Obama’s advice: go about your business

Obama said in the face of new terror threats, people should not give in to fear and continue going about their business, like shopping.

Okay, we’re shopping for a new president. That supports the economy too. We’re shopping for a whole new administration. But that seems easier than shopping for a new country.

In 2008, then Senator Obama accused Bush of being dumb.

“President Bush did some smart things at the outset, but one of the opportunities that was missed was, when he spoke to the American people, he said, ‘Go out and shop.'”

The difference is Obama never did any smart things. Oh, and that wasn’t what Bush really said but it doesn’t seem to matter.


4 comments on “Obama’s advice: go about your business

  1. Davetherave says:

    Bull with the Marx lovers telling me to be more afraid of manmade global warming I will be shopping, but only after the sun goes down. I just can’t go outside in this God awful heat. Hell I think it almost got up to 50 degrees today.

    There should be a damn fire sale in DC and everything should go.

    LOL, yeah Barry screws up another quote. Barry f*cks up quoting other folks almost as much as he lies about his own previous quotes. Almost…

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    • Bullright says:

      He he he, when Barry quotes anything somewhere there is an Imam laughing his butt off, or a KGB agent writing him a thank you note. But if someone misquotes Barry it’s an international scandal.

      But even when you quote him correctly it’s a capital crime.


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I’ll go about my business by shopping online on Black Friday as I don’t like getting into that crazy, haggling, fighting BF crowd at the stores. Don’t really need ISIS terrorists when we’ve got some of the biggest shopping terrorists right in the stores, grabbing out of one’s little hands whatever you pick up.

    Barry criticized Bush for telling us to go out and live our lives but now Barry says it. Did I miss something here?

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I can almost hear Barry saying you all get out and crowd the stores to make a great big target for the jihadis.

      Oh you didn’t miss anything except that giant flip-flop sound they tried to mute. He’ll just think it was something in the translation that we are too dumb to understand, again.



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