This just in from white pastor

In Chicago, a pastor “Leads Prayer of Repentance on Behalf of ‘White Brethren’“.

Mediaite — 12/1/15

A white Chicago pastor led a prayer of repentance last night in which he said he wanted to “confess on behalf of my white brothers and sisters” for how black lives have been systematically devalued.

Pastor Daniel Hill said, “We repent of the violent acts done in the name of racism. We repent of the apathy that has caused so many of us to sit on the sidelines.”


(the comments are always interesting to see)

On one side, a black pastor calls other black pastors prostitutes for meeting with Trump. Conservative blacks are routinely called all kinds of names like Uncle Toms or sell outs by other blacks. White people are frequently blamed for problems in black communities. Then, right on cue, along comes a white pastor to apologize and repent on behalf of white people — assuaging that white guilt.  I’ll look for him in the next black lives matter protest.

5 comments on “This just in from white pastor

  1. Davetherave says:

    Umm, let’s see just how non-PC I can be with this comment and I’m going to push it to the edge. This white pastor can speak for himself. As far as this rat bastard speaking for this honky; he can kiss my lily white southern ass!

    How dare some f*cking white preacher man think he’s speaking for me. That asshole can run down to Wal-Mart and buy some black shoe polish and drown himself in it. I literally mean drown his ass! That kind of ‘he don’t breathe no more drown.’

    Straight to hell with all you white folk that feel us crackers need to apologize for anything these days. That kind of ‘go straight to hell and fry’ is what I’m talking about you stupid ass crackers!!!

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