Black Lives Matter seek debate forum

Washington Post reports on the BLM appeal to both parties for a debate style forum:

“The lessons of history are clear, and instructive for us right now. It is both protest and policy work that will get us the win, and we need every single possible strategy at our disposal in order to see real change,” Packnett [BLM organizer spokesman] said. “So I think we have an opportunity to be creative here in how we engage presidential candidates in the same way that our movement has been creative in how we have protested and created peaceful but necessary disruption around the country.”

Creative, in the same way they protest? Shutting down malls and townhall meetings, blocking traffic, storming police stations, just for a few of their creative efforts.

They since have been told by both Parties that the debate schedules are full and that they should have a townhall forum to showcase their issues. Talks continue but the DNC said it would sponsor such an event. RNC said it would be open to participating.

When they stand on their proud uber-radical protest tactics, disrupting and shouting down any dissent, calling for death to cops, and interrupting anyone’s lives they can, they still want people to support a public forum for their rhetoric. What happens if others, say more rational voices, protest them and their forum? I don’t suppose that is on their agenda.

What is pretty ironic is that they don’t want to debate. Their tactics and strategy oppose that. There is no other perspective but theirs. If you don’t get that then look at those they protested and how they do it. Now they say they want a debate?

First, they should debate themselves on why the cop killing is a common theme endorsed by their platform? But you never hear them address that every time they call for “pigs in a blanket…fry ’em like bacon.” Yet they want to mainstream their organization and expect everyone to respect and embrace their organization. Really?

Of course if you don’t endorse them you’re a de facto target. Dems, in their endless tolerance to all things radical, will not utter a peep to them. As long as they vote between calling for “death to cops,” what’s the problem? And as long as they vote correctly, which is pretty much a given. I suppose Cair will want a debate next. BLM chants death to cops but the DOJ and homeland security see white supremacists and right-wing “racist” groups as the biggest terrorist threat. (next to Global Warming) No public forum for them.

12 comments on “Black Lives Matter seek debate forum

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    BLM does not want a debate like you stated. And like you said they will shut down anyone who disagrees with them. So why bother is what I wonder.

    For the Dem/Commies they will do anything to get the black vote. Even it means they will get shouted down if any of them dare to debate, which I doubt they will. It will just end up being a platform for their radical crap as if it’s legit.

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  2. the unit says:

    I’m too old to follow all the leaks in the sew line. BLM acronym has always meant Bureau of Land Management most of my life. In the news recently they were harassing some old cattle rancher out west somewhere. Now it stands for something else. I’d agree to let BLM provide BLM with burial space on BLM land.

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  3. the unit says:

    Y’all know I meant sewer line. My grannie sewed for a living as seamstress as curtain maker in a department store, and made me some through the years in grandmotherly love as well.
    Dang, seems like I just got a letter from her the other day. She’d be 122 on next birthday. Oops, just a dream. Me just looking at my shaky handwriting makes me think back to those days. 🙂

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  5. the unit says:

    Did some interesting reading today.
    Are you saving up to pay Jizya? /sar & 🙂


  6. the unit says:

    I’ll pay .001% on the 1950 dollar for each sheet of used toilet paper a Muslim can put in canister, not throwing on the floor, with his dirty left hand and he takes it for disposal and accounting. 🙂 I’m tough. Not even the Crusades called for such drastic action. 🙂



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