Obama Kidnapped America

The US and American people are being held hostage to Obama’s personal political agenda. You can stop reading there because that’s the whole point in a nutshell.

As a matter of his personal political ideology we see country collapsing around it. The Left can’t compare it to Bush and say it is the same thing. The only suitable comparison is to Putin. But even that does not work because Vlad is acting in Russia’s interest, whether you agree with what he is doing or not. Putin does believe in his country at least.

With Obama the only thing that matters is Obama’s ideology, corrupt as it is. Any means to the end. So now we see Obamacare collapsing. Not a problem to Obama. 12 out of 23 states had their co-ops crash. The initial seed money is lost. Silence from Obama. The agency said enough people were not forced into the ObamaCare by loosing their employee insurance. Jonathan Gruber admitted the plot was to lie to the people just to ram it through. Obama basically said what’s it matter, so what? He sends earthquakes again into medical coverage. Did he say anything?

His comrades have declared a war on cops. Again, not a problem for Obama. Even when the FBI director tells us that police are backing off due to all the social chaos and cop-killing, so crime is up. Obama says you cannot cherry pick data or use anecdote to make public policy. But Obama is doing exactly that: cherry picking and using anecdote to make policy.The FBI is not making policy but stating the trend, facts.

Obama declares the Keystone Pipeline dead. The Climate Caliphate is gearing up for a year-end push of their agenda. All he cares about is his environmental agenda. Meanwhile, months back his own administration contaminated a pristine river and region in Colorado.(an interstate disaster)  Obama said nothing. He was not up in arms firing people. No, it was business as usual: lie and make excuses. First they denied the amount and damage.

He told the EPA to go ahead and roll out his anti-business agenda and war on coal regulations, despite whether it is Constitutional. Who cares about the effects, or their impact on people? He weaponized the IRS and used it against his political opponents. He said there is not a smidgen of corruption. then his DOJ declared there was nothing to prosecute Lerner for.

This all and government is just an extension of Obama’s personal ideology. And he’ll go to any end to force it on the people.

Invasion of illegal immigrants, Obama’s executive orders, his forced amnesty, gun control, racism, riots, and even his scandals are all a product of his personal political agenda.

Whatever you think about all that, one thing is clear: Obama is holding America hostage to his own, personal political agenda.

30 comments on “Obama Kidnapped America

  1. the unit says:

    Obama the puppet kidnapped America. History was to be made after all. Still more coming up with same puppet masters.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Excellent way of putting it Bull!

    Yes the Grand Mufti has taken America and his personal agenda and “transformed” us into something we don’t even recognize. He cares nothing about what the people want, never has. He defies us at every turn.

    He’s about to empty out Gitmo now without the approval of Congress or the American ppl thru another one of his EOs.

    He has transformed the very government we are supposed to trust into a Gangsta guv that no one can trust. He has Muslim Bro, a known enemy sprinkled throughout his administration.

    I hate to think what he’s going to do his last year as he speeds through more of his illegal acts to finish us off.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    Batears is proceeding with the Alinsky tactics that he taught at Columbia. He’s added the Cloward-Piven strategies to boot. Both were designed to collapse the system so the left can rebuild America into their version of utopia with rainbows, unicorns and pixie dust for all… and the lemmings cheer but never mind that everything he’s touched has turned to shit.

    What is truly stunning is that Congress hasn’t stopped him. Too often they have enabled him.

    I remain cautiously optimistic since more Americans are now engaged. The proof being in the support of outsider presidential candidates and last week’s election ass-whooping of democrats.

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    • Bullright says:

      Nox, Barry has it set to full speed ahead “Buffalo style”. The Dems marvel at how he turns gold to dirt. They can have no judgement on him, like OJ. Hand in hand with his destruction plan, they can do nothing else. He’s incapable of producing good if it isn’t in him.

      Could be that unilateral Barry has woken lots of people. They’re pissed. I just hope it is enough to overcome the Marxist-mania. If this two term experiment didn’t teach them something, nothing will. But it’s about time we finally demand an outsider and it rallies the masses, That’s a great sign. And establishment cannot deter them no matter how creative they get. It sure is a great sign. Would anyone have predicted Trump would get that much support for so long? I don’t think so. It’s still hard to trust the electorate that ushered the Bastid in there twice. We should have a shortage of crying towels.

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  4. Davetherave says:

    Real good writing Bull. Really good!

    Barry is sadly the best we’ve ever endured at using the bodies of the Fed Gov to intimidate, threaten and beat down states’ rights and most states have taken it. The rat bastard is vicious in pushing through his commie agenda with total disregard to our constitution. And sadly congress has just let it happen.

    A president like Reagan wins hearts minds with being a nice guy and good conservative policies. A president like Barry crushes hearts and minds with brutality. Who won’t go along must be gotten out of the way. Barry has been set loose on our nation like a killing cancer.

    Fear goes a long way in occupation and domination. Fear is probably the biggest feeling that drives folks to react in a certain way and the commie party is well aware of that fact. No totalitarian gov was ‘nice’ when taking over a nation.

    Barry does have our nation hostage under fear. To take our country back does not require getting rid of their fears, but just be willing to face them and still positive action. After one stands up to a bully; they may get a few black eyes but the bully’s usually go away.

    Bull, I’m fighting a bad head cold. Sorry if this makes little to no sense and just sounds like a soap box seminar!

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    • Bullright says:

      Head cold or not, you’re spot on. Funny(or not) how the guy who ran on Hope has abolished it everywhere he could. Right, in the 7 years we really haven’t stood up yet. And he’s looking for any sign of us standing up to head us off. Fine “how do you do”, eh?

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      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, we just elected a Gov in KY that is showing all signs he will use the 10th amendment to tell Barry and his ilk, “Just shove it!” Time will tell.

        I sure pray Bevin follows through on his promises. I also pray this is a peek into the crystal ball of all the upcoming 2016 elections. Time to kick the f*cking commie bully’s to the curb. Also be nice to kick the f*cking GOP elite ruling class to the unemployment line. But for now I’d just take getting rid of the commies.

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        • Bullright says:

          You finally bagged a keeper. LOL I hear he is doing away with clerks signing marriage licenses. Problem solved. (or part of it) Maybe common sense has come back in style. Conway will be licking his wounds for a while.

          I don’t think Barry can drop a bomb on KY but I bet he has it on his hit list for illegals, just to aggravate things. He makes sure to let us know we are his captives and, like Iran, he won’t let us go easily.

          Maybe KY is proof positive that you can only push people so far. Now we know how people felt in Venezuela.

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          • Davetherave says:

            Well, we finally bagged something for sure. I thought we bagged us keeper with Ernie Fletcher, but that idiot only lasted one, sad ass term. That dipshit didn’t even understand what a ‘no fly zone’ was after 9/11, so forgive me if I’m a bit hesitant. That one caused a raw ass that still requires neosporin…

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  5. the unit says:

    I was reading about methane this morning. Ranchers and big beef producers are destroying the planet by cutting down trees to increase grazing land. Here’s a plan. We got massive influx of illegals and refugees coming in that will take jobs Americans won’t do. Hire one for each cow, give him a an Obama Bic Lighter, assign to a cow. With each fart, ignite it.
    Yeah the lighter uses fossil fuel. Surely some Obama crony can get a government grant to load the Bic with methane too. Ignite it all with the flick of my Bic. lol

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    • Bullright says:

      LOL as long as it doesn’t hurt the cows. And it shouldn’t. But we could take pictures of that reaction and make posters for the illegals. If you want a job, this is what the job entails. Any questions?

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    • Davetherave says:

      Hey unit, how bout giving all those muzzie refugess (or as I call them ‘Barry’s bastard extended family’) just an ‘all they can eat buffet of pork’ for free as long as they’re here and alive.?.? Oh yea, then which came first? The starving muzzie or the starving to death muzzie?? Umm, who cares?? 😀

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      • the unit says:

        Yeah use pigs and tell them “here’s the beef” halal style they would just think dogs are so well fed and plump in the land of Great Satan. Eat up, but only lick fingers on right hand.
        From what I been reading none of these young warriors appear to be starving, now their left behind “loved” ones…who knows. Sure they cared for well, oh yeah. lol

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  6. Bullright says:

    The only way we can cleanup America is to clean out the White House.



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