Obamacide and Islamocide in motion

Hi, my name is Islamophobia, and I’m back to haunt the annals of your conscience. I will tell you what a horrible person you are for thinking that people murdering innocent people in cold blood is not politically correct to worry about or blame on Islam. Surely you know that Islam is not the problem, well, don’t you? You must understand that the great numbers of Muslims worldwide qualifies them, on one hand, as a major force of influence in the world; while on the other as minority victims in any situation. You must understand that it is not all Muslims committing these terrible acts and terrorism. You certainly cannot hold all us Muslims responsible for those committing this barbarism. Oh, didn’t we tell you that we (whatever entity we are) condemn those atrocious acts of violence? Are you too stupid to understand that? So, banning all Muslims? Hasn’t your Islamophobia got the best of you? Chill.

This is the mental exercise we receive from Obama and the left every time one of these “tragedies” happen. But they blame guns when it is the evil hearts of blood-crazed barbarians that commit these atrocities. Dumb people who thought somehow electing someone sympathetic to a fault with Islam, if not a Muslim, would somehow appease these titans of terror. Dummies that thought a person raised in Indonesia, and bathed in radicalism of the worst sorts, would lead to a more united country. People that assuaged their own psychosomatic guilt to first, believe in him without a shred of proof, then elect him untested and unvetted to the highest office in the land — and who could not even admit their mistake once it became obvious.(even to everyone else in the world)

Obama is to the left what the Kool Aid was to Jonestown, the final fatal solution. As long as they believe in their own clueless intentions — an act of faith — it doesn’t matter what real results are produced. Just ignore those at any cost. Actually, they are about as good at ignoring them as Muslims are in ignoring effects and results of Islam.

So the poison has become their prescribed cure.

You can trace and follow the same sort of logic on abortion. The 58.5 million, and counting, dead babies are only an inconvenient fact. The solution to which is more dead babies as a sanctified right. Religion is a factor in all because they require a tenant of faith and belief as the underlying premise. The problem that exists in Islam, under that errant prognosis, calls for more conversions to radical Islam and a wider berth for “the religion of peace.” It is a cycle but you cannot untie it from the evil nature of the circular logic. If it made sense, correctly, then it wouldn’t be a problem because the solutions would be obvious.

Just as the solution to Obama’s scandals, his failed policies, or treasonous actions would be. But no one wants to look at those solutions, which would admit they were wrong to this point. The same applied to Benghazi. They cannot simply look at the obvious truth now, since their actions in Libya were based on their failed perception and faulty projection. All of these are traceable back to belief — errant belief at that. People believe Obama is the answer, not the problem. Muslims believe Islam is the answer, not the problem. Leftists believe abortion is the answer, not the horrible genocide it is.

It does go back to the battle of good and evil. (a semantics paradox) Pro-lifers understand better than anyone how insidious the evil is. On one side you have people celebrating death and on the other we celebrate life. Which is the preferred virtue? Yet we are in a fallen world, the signs of which are all around us confirming it.

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5 comments on “Obamacide and Islamocide in motion

  1. […] Obamacide and Islamocide in motion […]


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Excellent article Bull!

    All you said is true and this kind of belief system only gets more people murdered and more babies murdered.

    It seems as though the Obama government has gone the way of the culture of death.

    Those of us with different beliefs being labeled as Islamophobes have no say in this matter and are threatened with prosecution if we speak incorrectly about Muslims and their hateful, murderous activities.

    It’s hard to “chill” out when you know another attack is coming from the beasts of Islam.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, and thanks a lot. I guess it is not a matter of connecting the dots as much as connecting the beliefs in this case. The original title I slapped on was Obamacide in motion with Islamocide (agenda). So I do think he cast in with them, or always was, to be merged in the same agenda.So many of the same tactics too.

      True It’s hard to be at peace when the beasts are at the door. And having them in the country you can only wonder when. Doesn’t everyone but Obama see that? Combined it seemss they don’t want to stop what’s happening, only our reaction to it. Sometimes I wonder what perversion could be going on in Barryo’s brain and then I think I don’t really want to know.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Not only does Obama see it, he is doing it. He knows what danger we are in and he doesn’t want to fight a war whatever the cost. O is a very sick dude and figuring out what goes on his brain is almost impossible. And maybe we wouldn’t want to see the evil that lurks inside that brain.


  3. the unit says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the cides. I didn’t read until Sunday. Most sites are in weekend relax and season of joy. But the cides are planning even today and in this season. Got to be Semper Paratus.

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