Dr. Evil will speak on terrorism, security

So Dr. Evil, Obama will make a speech Sunday in prime time to address the nation’s terrorism concerns. Days after San Bernardino’s terrorism, the FBI finally says it is investigating it as an “act of terrorism”. Obama, who inspires confidence in less than a third of the country, now feels compelled to make a national speech to reassure people he is taking terrorism and security seriously. Talk talk talk, which is all he ever does.

And what he actually says denyies the Islamic connection to the terrorism and denies the problem we know it is. So his denial has played an active part in supporting the greatest enemy of America right now, Islamic radicalized fascists.

The real problem we didn’t know at the time was if San Bernardino was part of a wider terrorism plot yet unfolding, or an individual cell acting on it’s own. We were hardly reassured by the way they handled it from the beginning. If it was a real time plot unfolding we were kept in the dark and police collecting the bodies afterward was treating the symptoms not the disease. If they were actively preventing an ongoing real-time threat, they didn’t inspire confidence that they were up to the challenge or investigation. Just compared to France there is a big difference.

All that now behind us, after coming to terms with calling it terrorism, Obama will now seek to calm the fears of people that he is taking action, while continuing the denial of Islamic connections to the terrorism. He seems the only person in the world who is not willing to make that connection. Even Muslim countries do not deny the association.

Loretta Lynch has already said her biggest concern is blowback or Islamic hatred — Isamophopbia. Only in Obama’s world are these events downplayed as unrelated to a larger terrorism picture. Terrorists seek to maximize their physical impact while Obama seeks to minimize their (global) impact. That does no one any favors. When he downplays the threat it posses, he does the enemies work for them. Then they seek greater impact, a game no one should want to play. No one but Obama. So rather than confronting reality, he considers gun control the bomb. Likely more of the same in Dr. Evil’s speech.

RightRing | Bullright
12/6/15 5:44 pm

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