Tales of Two Candidates

There are two candidates that I have questions about this week. They are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. I won’t get into the details everyone knows.

Maro Rubio is lying about Ted Cruz. He was basically pointing to Jeb and to Ted Cruz saying everyone’s hands are dirty on amnesty, so that is supposed to mitigate himself. He was a chief designer of the gang of eight and amnesty.He lies about Cruz supporting it by his amendment to kill it. Marco now wants to be credible that he doesn’t want amnesty. So Rubio’s plan seems to be to call everyone else a liar. Media is pushing Rubio.

Jeb Bush finally comes around to embrace his family. That was bound to happen sometime. Now he is desperate so his mother made an ad, what I call the “push comes to shove” ad.

Then at the debate he sort of accepted the “establishment” mantra about him. But the heirloom name is not the only thing branding him establishment. Then he employed the help of brother Dubya to help him in Iowa. in the last days he hands out a letter from George Dubya supporting him. So the I’m all by myself, Bush disassociation campaign he was running is over. It is the next heir to the Bush throne campaign after all. I say, “Read my lips. no new dynasty.” Jeb’s attack ads don’t appear to be working either.

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