candidates had pretty much handing her the nomination, With Bernie Sanders handing her the Gold Star award of “who cares about those emails, we’re done with that”, he destroyed his own chances of ever winning.

    The media is always in the tank for the Socialists/Commies so that was no surprise of course. It’s disgusting that they were cheering about “no more emails” however. I guess it gave them an out to never again bring up the subject, After all the subject is now closed.

    As you already know I got sick last night after this debate and I’m not watching another Commie debate again. It was so predictable. The usual “climate change is our biggest threat”. Give me a buck to puke in please. Not ISIS of course or the fact that Obama is importing them right into our country.

    The NRA is one of their biggest enemies because if they can’t disarm us they still have a little problem of the populace uprising. If we think people are angry now, just wait until there is a Hillary president.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I hear you. Sorry your stomach revolted so badly. Well, now maybe they do a focus group like that …the puke spots measuring the negative reaction. It would be a great visual, instead of those bobble head cheers for spending and taking more money.


  2. Davetherave says:

    LOL, Las Vegas was the perfect location. ‘Table for two for union workers and union workers only!’ Hitlary makes herself look awful when standing alone and talking, so what’s the best way to prop her up? Surround her by her so called competition, let them cover for her and have the media suck all the commie sheep right into the rabbit hole.

    Was that a debate or a commie documentary of how great they’re making our country? I’m so glad they got everything worked out last night and the commie agenda can now go forward without silly distractions like Hitlary breaking laws at every turn.

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  3. the unit says:

    “Debate is over, gun control is the answer.” to take a quote.
    I’m for reasonable bun laws.
    I go to the fish market and am asked “dressed or undressed.” Picture is the purpose of the link. 🙂

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