Jeb picks his endorsements wisely

This week with all the hub bub about the Republican campaigns, a new factor came to light.

It seems Jeb, ever desperate for a new something to light a fire under his campaign (that would be him), is pimping his endorsement from a not so likely place to make his case.

To paraphrase Jeb: “what I’m going to do is” ignore what people are clearly saying they don’t want — who also don’t want me — and continue to campaign in NH and South Carolina and show the momentum…[see video] The momentum is against him but who cares about that?

The former Republican leader, read defeated, Eric Cantor has stepped up to put his support behind Jeb for president. If that doesn’t excite you, something is wrong.

Yeah, I know what is wrong. First it was the idea that we somehow care what Eric Cantor thinks or wants. Second that it means anything in the election. Eric, you throw around worthless endorsements, don’t you. Do you have any predictions to share with us?

According to Cantor, in the end this “anger will then funnel itself” into support for Jeb Bush. Is he dreaming or what? Bad enough Obama tells us we’re dumb and don’t understand, now Jeb implies we are ignorant if we don’t support him.

So far, Eric, all Jeb is doing is talking. It doesn’t look like he can even lead his campaign let alone the primary. Oh right, it’s that “long-term vision” thing. Well, maybe if he was running for president in 2024, then he is on track for the nomination?

Since Cantor was out doing an interview, as if someone were interested what he says, I thought it was worth bringing up. A CNN news alert: Cantor is still a power player in the Republican Party process. (more like power player pretender)

Trump said in August: “Who wants the endorsement of a guy (@EricCantor) who lost in perhaps the greatest upset in the history of Congress?”

“Clearly Trump is full of vulgarities,” Cantor says, “he’s full of insults, and he’s just not serious.”

In November, Cantor tried to sound prophetic and influential.

“Clearly Jeb was back… “I think that Jeb’s clearly focused on winning this campaign, will win this campaign and I think his position on immigration is where most Republicans are and certainly most of the country is,” said Cantor.

Now Bush again says Donald Trump is not a serious candidate for President. Gee, speaking of serious, Jeb and Eric.

Eric Cantor now says “you can’t defeat Hillary Clinton without serious policies.” How can we take serious anything that promotes Jeb for president, from a guy evicted for the same reasons? Cantor says “clearly” a lot. Calling Jeb “a leader” over and over doesn’t make it so. Eric says people are angry, but he is determined to make them even angrier.

6 comments on “Jeb picks his endorsements wisely

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Unbelievable that Cantor thinks he still has power in the Republican party. He was kicked out on his ass and still believes he’s relevant?

    Jeb and Cantor sound alike. Both are delusional. I thought that kind of thinking was only on the commie side.

    Oh sure those of us who favor Trump or support him are really going to be angry when we “suddenly realize Trump is not a serious candidate”. Damn fools! They can keep saying it over and over but it’s never going to convince anyone who supports Trump.

    And how is our anger supposed to disappear? By those two tramping around telling us what a great leader Jeb, the “breaking into our country is an act of love” candidate? And what is this about all of us approve of Jeb’s stand on illegal immigration? They dare to speak for us again!!???

    Now that makes me angrier. Good go for it guys! We’ll just keep getting angrier and angrier with your stupid antics. And do I get the feeling, Cantor is thinking he’s going to get the VP nod with Jeb? Good luck with that. No one will turn out for that election.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right Pepp, imagine he got the nomination somehow people wouldn’t vote. They’d say you got this far on your own, now go the rest of the way. Screw you Jeb. Hillzy would love that. It sure makes me sick that they can tap into our anger, they don’t seem to understand the first thing about.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I think they finally realize that we are angry as hell and won’t support a GOPe candidate.

    No matter that most ppl are supporting either Cruz or Trump, both anti establishment GOP, and they think they can just shove down our throats a Jeb and Eric.

    The GOPe better prepare itself for a monumental loss in 2016 with a Jeb nomination.

    I guess they will do anything, even lose the election, to keep their gravy train going in Cesspool City, DC. So a Hillary win would actually be preferable to them. They would just keep staying on that gravy train that doesn’t include us ever.

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  3. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:
    I lived in Florida when Jeb Bush was governor. I thought he was a good governor. With the way Jeb Bush has talked lately, I wondered if I didn’t miss something about him when he was governor. No, he isn’t my candidate. He rubs my values the wrong way. He runs with the RINOS. I am getting off my soapbox now.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks for the repost – always appreciated. 🙂

      Thanks, LA, we all saw him as a pretty successful governor. Now in this arena he appears much different, very tied to the establishment. It’s a different ball game here. Even with his pro-life stance he went on to work at Bloomberg’s foundation that promotes abortion worldwide. I don’t like the dynasty idea any better. He hasn’t really answered those questions either.

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