Take A Number!

Obama’s baffling passivity on Jason Rezaian

Opinion writerOctober 16 | Washington Post

The consequences of President Obama’s passive foreign policy came close to home this week.

My Post colleague Jason Rezaian, the paper’s Tehran bureau chief, has been languishing in an Iranian jail for 15 months on bogus charges of espionage. He was put on secret trial by a kangaroo court. On Sunday, Iranian state TV reported that he had been convicted.

And Obama said . . . nothing. He didn’t go to the briefing room and make a statement. He didn’t even release a written statement. On Tuesday, his press secretary, in response to a reporter’s question at the briefing, responded with what might have been described as minor annoyance with the Iranian regime.

“We’ve got a number of concerns,” the spokesman said, mentioning the “unjust” detention and “opaque” process.

More: http://wpo.st/0Fph0

That’s the White House, Obama’s message. Pick a number, any number…

Which of that number is just wrong and causes Obama to say something? 0

But it’s really not so baffling, for Obama. Yet he can come out to “politicize” a shooting in Oregon before the bodies are moved. Speaking of opaque.

6 comments on “Take A Number!

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I doubt O would save his own wife as long as he got that terrible deal with iran.n That’s all he cares about. Of course, I’d get rid of MO too but for different reasons. 🙂

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  2. Davetherave says:

    Since when did human rights become a priority for Barry? Unless it’s the misunderstood and mistreated muzzies. Or the blacks. Or the law breaking border crossers. Or the homo community. If that unpolished turd has a soul, it’s as black as black can get.

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