Where oh where has Dirty ol’ Harry gone?

As a finish to the year, I thought an old classic was in order showing the long, convoluted road of a liberal hack.

In case you hadn’t seen this one, here is an encore post. Classic Mark Levin.

Right Ring

Mark Levin reads an old op-ed that will make your hair curl.
We aren’t in Kansas any more. (May 2014)

This was reported around May 2014. Harry Reid rammed (S.744) the aka immigration bill through the Senate in 2013. Look at Harry Reid over 20 years completely abandoning common sense. A spineless lizard slithering around the Capitol. He seems to be a schizophrenic on top of it.

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4 comments on “Where oh where has Dirty ol’ Harry gone?

  1. Davetherave says:

    What do you get when you mix a corrupt politician in the pockets of the union and a president from gang land? As we saw not a damn thing pretty!

    Mitch has is issues (Lord how we know he has his issues), but he looks like an angel when compared to Dirtyass Harry Reid.

    My only New Year resolutions are not seeing Chuck Schumer become senate majority leader and not seeing Hitlary become president.

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    • Bullright says:

      Not any thing a sane person would want. For sure. Lol he has his issues…they all have “issues”. Can we at least sedate them in a semi-coma pending the outcome in 2016?

      No one can top Reidster. He’s in the pocket of everthing west of the Mississippi. He’s probably working on some dirty deal on Mt. Rushmore. I wish I had a 25 year old fuit cake to send him. Poor guy is still rehabbing from that mysterious beating he took. Imagine him saying anchor babies aren’t kosher. The man has only gone battiy since then.

      You know, they are at the top of my “do not want no way no how” list this year.


  2. Just Gene says:

    I think Mark misunderstood what Reid meant!

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