I’m offended by Muslims

Yes, you read that right. It’s not politically correct, you say? No, but it is correct to say. (Sorry Hillary, Obama, et al)

News for Muslims: I’m offended we have to sacrifice and fight this battle of Islamic terrorism. What are you doing? What have you done about it? Do you plan on doing anything about it? But our men, women, civilians, and soldiers are killed and maimed by this ideology, which happens to align itself with Islam and Muslims’ faith.

War with Islamists is a 100 year war, but also a permanent one. No one wants to think this is a permanent state of the world. It’s a way of life. Yet our leaders are crying and whining about global warming being a permanent condition of this world. They want us to change our entire lifestyle to reflect that reality their scientists’ claim. No, they demand we do.

I’m offended by Muslims. They all offend me, since they haven’t been able to stop ISIS or any of the other 100 plus terrorist groups. Have Muslims at large ever prevented or intercepted a terrorist plot? Even if they did it would only be one plot, one act. Can they show me a mosque or network that they shut down? No. Do they want us to police it?

But when France was attacked, a Muslim group ran out to say they condemned this act on the strongest possible terms. What’s that mean and what is that worth? Are they just going to come out every time and condemn the act? Are they also condemning ISIS for their existence? Sorry, I’m having a hard time qualifying their condemnation.

Yet they, Muslims and Islamists, tell us that the real problem is people like me that suggest the whole religion might be to blame. That’s the problem they are concerned about and that’s the problem they want all of America (everyone) to actively work on. They want our government stepping in to prevent that injustice. Their biggest worry is that their religion is being slandered somehow by the victims and citizens of the world.

Some people say they are afraid to speak out or come forward to criticize ISIS or Islamist radicals. Yet they are not afraid to come out to criticize us for “hating” on Islam. Isn’t Islamic terrorism giving Muslims a bad name? Wouldn’t you think they would be concerned about that enough to take a stand and do something to stop it? We’ve been waiting over 12 years now. It hasn’t happened and doesn’t look like it is going to happen. It has declared war on us and civilization. It is left to the world to deal with and combat it. That is insulting and offensive.

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12 comments on “I’m offended by Muslims

  1. Hardnox says:

    Froggy, being the PC guy that I am… I’m offended that you’re offended. Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    Seriously… good rant. This perpetually offended shit is beyond tiresome. The so-called moderate muzzies are either part of the solution or de facto part of the problem. By their silence they have chosen to be the latter.

    The muzzies have been warring with each other since Big Mo croaked. The genius didn’t leave a designated heir. So… they have been killing each other for the last 1400 years. Each group has claimed the franchise on their god but band together to kill invaders, then return to killing each other afterwards.

    Muzzies have never been known for their bravery so their silence may be borne out of cowardice with the hope that us Crusader types will correct their problems for them. In the end, we all know what will need to be done and by whom.

    For the record, the Crusaders created their individual countries after WWI and WWII. King Putt upset that apple cart by offing a few of their not so benevolent rulers in his community organizing schemes which led to everything getting screwed up.

    In the meantime, these assholes can STFU. Pew has reported that 78% of the world’s muzzies support ISIS.

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    • Bullright says:

      You got that right, not much I can add to the truth. It is tiresome and never changes. They do have that killing thing going on, always have. It’s in the genes now. Yes, isn’t Arab Spring the most ridiculous idea anyone ever had? Reformation or democracy to them means genocide.

      That poll is the teller. They support it either by choice or default, same difference tho.


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, excellent rant! I’m very offended by Moslems. What do we see arriving here off the boats as refugees? Mostly strong, young, well dressed, well fed Moslem men.

    If they truly are refugees why are they such cowards they can’t fight for their own country but come in here to do what? Work? I doubt that very much. They can’t even speak English. So I guess we’ll have to have #1 for English, #2 for Spanish, and #3 for Syrian?

    This is total madness. I don’t see why we have to fight in their countries when all they do is run away when things get tough. Bullshit on that.

    Even though our guys are ready and willing to fight ISIS to protect us. I read it all the time on Twitter.

    I’m all for Trump’s database and watching Mosques where do much Jihad is being played out in those so called “churches”.

    Actually I’m so offended by Moslems I want every last one of them deported. If they don’t like our Constitution and they want Sharia Law they should go back home to their barbaric countries and take the heat.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, calling Muzlims refugees is a huge insult. Funny how they aren’t really refugees. LOL Yep, #3 for Syrian, #4 for Kabboom. It is BS and more like a huge diversion. Feel sorry for them, suicide vests are heavy. And why did King Barry create such a crisis? The Mo-Bro network is the same whether its in Egypt, Libya, or Washington DC.

      What is wrong with a database anyway? Democrats call that voter organizing. This is the stupidest plan anyone ever had.The only thing we’re doing is preserving the future of terrorism.


  3. the unit says:

    From what I read so far the bill passed in the house is about more through vetting, not stopping refugee immigration. Not sure how that’s done with no records on these souls from countries with no information on them.
    When vetters develop a process as through as the urological exam I had yesterday, then maybe ok.
    There will be blood in the game. No pain no gain. 🙂
    P.S. Exam good, no sign of cancer in prostate or bladder. All normal for my age.
    Doctor Jihad a bit rough, but didn’t cut my “head” off. It was scopic exam, not with a knife.

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    • Bullright says:

      I’d like to order a rectal exam for the same guy who was never vetted in the first place. The only problem is he’d probably enjoy that…. not the vetting.

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      • the unit says:

        I know one orifice better for the vetting. I’ve had several colonoscopies and last week my first selfie of my inside prostate and bladder, doc turned screen so I could see myself inside. Pretty handsome, if I say so myself. 🙂 Give him a bladder scope with a colonoscopy device which is much thicker than penis warlock weapon. All for men’s health a nurse reminded me…if good for your ticker, it’s good for your pecker. No she wasn’t Hot Lips Houlihan.

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  4. Just Gene says:

    But when France was attacked, a Muslim group ran out to say they condemned this act on the strongest possible terms. What’s that mean and what is that worth? As Bridget said, “They are irrelevant”.

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  5. the unit says:

    Dang straight I am. Some were paying attention after 9/11 and before election of 2008 on some sites the mention was made that he (O) might be a muslim. I’ll never forget the comment/question back then…so what if he is, what does it matter? Well, I don’t remember the site or the commentator, but wonder what they think now?

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  6. tannngl says:

    Love your post, Froggy.

    I whole heartedly agree.

    We are “sitting dogs” sitting in the US wringing our hands over being Islamophobic. Give me a break.

    These people are not compatible with a civil society, certainly not with the freedoms in the US for women, children and men as well.

    This junk is going to go on for a long time, unless we do something about them.

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