Biden Backs Out

There that’s done! He makes an official WH speech to say he’s not running.
But all the hype and media foreplay up until now has not been lost on us, Joe.

So stand behind and consolidate around Hillary, that’s what will matter now.

The best way Joe Biden can campaign now is by not running.
(but Joe we could have told you that before)

But gaffe-on Joe, someone has to provide the entertainment for the Dem Circus.

6 comments on “Biden Backs Out

  1. Just Gene says:

    I am now announcing that I have decide not to run – it’s official !!!!!!!!!

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    • Bullright says:

      Thank goodness Gene, I have been sitting here on the edge of my chair now for a year waiting. Heck, I couldn’t even plan anything not knowing. Now I know. Relief!!! 😀 (and I can finally do my constitutionals now….)


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, just saw this on Fox. I have to say I was disappointed since now Hillary had the coronation she so wanted.
    His speech to continue with the policies of Obama about made me throw up and I lost my appetite for lunch.

    Plus this takes the media talk off of Benghazi and onto Joe Biden as a cover for her. Circling the wagons once again to protect Hillary. Disgusting.

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    • Bullright says:

      I know Pepp. Almost want to root “Go Joe, GO!” He stretched this whole thing out And Hillary’s already been running a couple years now.

      Yea it was a campaign speech w/o running, stand by Obama crapola. Yep, now we’ll get the post coverage of “why not, Joe?” Only Hill benefits all the way around.

      He needs a freakin’ reality show!!


  3. Davetherave says:

    I agree with Pepp’s assessment. I was hoping he would jump in just to cause Hitlary more trouble. It would have been an uphill battle for The Gaffer (IMO), but it would have been so much fun to watch. How many gaffs are we now going to miss out on??? Damn you Joe…

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