Pastor blasts Trumped black clergy

This is an exercise in lecturing about politics by playing politics. Black reverend told other black pastors not to go to the Trump meeting, calling those who do prostitutes.

NY Daily News has this story.

“Prostitutes for Trump … don’t let black pulpit become a pole,” he blasted Monday on social media.

“If your pastor tells you they’re going to New York on Monday, I need you to call them out. Donald Trump does not represent what our community needs or what America needs.”

He later revised his accusations on CNN in a sarcastic faux apology:

“I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the (pastors) that went in there (to meet with Trump) walked away with nothing, they did it for free,” Rev Bryant said.

Bryant, versed in politics, himself ran as a Democrat earlier this year and lost. How about the irony of a Democrat politico calling black pastors prostitutes? So his complaint is that they got nothing for it? Right. Go talk to Democrats, they’ll give or promise you stuff.

3 comments on “Pastor blasts Trumped black clergy

  1. Hardnox says:

    The black leaders have been prostituting themselves to the left for 50 years. These rock throwers need to purchase a mirror.

    The right is attempting to throw blacks a life ring yet these morons are waiting for a luxury liner to show up and rescue them instead.


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