State of the State

I am mentioning some random observations, not that they are connected with one another.

Here we are on the verge of Hillary possibly getting into the White House, with Bubba Clinton. People are projecting her into popular office. No choice but Hillary. “Hard Choices”.

Russia revised its constitution in a way for Putin to get back into office. He’s more popular than ever in the country. They seem to love the guy.

Elists are unpopular in government or elsewhere. The American people are fed up with elitists rule in government and Washington in particular. The disgruntled seem to be across the political spectrum. Trump exposes behind the scenes media manipulation regarding the debates. Who knew? People are turned off by the bias of media in general. Media doubles down on bias.

The world is on fire with radicalism and Obama takes a sigh approach. Obama administration accuses Israel of using excessive force. State Department says that Palestine and Israel are committing terrorism.

David Cameron comes out to make speeches pointing directly to Islamic terrorism. Obama can’t be forced to use the words and says ISIS is not Islamic. Obama calls Islam a religion of peace. Obama wants to put more Muslims in space and other places. But Obama tells us the Crusades are an issue.

Jerusalem is under attack and knife wielding terrorists are spreading throughout Israael. When Israel takes defensive actions it is roundly condemned or criticized. Media cannot be any more biased against Israel.

Sure its a proxy war in Syria, but the media is finally admitting it? Old news, no? Russia has gone through its proper government channels to approve its actions. Obama is flying by the seat of his pants, much the way he did things in Libya. (that worked out well) Obama claims Russia, Putin are operating out of weakness. Hmmm.

Obama says global warming is the greatest security threat. Pay no mind to all other impostors. State of the State — maddening; requires willing suspension of disbelief.

9 comments on “State of the State

  1. Bullright says:

    Twofer: What would you say?

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, love your random thoughts. Always good ones.

    Here’s what I have to day. Obama has the whole world in a FUBAR. After that there is not much to say exactly.

    All of his administration and agencies are plumb nuts and biased towards Commie/Socialists idea and hell bent on blaming Israel just for protecting themselves. What would we do if men with knives were running down streets trying to kill everyone in sight? I guess O would say “try to find a peaceful resolution”???????

    The State dept. gives me gas. Kirby needs to be fired.

    Russia is taking over everything Putin can get his hands on. Weak? Who is O trying to kid? Does anybody believe his bullshit anymore? Please!

    All I can say is the sane people are living outside of Cesspool City and all the nuts are living at the White House.

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