So with all the flurry over Trump’s remarks it is easy to get swept away in the ensuing flood of criticisms.

But really, what was so bad about his ban proposal? Forget the Marxist Left, they call everything names and they were licking their lips at this one. But if reason prevails, then there is a lot to consider on his proposal. Religious, Islamic fascists declared war on us.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Not ‘Fascist,’ and Is Not Unconstitutional

by John Hayward | 8 Dec 2015

Because it has caused a great deal of controversy (to put it mildly), it seems appropriate to quote the “Donald J. Trump Statement On Preventing Muslim Immigration” in full:

Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.

Great article on it. Have people realized that if we plan on screening out ISIS from our border, then that is a religious test? Why kid ourselves? That’s who is at war with us.

This all made me think that Hitler made a critical error. It was dumb that he didn’t just declare the the Third Reich a religion. Then he would have had our hands tied.

It seems that the people are ahead of the government and lawmakers. We understand what is happening. Obama loves to lecture that we just don’t understand, yet we are way ahead them. Of course they don’t listen to us which is the second part of the problem.

When Trump makes a sensible statement that people agree with, their knee-jerk response is to blame him and all those who support him. Instead of realizing the people understand the problem, the ruling class elites stick their heads in the sand and tell us what they cannot do. Obama says, “What I will not do is…” That’s a confidence builder.

8 comments on “TRUMPED UP BAN

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Here’s what’s laughable to me. All the media plus the GOPe is going unhinged over Trump’s proposal yet on the other hand the media is wringing its’ hands over how are we going to vet these people since FBI, DNI, Generals and others say we have no way to vet them.

    So which do they want the dumb asses?

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  2. Bullright says:

    Guess this goes for all those hyphenated terms, too.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. I have no problem with Trump’s proposal and one of the commie’s main points they use to shoot it down is bullshit. I will say I like Rand Paul’s proposal also. Both take action where action is needed and to hell with PC bullshit.

    Sen Paul has about 34-35 countries on a list he would not allow ‘anyone’ to enter for a while, until our gov gets their shit together (full list on his website). The obvious muzzie countries that are terrorist havens, but other countries like that great ally of ours per our gov Saudi Arabia, N. Korea. There are other countries that want to tear us down, so put them all on that list.

    The commie left love stating how many muzzies have already migrated and how few terror attacks have been committed. Well no shit! The far majority of those muzzies came from countries that do provide us with background(s) we can check out. And who is to say they some still won’t pull some terror chickenshit?

    Either proposal is good with me or no proposal is total stupidity.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, I’ve heard bits of Paul’s proposal but of course the one that gets the attention is Muslim ban. Why that one rolls off the tongue so easily.

      I guess I cringed at first knowing here it comes. But hey, I can live with it. For whatever time it takes. They should be on notice. Or Maybe they would like to try to explain the difference to us between the ones who want to blow us off the earth and the non-explosive moderates?. I mean really explain the difference.

      Yeah, I would go with Pauls too though we know what the real problems are, I haven’t seen them using Catholics or Mormons yet. So we can be honest. Right it is getting into a p/c stew, I credit Trump for bringing it to the top, no matter how he did it. Here we are.All of a sudden we’re talking pausing the refugee plan… maybe even all immigration. That was easy. It makes that doing- nothing-burger look really stupid now.


      • Davetherave says:

        You made the best point of all in this mess Bull, ‘I credit Trump for bringing it to the top…’. Besides me liking a lot of what Trump stands for, I do love how he has forced ‘everyone’ on both sides to pick sides and make a statement.

        I think no matter what may happen that we should all be grateful to Trump for a very long time.



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