Back in style, fashion outliers

Call it a retro-post. It is back in style, again. Not bell-bottoms and paisley shirts, or nickers or platform shoes. No, racism. But the new wave movement says it never went away. It was just sitting in the closet waiting for a comeback.

Relax, you’ve just been exported back to the 60’s compliments of
Barry-I’m black- and I’m bitchin’.

Gateway Pundit

NYT reported:”Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.”

Once again he throws out the old standby that his detractors and opponents are racists. Tell us something new. Straight to the race-card. He tells the reporter in an interview that its about who he is. Oh really? It’s about who you are all right, whether you are Kenyan, bi-racial, mulatto, white, black, Muslim or canned ham; it matters not. The Frank Marshall Davis apprentice is stuck on racism because it’s his best acceptable defense. Everything is as loony as his plans. So he has to rely on his old crutch, racism.

As usual, he mentions it in just the right calculated way to remind us all of racism. But it was never about Barry making the mundane case. No, it was for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon and do it for him — like most of his attacks and accusations. So the press and his Demonrat allies can run with his racism charge. Then he can stand back and play the victim. Let everyone else make that case. All he has to do is drop the hint.

So by the next day people are reading off the script saying “you cannot deny racism exists”. (which is not the issue) That’s step one. Then slither into you cannot deny some fraction of disagreement with him is based on racism. After the prove it does not exist routine, then you must prove Republicans’ disagreement and vitriol is not based on “who” he is — racism. The sixties called and they want their protests back, Bary the contrary.

“You cannot deny.” Oh, so the guy that routinely denies that ISIS is Islamic or Islamic terrorism can tell us we cannot deny the impact of racism? Tell us about denial, Obama. Is it good for you?

In James Traficant’s immortal words, “Beam me up!” Or like Texas Congressman, Ted Poe says: “and that’s just the way it is.” Funny I don’t remember any other President with a hyphenated nationality. I so look forward to a new fad stage when we can actually have a real conversation. (but then they are Democrats)

RightRing | Bullright

8 comments on “Back in style, fashion outliers

  1. Davetherave says:

    Well no shit racism still exist in our Non-Utopia world! There are pockets of every color, nationality, religion, et al., that are racist. Learn to live with it folks.

    Does Barry think no blacks hated GW just because he’s white as one example? Of course there were. Being president is a tough gig, but Barry is such a pussy he whines constantly. He’s worse than a 5 year old scratching up their knee on a playground.

    News flash for Barry: most of us hate him due to his incessant destruction of our nations way of life and not because he’s ‘kind’ of black.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, I think you said it. The Black Caucus hated George W Bush. But he got no mulligan for it, no apology, no admission of anything. He wasn’t obsessing over it either.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Bull the only standard the commie lovers have is doubled. The black ‘beggers’ are the epitome of commie lovers.

        Kind of a side note, damn I’d like to have my bell-bottoms back and that dime bag in the big pocket! 😀


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    We never saw GW whine and bitch because the loony left made a movie about him being assassinated Now that would be something to get upset over. But GW just went his way saying notta.

    But old boy Barry can’t take anything and blames someone or some “thing” on his terrible policies that have most of the country in despair over them and him. But no it’s because he’s half black, half white???????

    I know his advisers tell him to say this so he can wiggle out of his failures. I wish I was one of his advisers right now and I’d tell him to STFU

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, GW was not the bitchin’ type like Obama. But Jeb, on the other hand, is starting to sound a little like him.

      I could imagine their advice. “Barry, you can do or say anything you want. Just remind them you’re black. They can’t impeach a black guy.” They need to shut up on a lot of things. I’m so sick of their dark influence, This is like Chiller Theater.

      I’ve yet to see him blame anything on his advisers though, who are as Moonbatty as he is. No wonder SS is so crazy anymore from watching them.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Jeb is running ad after ad slamming Trump. I think it will only make Trump followers angrier. He is a whiner.

        I’m sick too of the darkness upon our country when ppl should feel safe and healthy with a good POTUS.

        No he doesn’t fire his advisers because they are the ones telling him to say these goofy things about being black.


  3. drrik says:

    Gotta go with paraphrasing Teddy Roosevelt’s comment that a hyphenated American is not an American.

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