Are you ready for Jeb 2.0?

You might be ready for the newest technology or the latest Iphone or gadget, but I doubt you are ready for the newest Jeb. That’s if you are like most people polled who show less than room temperature for him.

Way before he announced his run I said if he’s in it then I’m loaded for bear. I wasn’t alone. But up until now the critics have been pretty quiet, almost as quiet as his supporters. There just is not any enthusiasm for him and those that dislike him as a nominee are everywhere.

Still Jeb puts forth this line that he is not in it for the short run but the long run. He also muttered something before announcing about not wanting to get dragged into current debates. (read relevant issues)(1) No, he was above that. Then he said he doesn’t want to be lumped in with his brother and father that he’s his own man. (2)

Now he makes this call it the state of his campaign speech(3)

Politico reports that Bush was meeting with family and wealthy, big donors. So it was originally supposed to be a pep rally for the third heir in the dynasty, like sort of a send off into securing the nomination, at least by best guesstimates. Only now on skid row, the same meeting looks more like he is bringing up the rear with no sign of gaining traction, he is forced to cut back on his campaign’s expenses.

“The patient is either in intensive care and in need of some good doctors who can save him or being put into hospice and we’re going to see a slow death,” said one K Street lobbyist supporting Bush.

Now infamous line

Then came the line from Bush that did make it to front page news, from same article. Sounding angry himself he says:

“I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke,” he said in South Carolina. “Elect Trump if you want that.”

Whoa, let’s stop right there. He has a lot better things to do. I guess managing director in Bloomberg’s fund was really cool compared to this, even if it was engulfed in a global abortion agenda. He can always return to that. No one forced him to do that either.

We didn’t exactly force or draft you to run. It’s all your decision. (2)The family thing you didn’t want to be known for is exactly who you are. Nothing will change you being a Bush, Jeb. America does not like dynasties. But you knew all that before you plunged into what you expected to be a rocket climb only to be burned out on the launch pad.

Now you can blame Trump or whomever you want. You won’t blame 43 or the Bush dynasty syndrome. So maybe it is a good thing, for your sake, Trump is there to blame? And you wouldn’t dare blame the establishment or RNC Party for sabotaging your run with its questionable reputation.

How bad is the dislike for Jeb Bush? Its so bad that it is just a symptom of a greater problem that doesn’t even deserve the specter of the press to cover it in detail. Yet it is emblematic of the whole establishment problem.

(1)He didn’t want to get drawn into current issue debates like all other candidates. He shouldn’t have to, he’s a governor and a Bush. We don’t play that. Other candidates should have to go through that not a favorite son. It sounded elitist and arrogant.

He didn’t want to be labeled a Bush, which is why he used only the Jeb name. Buried in hypocrisy and contradiction he keeps saying he’s his own man but proves himself a Bush at every turn. His donor list looks typical and probably a hand-me-down like everything else. He’s been planning this run for years. But don’t play the Bush card against him. More elitist arrogance, he relies on the Bush Dynasty to seal the deal.

It doesn’t seem to matter that people have moved on and said no dynasty. Establishment, dynasty, elite, insiders are not in vogue. He’s still a Bush with all the baggage. He doesn’t seem to understand the word no — so typical. We aren’t smitten any more with you for the long run than we are for the short run. Evolve away it won’t pay. 3 big strikes….

12 comments on “Are you ready for Jeb 2.0?

  1. the unit says:

    And from the outlaw’s woman.
    America the liberals done left you. But Julie is here.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Jeb should get out. I heard today one of his PACS is called “Right to Rise”. Now exactly what does that mean? He, Jeb,the King,has the right to be the nominee? Gag. I’m sure not ready for him.

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    • the unit says:

      I saw a story…”Trump has E.D. in Iowa.” Jeb has it everywhere. And I’ve been everywhere man/ma’am 🙂

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, Pepp, even the name of it …run by Mike Murphy. .. is insulting. Got the right guy heading it too. Everything is a “””Right””” to Bush except his positions.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        The Weekly Standard wrote tonight after the debate, “Jeb is Dead, Adios Amigo”.

        I agree, He has no “right”: and his positions are “wrong”. His attack on Rubio looked so bad and so meditated and Rubio got him! Ha ha.

        Adios Jebby

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bullright says:

          Maybe early obits. I don’t know. He made obvious his chief competition is Rubio for establishment. Since he didn’t put a mark on him, he blew it. Jeb’s attack was childish and disgusting…just what I expect from the petulant Jeb Rockefeller Bush.

          Liked by 1 person

          • peppermintfarm says:

            He sure did blow it and the audience didn’t like it. He’s doing himself in. He is sounding childish as every day passes.



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