It’s about the about, stupid

This post is about the about. Allow me to explain. We always talk about what the left or globalists are doing and reacting to it. Sometimes we get so busy with documenting what is going on, or the media does, that we don’t spend enough time on getting the bigger picture. By we, I mean the public at large. Those here know better.

A good explanation of this whole subject is a great article Pepp posted on her blog. It diagnoses the cause and effect of basically the treason going on. I recommend it. This is only one aspect of it. We’ve all been aggravated and frustrated with what is going on. We see stories or examples in schools, media and public but it deserves a closer look.

why photo: WHY!?? OneWord-Why.jpgIt all reminded me of something a teacher used to say that stuck with me: “it’s not enough to know what or how to do something, but you have to know why.” That coincides with the article explaining the media connection. It is tough to explain, but stay with me.

I believe, as that article suggested, people are just being fed the scripted play by play news. They report just enough of something to cover the surface. And we’ll know what they want us to. Yet we’re always lectured about context. The context of what is happening is important. A person can be informed but what does it really mean? So it is possible to see the play by play news without understanding the context of the whole picture. Media can only be blamed for part of it. The rest is on the people.

So to put it together as to what is happening in real time with what it means is incredibly important. “You have to know the why too” – or why it matters. It is possible to do things without knowing why in which case it turns you into just a machine. No one wants to be a robot. Even monotonous things have some significance in the greater picture. It’s the same way with current events. You can, as Tom Snyder said, watch the pictures and words fly through the air, but we must grasp the contextual meaning. I see that missing more and more with some people. It’s enough for them only to know what happened.

Seeing the Democrats’ whole platform turn to socialism disturbs us because we know what it means. Those that don’t, or don’t care, are the same mindset of Dems who just go along with it. We are in a pretty bad, dark place when people don’t see why socialism is such a bad thing? History won’t be kind to those who don’t bother to understand.

It’s hard enough even for conservatives on the right to avoid this syndrome by making a constant conscious effort to understand the why seeing the big picture. That is the central problem and theme. So even when we know what is going on, one may not understand the significance, or care to. One can see what happens but not know the agenda.

Democrats have played this “we know” game. They play dumb with the facts. They know enough. They’ve gone to the point of developing a faux reality. Then there is what they want to see or believe. It is convenient for them to accept what they want and discard the rest. Anything inconvenient to their faux reality is wrong. Thus. Democrats’ exuberance for socialism at the debate, or raising the debt limit — never mind what it means.

Context matters

People bought into ObamaCare and all the hype. After the fact, Johnathon Gruber came out to boast how Obamacare passed only thanks to “the stupidity of the American voter” and the lies they were told. Even then Dems didn’t want to believe it. So they carried all the talking points and became useful idiots. They attacked Gruber. Even when known it’s a lie they act as if it was not. Not just a lie, but everything was constructed on one big lie.

funny quote photo: Bye bye Sanity... SanityDeparted-NoForwardingAddress_zpsc1a699ab.jpgThere’s an alternative reality aspect just as there is with Obama. From Benghazi to the green agenda, to Obama’s daily narrative. They buy into it as willing dupes. Even when framed in the most naive way, one should not be able to deny the truth. Not so with Democrats. They can block out anything inconvenient or countering Obama’s narrative. Hillary comes out, ironically, to say “what difference at this point does it make?” That is how it works with the Left. What difference do the facts make? What difference does the truth make? What difference does reality make? What difference does the bigger-what it means-picture make? None. Whether it is they can’t see it or just don’t want to.

So we saw it in virtually every scandal. Fast and Furious, a manufactured scandal. It didn’t matter. In IRS, maliciously targeting people didn’t matter. Solyndra, nothing. Obama playing politics with issues and scandals, nada. Then when Obama came along saying not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS, they repeated it. They knew this much: if they encounter a problem with that statement, Obama and Dems would issue a new one to explain it. That much they depend on. The left only has to repeat the talking points. Obama’s election, reelection, now Hillary and her record of scandals — it doesn’t matter. They become useful idiots.

When Obama calls on Israel to stop the excessive use of force, and State makes an equivalence with Israel and Palestinians committing terrorism, facts and truth don’t matter. Does he not know Israel is under attack? Sure, how can anyone avoid knowing? But he denies it and implies an equivalency. Democrats fall in line and do the same. The Crusades were resurrected as an equivalency to barbaric ISIS terrorists in an Islamic caliphate. Yet Obama cannot admit their religious, Islamic basis for a caliphate.

Hahahahaha!!! photo 529972_3782902340029_937477600_n.jpgThe left claims to believe in the process until it goes against their faux reality. Then, the process like the Benghazi committee is corrupt What difference at this point does it make? Hillary could have been talking about her Democrat base. So they call it a political stunt. But the Benghazi scandal was caused by Obama playing politics. Now the excuse and defense is it is a political witch hunt.

The same thing applied to the Green Agenda when one by one the truth came out. Leftists went into denial pretending it wasn’t so. The same mentality applied to the IRS scandal. The about part, the bigger picture and meaning is ignored. They don’t know or don’t care, either one amounts to the same thing. First, the Left claims facts show there is no there there. Then, when shown, they simply deny it. It’s not just a case of drinking the Kool Aid, they deny the truth when faced with it. They are useful idiots that follow Obama’s lead and Democrat spinsters who never met a scandal they couldn’t spin their way out of. Whether is was Jonestown or under Obama, it has the same effect.

RightRing | Bullright

12 comments on “It’s about the about, stupid

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Excellent post Bull!

    I never get people who don’t want to know the “why” of something. For me and much to my Mother’s chagrin I had to ask “why” I had to do something or “why” do we do this or that. I got into trouble with Priests for asking “why” when they wanted me to take something at face value.

    I guess you and I have to dig down even further. I don’t trust things on the surface. I want more information, but there are too many people in this country who just don’t care and are not the least bit curious about why do we have this policy or why do we have this regulation?

    it’s a sorry situation and it’s come down to picking a president without asking one question about the candidates especially on the Dem/Commie side. Everything they say or do is unquestioned as if it were God speaking.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks to you Pepp for getting it. So well said.. Just in my time I’ve seen things reverse. Now willful ignorance seems to be in fashion. (even despite all the technology) That greater agenda of theirs is what got me cranked up about it. I hear the attitude from some people and I don’t get that either. I can imagine people watching them build the concentration camps in Germany.

      And you know its one thing Obama doesn’t like, questions about what he is doing. (of course it is not just him) Media doesn’t like us questioning things either. Have they all gone mad?

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Oh yeah. He’s building already FEMA camps and I don’t see many people wondering or asking about those camps and what do they really mean. It is like the concentration camps. Did anyone bother to ask what they were for? And we both know there were people who knew. The media never touches this subject at all. They can’t be so stupid they know nothing about them.

        I’ve got a science background from college so asking questions and digging deeper is just natural for me. It’s no special talent it’s just that once you get into it, the questions keep coming as you dig into more things. As technology advances and so many things have changed, I don’t understand people not wondering more about the discoveries that sometimes change completely how we look at things.

        I guess a lot of people just sit down on the couch at night, with a can of beer, turn on their favorite dumb comedy show or sports show and don’t give a hoot about anything.

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        • Bullright says:

          Wow, you said it there. Questions just keep coming, especially with this crew in office. Not on one subject either but every one. Remember in the 70’s it was “where’s the beef?” Now its “that’s just the way it is…. move along, now. Want fries with that?”

          I’m afraid we have an epidemic of dumbass, so we get things like Obama and people think we have evolved. Never mind what that one [not so] “smart” decision cost us.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            haha yeah with the devious crew we have now, people should be asking more questions and stop taking what they say at first glance.

            I do recall the “where’s the beef” in the 70s. I wish people now would say “where’s the truth”?

            You got that right, an epidemic of dumbass. I believe this is getting worse through our public education and their brain washing of liberal and socialist ideas. We’re going to have a whole new epidemic of dumbasses coming up in the world. And what then do we expect from them? More dumbassness.

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        • Bullright says:

          Oh Pepp, option 2- beer and watch Stewart or Colbert then think they’re smart and informed.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            LOL! Yes i recall that most younger people got their news from Jon Stewart. So let’s tune into Colbert and get more great info. There done. Let’s have another beer and cheer.

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  2. […] It’s about the about, stupid […]

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Great piece Bull! Very well written.

    It is amazing how many people these days have forgotten or just don’t care about facts. The ‘why’ did it get this way. The ‘why’ are things being done this way. The ‘why’ of this just doesn’t seem logical. This has to be the most ‘face value’ population to have ever existed. And they depend on the media to provide them with the ‘face value.’

    Repukes tell the truth and they’re chastised (Ben Carson comes to mind). Commies tell lies and they’re given an ‘atta boy’. And the idiot sheep just assume that’s how it’s supposed to be. Why should they question the system? We be in da deep poopy…

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, thanks….just my inner Bull coming out.

      Right, face value. That’s the ticket. Great comment. You mean those inconvenient things only you or I care about? You would think that would be like a head on train crash when they’re faced with facts. But I think they developed an immunity to truth. Who thought that was possible? Now they call propaganda facts.

      Media seems to just be writing the story sometimes.But then people care more about Kardashians than Iran constructing the bomb. Oh, that they may ask questions about: “How much is she worth anyway? Who’s next?” We’re living in Kardashianville… speed bumps ahead..

      I know we’re in a strange place based on who or what gets the applause. Deep stuff piling up. Jim Webb bailed out. Well, not a sad word about it. (they probably cheered)


  4. Everyone talks about how deeply divided Americans are on the “issues”, but if you take the time to ask the “why” of that so-called fact you just might discover that it has been engineered that way. The bicameral system has been reduced to a series of A/B choices: Black/White, Yes/No, Good/Bad, Democrat/Republican, One/Zero… It is a numbers game that is the control of those in the power to determine the questions…

    Unfortunately when questions are posed to the voter they most often come in the form of, “How do you FEEL about “X”?” “Would you be more likely or less likely to support “X”?”… and we are all so quick to formulate our answers… But as you astutely point out Bullright, where is the why in any of it?

    Robert Kennedy is credited with the statement, “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why… I dream of things that never were and ask why not?” This has always seemed a verbal sleight-of-hand that is designed to belittle those seeking the important answers and turn the conversation into one with no concrete answers. Par for the liberal course.

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    • Bullright says:

      Outstanding take, thanks. So true those emotional feel questions.

      Great way to put that Kennedy quote. Nice reminder, I’ve always been puzzled by that statement. Finally you stated it. I hadn’t seen it as so deliberate before, which is what bugged me.

      And BTW: we all went gaga for it.

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