Step right up – rewrites R us

Always be suspicious when a Democrat or progressive tells you that “most Americans want” this or that. I would say run but we can’t afford to and cede that soundbite to them. It is never true when they declare to speak for most people. If most people really knew exactly what these social salesmen were all about then most people would not have anything to do with it all. But Dems have this perception illusion going on.

The latest of these tactics is playing out in the age-old push for gun control. They are always going to be looking to take guns from law abiding people and nothing is going to stop them. Not even the will of the people when it speaks loudly and clearly. It didn’t stop them on Obamacare or a myriad of other things. But when a majority of people disagree with Democrats, it doesn’t matter anyway, even when you point it out. Then, like Obama tells us, people are too stupid or don’t understand.

The Dems’ conversation always starts with “what most Americans want’. That’s the first clue you’re about to be scammed. If you walked down the street and people screamed to you that most people are buying a certain item, would you go buy it? No, but somehow we are supposed to buy their schemes that way. (they are not plans) The only problem is when the people don’t go along with their plans – when they don’t want what Dems are selling. Then what Americans want is irrelevant.

What Americans want doesn’t matter when Americans overwhelmingly don’t want Syrian refugees. Most Americans want accountability in government, especially from the administration, but let’s scratch that off their list. Most Americans wanted accountability on Benghazi but that didn’t matter. Americans by far really want something done about our VA system and people to be held accountable, but that is not at the top of the to-do list for the administration. Most Americans do not want a sniveling, weak-kneed Obama traveling around the world throwing America under the bus, apologizing apparently on their behalf. No, they resent that but it still doesn’t stop Obama from delivering it.

Now they tell us most Americans want gun control. They even say that NRA members want to close this or that “loophole”. Two things are on the rise: gun ownership and purchases; and membership in the NRA. Do we think that both of these are because people want tighter gun control? But that’s what they’d have us believe. Any time Democrats really want something, you can count on them saying it is what “most Americans want.”

In fact Obama has taken a string of unilateral actions because people do not want them. So he does it anyway. Amnesty was very unpopular. Yet Obama comes out and tells us about what most Americans want as if he were reading our subconscious. And you can count on their favorite key word being used, loopholes. I have said before that the second amendment is not a loophole, but that is what Leftists would have you believe.

CBS reports:

After months of legal review, the White House is expected to unveil executive measures aimed at reducing gun violence, as soon as early next week, according to those briefed on the executive branch’s plans.

In early October, shortly after the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, President Obama assigned White House and Department of Justice lawyers to comb the law in search of any unused administrative authority available to him.

What Obama didn’t or couldn’t get for Christmas, he is now looking to indulge himself with by executive actions. President-Selfie has an appetite for gun control and he doesn’t care what is on the House menu. So he will gorge himself on drunken executive power by writing executive orders. He plans a meeting with Loretta Lynch on Monday to pave the way for his smorgasbord feast.

If you think I may be over dramatizing Obama’s actions, then you only have to look at what he is really doing. First thing off Christmas va-K, in the new year, he goes right for gun control even before his final State of the Union Speech. That drops a big clue about what will be in the dictate which is typically a laundry list for executive power — and appetite thereof.

If it is one major accomplishment for Obama, when he leaves office to return from whatever spawned him, it will be to never have found the limits of the Presidential Constitutional authority. Apparently something he never believed existed. So he wanted to be sure to slay any myth to the contrary. The only limitation he accepted was the two-term one, but even to that said if he ran again he would win. He had a backhanded comment for that inconvenience.

People gave up writing his epitaph long ago because they could see reality unfolding. Here he is on the verge of re-writing the second amendment. His record of civil war byproducts wherever he goes, in tow. He’ll avail himself of the power to change Constitutional rights.
Read about the loophole scam.
2nd Amendment Fight — “there is no online gun-store loophole”
Washington Times — “the gun-show loophole myth”

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9 comments on “Step right up – rewrites R us

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent rant Froggy.

    You forgot one other phrase tactic: “… most Americans want for the chilrens…”

    They use that one when all else fails. Never mind the left has screwed this country up so bad that our children will only remember that the best time they ever had, or the best place they ever lived, was when they were young and at home with their parents.

    The only thing positive the left has accomplished in the last 7 years is make people wake up and take responsibility for their own protection thus the incredible amount of gun purchases.

    The whole gun thingy is a red herring anyway as we all know. How about enforcing the 20,000+ laws we already have on the books.

    Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter assholes, New Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan, and others are demanding a violent war against whites. Small wonder why people are arming up.

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    • Bullright says:

      You’re right Nox, and small wonder why he is trying to interfere with people’s rights. It’s a slick ruse from a snake-oil salesman who has never been told no before. Righto, and the minute he’s crossed he goes for the emotional argument. Yep, they use that phrase regularly, I guess it replaces the “greater good” thing that got old.

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  2. the unit says:

    And the rewriting of history. New history. Probably being rewritten in all towns and communities now. This in our today’s newspaper. It by subscription so you can’t read it readily, and you know what it says already.
    “Revealing Pensacola’s Moorish influence”
    Dismantling the Jefferson Memorial will be a shovel ready job, but with sledge hammers and bulldozers.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    I let out a primal scream every time I hear a commie/dem say “we know what the people want”. Merlin understands this kind of scream because then he howls like a wolf with me.

    I say run like hell every time we hear this. And the bastards can go to hell. Obastard can go ahead and break the Constitution once again, but what he doesn’t realize because he has no connection with we Americans, is that he is opening up a humongous bag or worms and it might just be the end of him. Revolution is around the corner.

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    • Bullright says:

      LOL Pepp, Merlin knows. ha ha You can’t fool a dog but they can fool stupid leftist drones.

      Yes, run the other way. Ha we see with Trump what most people want, and its not more of the same. Right, he really doesn’t have any connection, if he ever did. He’s standing there pressing the red button, indeed. What does he expect will happen? He’s intentionally divisive. I guess it worked to get him to the WH. But he’s in uncharted waters now.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Right, dogs aren’t stupid like loony libs.

        O has now changed his stance from EOs to executive action which means nothing. I guess his US:ATT Lynch couldn’t find away around the Constitution. Ha, ha, ha ha ha ha


        • Bullright says:

          So he has to even re-word it which is usually a sign of a big problem for libs. She’s probably having a reality check of her own because she has to ask “how do I enforce this?” to whatever recommendation she makes. The two of them may be doing peyote and meditating before long.


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