Favorite one-liners and reality shuffle

One of Jeb Bush’s favorite attacks of Trump is Donald’s quote “I watch the shows.” Jeb calls Trump great at one-liners but a chaos candidate. Jeb should upgrade his material.

Oh those Sunday shows. So being it was Sunday, what did I learn from the Sunday shows? Let’s take the Fox Sunday show, for example.

First, a little review. All we hear is “you must not paint all Muslims with the same broad brush.” That wouldn’t be fair. It’s hard to find a contemporary talking point older than that one. I think it started one minute after the second plane hit the WTC. So that’s not new; the media repeats that every time the subject of Islamic terrorism or Islamic radicalism comes up.(sing a long ) Now it’s a spontaneous reflex.

To my surprise on the Sunday “Show,” the subject is ISIS and Islamic radicalism with Peter King-of House homeland security where he dispels the myth of cooperation of Mosques and Muslims on the terrorism front. So they haven’t been cooperating all along and tipping us about those rogue radicals? I guess not. King tells us of a case where the Mosque actually tipped off the terrorist’s family that cops were on to him. And in two cases radicalized Muslims joined up with terrorists and no one said a word about it.

The host asked King if he knew of any case where Muslims or clergy were hesitant or unwilling to: if they “see something say something” report it? But he already proved it. He said they don’t come forward and don’t work with authorities. It’s well-known in police circles they don’t cooperate.

They went on with their panel to explore the lack of Muslim cooperation. Then he called this a “generational war.” He asked even if we destroyed ISIS, what would fill the vacuum? Gasp. He said that is the subject no one is talking about. Oh, they mean no one on air is talking about the possibilities. But people have not overlooked it. In fact, the people have been talking about all this stuff.

So there you have the crux of the issue/problem. We’ve been paying close attention all along. We’ve been following ISIS’s rise and the bonfire in the Mid East. We were watching. And we already figured out, long ago, this was a generational battle. We knew about vacuums, too. We observed that Muslims here and abroad have not been especially helpful. Media and Muslims object to our findings and observations by crying Islamophobia.

What’s the point? The lesson here is people are out in front of the news prognosticators. I mean what did we have to do to get their attention? Of course they wouldn’t listen to us. We don’t know anything. Only the media knows. Only they are informed. Critical thinking is out of vogue. But now their subtle admissions seem to lag way behind ours. And Trump is still a “racist” for calling for a ban. How do they square that?

Islam is a problem, Muslims aren’t just innocent victims, Mosques haven’t been helping, Trump has a valid point, and political correctness is not the cure but an accelarant. The religion of peace is institutionally waist-deep in civil disobedience defending radical Islamists (who don’t seem too rogue) defying our national security concerns. And we have an Islam apologist residing in the White House running cover for them all. All that is common knowledge to most coherent people, unless they live in Obama’s state of denial.

Here is part of that Sunday exchange:

MCKELWAY: Congressman, I want to turn again to terrorism on the home front. You have said somewhat controversially that we need better surveillance of mosques in the United States, quoting you. The only way you’re going to find out this in advance is to do the same type of 24/7 surveillance that was done in the Italian-American communities when they were going after the mob, mafia, and the Irish communities, when they were going after the Westies. You look at where the terror threat is going to come from. And right now it is going to come from the Muslim community. I can hear the cries of civil libertarians and constitutionalists right now, Congressman.

KING: Yeah, listen, they can cry all they want. The fact is that’s where the threat is coming from. And we can say that 98, 99 percent – of the Muslims in this country are good people. I’m actually swearing in the first elected Muslim on Long Island. She is a good friend of mine. So, this is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is that is where the threat is coming from. And we are kidding ourselves. We have this blind political correctness, which makes no sense. For instance, in Boston, with the Boston marathon bombing, you had the older Tsarnaev brother. He was put out of a mosque because of his radical thoughts and his radical statements made in the mosque, but nobody in the mosque ever told the police, nobody ever told the FBI.

Yes, we knew. But at every step we were called Islamophobic for pointing out the truth. They said we can’t blame Islam or Muslims in general even when they are intentionally complicit in terrorists’ agenda. Reminds me of the rise of the Third Reich. Media and some politicians seem to be slowly coming around – sans Obama. Denial may be wearing off.

Islam will only be at peace when everyone has converted. And that isn’t going to happen. Now in case they still want to point blame at us or Christians for this problem, Christians evangelize and Muslims terrorize. Islamists take pride in that. We are trying to defend “true Islam” when most ignorant spectators don’t even know which is the true Islam?

So what you would have been learning from these shows, mostly, is that we are racists and/or bigoted extremists for jumping to rational conclusions that stir fear about the Islam community — incidentally, one of Islam’s chief goals. Worse, for years we were told to blame everything and everyone else in the world, namely ourselves and America, for Islamic terrorism except to blame any of it on Islam or Muslims. I don’t remember them going through that tortured, fruitless exercise on Hitler and the Third Reich. (we would still be conducting that exercise)

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11 comments on “Favorite one-liners and reality shuffle

  1. Davetherave says:

    Wow, what more should I write than I’ve already written. Some of the pundits right now on FOX are claiming Trump will fall. Jebbie’s campaign is in the septic tank so far, there’s no product that could clean all the shit off of it. I believe Jeb knows he can’t win, but he’s now part of the ‘machine’ that needs to bring down Trump.

    Hitlary will run on her lies (as always) and the commie media will back/cover for her, while ass wipe media outlets like FOX don’t support her but try to force an elite on us.

    Islam for the most part wants to conquer the world. Yes I believe a small percentage are terrorist (but then what is ‘small’ percentage of 1.6 BILLION), but more than terrorist want Islam to rule the world.

    Santa is real, Jack Frost is a fantasy, Alabama will win the National Football Title, Duke and NC suck in basketball, Payton Manning did not use growth hormones, the Mets were so damn lucky to make the baseball playoffs and Lucifer will drag ones ass to hell. That’s all…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      Dave, right, it’s just a percentage game for the apologists. And that’s the same way pundits see the election too. Just percentages. But they don’t want to know what those percentages of angry voters mean either. (just a bloc of pissed off people, so what?)

      By George, you’ve summed up current events in a nutshell. LOL 🙂 Listen to them tho, Payton Manning is the new Tom Brady. Other than that, no news to report.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      Dave, I bet you never knew Al Jasleezya could be so influential in our sports, did you.?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      Dave, I hope you are real happy with yourself for dragging Manning into this and opening a bunch of nasty cans of worms.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Davetherave says:

        Bull I’ve probably bet more money in the past than a lot may have, but I sure in the hell never looked to Al Joo-zoo-roo for a point spread. I have to admit I never bet on camel jockey races.

        It really is a percentage game for the commies. They have a keen eye for the most disgusting things in life that will build into a decent size voting bloc and Sacrebleu it works out for them!

        Pointing out Manning that I do not believe is true is a small can worms compared to the can of pythons Barry is cracking open on our nation. They sure in the hell would make me a fine pair of boots! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person


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