O’s slow drip lies bad for what ails you

Obama’s favorite whipping-post enemy is the NRA and its lobby power. And Planned Parenthood’s #1-rated political ally in Washington is Barrack Obama.

So it’s a geological thing that 2nd amendment. You know that’s what I like about the entire first amendment, it’s so regional. No use wasting it where it isn’t needed necessary. Obama told the old story about Michelle in Iowa(’07) saying if she lived in a farmhouse there, a good distance from the sheriffs’ office, she would want to own a shotgun or rifle. I didn’t know the first amendment was limited to location, too. “Location location!”

The town hall gun-control show was on.

What the gun dealers should have told Obama was:

“Mr President, only one of us in this room has trafficked and lost over 2,000 guns that were then used in murders in both Mexico and the US. And it wasn’t me. Yet no one was held accountable. In fact, we the people could not even get the information about it. Actually your AG was held in contempt and that still didn’t resolve it. And was anyone prosecuted in that case? So tell me about loose guns and loopholes.”

Rather than calling it gun reform, can’t Obama call it 2nd amendment reform. And that 1st amendment so needs an overhaul, big time — I mean it is out of control.

In the last few days Obama called the NRA liars. He branded them about the most powerful lobby in Washington that breeds fear in people. But Planned Parenthood is probably the most powerful player in Washington, certainly on the Left, fear mongering in every election. No need to restrain PP from the Capitol, White House, or Obama’s office.

Now you install a litmus test that you won’t support any candidate who doesn’t support the gun control agenda. The NRA lies…. how about the lies last year from Planned Parenthood, defending even criminal acts marketing human tissue of babies. Yet investigate and prosecute it? Your administration did call to investigate and prosecute the videographers. But Planned Parenthood is not only a mega-lobbyist, it is subsidized by Washington to the tune of 450+ millions every year — with 41% of its revenue from government.

Which one has a real death agenda? Welcome inside Obama’s slow-cooker of lies.

Obama went on to mock any idea of anti-gun agenda or confiscation as a “conspiracy” theory. He said it sure is a conspiracy [theory]. Then he explains his own conspiracy theory how we use gun grabbing and anti-gun rhetoric, incorporated by Republicans and NRA, to stir up distrust for him on guns. Sounds like vast-right-wing conspiracy. But he laughs at the idea of the government working and scheming against people’s rights, as a “conspiracy.” So it is not a conspiracy that he abused his power already. It’s not a conspiracy when he demands a litmus test for Democrats, last I remember he is the head of the Democrat Party. He claims his side’s positions are consistently mischaracterized by the NRA. (Victim point) While he mischaracterizes reforming the 2nd amendment.

Referring to teenagers and suicides, he said “imagine if you have access to firearms what bad decisions you might make.” So access to firearms causes suicide?

There he goes, the man who mocks conspiracies about himself says “NRA is holding Congress hostage.” The man who holds America hostage to his pen and the DOJ.

Here was a typical liberal reply on that thread to a person over gun rights.

Okay, so now we have, regional, geographic rights, and finally an outdated Constitution. Obama reminded us he respects the 2nd amendment — more at farmhouses. He is not making a stink on sanctuary cities, like San Fran where a previously deported, convicted illegal alien shoots a woman on the pier. But carve up the 2nd amendment like a turkey. Nor is he fired up “mad” over Islamic terrorism. Obama paints his own conspiracy.

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11 comments on “O’s slow drip lies bad for what ails you

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    O’s lies and anger at the NRA are nothing more than fairies dancing in his “gun grabbing” head. He lies about statistics. He lies about the NRA which basically are the American people.

    Last night I saw Chip from the NRA say he was invited to this townhall meeting but was allowed on pre-screened question. That’s why the NRA did not go and I don’t blame them.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, right either way he was going to demonize them whether they came or not. It wasn’t like it would have been a debate anyway. Obama does know how to anger people and get under their skin. He did that just fine. I don’t think he came off good at all.

      Obama is the example that background checks can fail. He shouldn’t be cleared to hold the keys to the national arsenal. He’s the loophole that needs to be fixed. He is not programmed to self correct or update.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        I only saw clips from this gun town hall meeting but I didn’t think he came off well either. He tells a rape victim when she says she wants to defend herself that most ppl with guns get them turned on them instead. That’s no answer and it’s also sexist to say that to that women. May women have warded off attackers quite well with a gun.

        He’s a pig making terrorist attacks into “gun violence”. And all those ppl who had guns had passed a background check.

        He doesn’t do what’s already on the books, prosecute criminals who have guns and letting these criminals out of prison to once again perpetrate crimes over again on us. If he was serious about this he’d follow the laws in place.

        IMHO he still wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment entirely even though he says he doesn’t. But who can believe a pathological liar like him?

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        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, he’s a pig LOL so true though. He kept saying people who profitted or repeatedly sold a gun he’s going to go after them. . And when ppl challenged that he could not answer. He just kept repeating.

          Pepp, that woman made the point. He was condescending and ignorant. Even Van Jones later said he was wrong and didn’t have good answers, VJ said he should have told that woman “I’ll buy you a gun, I want you to have one.” No, Obama couldn’t think about anyone else or their rights., It was what the king wants.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Wow, it’s really hard to believe that VJ opposed O.

            This town hall was nothing more than a charade with O acting like he was listening but really like you said “it’s what the king wants”.

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            • Davetherave says:

              Y’all, Barry would like to the face of Christ to push his ill-conceived agenda. Shall we pray for his soul? Or pray his soul burns in hell? To each his own….

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            • Bullright says:

              By the looks of it this is a pretty dark, evil agenda he’s pushing where only the good people pay the price. He could be on slow burn as far as I’m concerned, long as he can’t take others with him.

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  2. […] O’s slow drip lies bad for what ails you […]


  3. Davetherave says:

    The commie liptards do just about everything in small steps. Just look how it started with FDR and what is has grown into. Does one really think abortion on demand would have been passed in the 60’s without the commie, social groundwork set forth by FDR?

    Give them a fraction of an inch today (because it looks like common sense) and tomorrow they’re stealing a mile (that rapes our constitution).

    I remember when I was a teen smoking weed. There was a brand of weed called ‘creeper’. Its name came from one didn’t feel stoned after just one joint. But after smoking several, one found they were a lot more stoned (useless) than they planned.

    The commie liptard agenda is worse to our personal and national ‘health’ than creeper weed. Of course I know you don’t know shit about what I’m talking about Bull when it comes to creeper weed! 😀

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, now he did admit it was all incremental. At least they do admit that and that they won’t stop because they can’t have enough laws. But creeper weed? Whatever could you be talking about? I never heard tell about such a category. LOL Maybe it was a regional thing like Panama Purple, or Anglican Dirt. . But this progressive stuff today is definitely designed to knock you out incrementally.


    • Bullright says:

      One day you are just sipping on your Starbucks, the next day you are picking yourself out of the dumpster with an Obamaphone and a Democrat voter registration card. And before you know it you are a full-blown member of the Climate Caliphate pushing gun control. Very seductive stuff.



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