Hillary’s collapse or truth alert

While everyone is consumed by so-called ‘sirens of anger’ of the Right, another siren is being completely ignored by media. The giant sucking sound Ross Perot spoke of may be back, but this time it is sucking the lifeblood out of the Ready for Hillary campaign. It may turn out that maybe the Dems aren’t so ready for the She-Beast.

Dem Panic: Hillary’s Catastrophic Collapse In One Chart

by John Nolte  | 15 Jan 2016

The Democrat National Committee has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. The DC Media has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. But in this glorious country of ours, We The People still matter, and due to that inconvenient truth, Democrats are now panicking as they watch a repeat of 2008. Only this time, Hillary isn’t losing to a charismatic black celebrity. This time she is losing to a 74 year-old white socialist.

In fact, nationally and in New Hampshire, things are actually worse for Hillary than they were in 2008:


As she employs her secret weapon, Bill- “I’m with you”-Clinton, even that doesn’t seem to be helping. Yes, the only thing that could properly beat back a Democrat Socialist is a sex-crazed pervert. That’s the ticket. (who cares who she picks as VP?)

That makes sense to the Hillary campaign. The unindicted duo plans their insurgency into the White House based on “we’re back, look at all the good we did.” They want to take us back to the nineties while talking about the future and leaving no pile of cash behind. Oh, the good old days.

Turns out that maybe Democrats are opting for the old socialist anyway. What’s Bill have to do do convince them? A 3rd-term for Obama and Bill Clinton in one may be in jeopardy.

14 comments on “Hillary’s collapse or truth alert

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I heard Newt Gingrich say this morning that Hillary is gone. I sure hope so. She is taking a beating right now and I hope she does not get an Obama 3rd term. I’m thinking that a lot of people are getting turned off by her.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I was just talking to a guy on Twitter who follows me. He’s a Dem and he’s voting for Trump. He said most Dems he knows are sick of business as usual with the Democrats and they don’t want to vote for Hillary. Interesting.

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    • Bullright says:

      That’s good. How sick I wonder? Not only aren’t they able to squash the GOP, they aren’t able to get behind their notorious most favored woman. Could be they want to play the field before being forced to accept ‘her inevitableness’.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        I should have asked that guy just how sick the dems are. Forgot my follow up question. 🙂 Hillary is going down the tubes with all that is coming out about her and I think even some Dems are seeing it. This guy said he’d never vote for her

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  3. Bullright says:

    It never even dawned on them. Oh well, it sounded SO GOOD.



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