Strategizing a Hillary comeback

In Vanity Fair, they’ve taken it on themselves to strategize for Hillary’s needed comeback over Bernie-crowd sourced-Sanders. Finding it a difficult mission, they describe the remaining strategy to eek out a victory out of Bernie’s stampede.

Let’s take a closer look at kneecapping, a solid standby. In 2008, the Clinton campaign fanned outrage over Obama’s church pastor, hammered Obama on ties to former terrorist Bill Ayers, and even circulated a picture of Obama being dressed as a Somali elder during a trip to Kenya. But these things soured many Democrats on Clinton. This cycle, her campaign has been more restrained, using proxies to remind people that Sanders is a socialist, allege that Bernie would take away our healthcare (leave it to Chelsea to make Hillary look like a political natural), and suggest his “America” ad is racist because of excessive whiteness. But even these low-key attacks have been busts. They’re bound to be. When you’re caught up in a beautiful dream, you don’t want to be woken up and told it’s nonsense, least of all by Hillary Clinton.

So they seem to realize what a challenge that is for the credibility-challenged candidate. One facing possible charges and indictment. According to Hillary, as she explained to a town hall question, I just keep going forward and they[all the attackers] just fall by the wayside. Let’s see if the DoJ falls by the wayside?

The piece claims she wins by not panicking. Well, when was panicking a problem for Hildebeast?

Meanwhile, she’s good to go and has all the experience for the job, so she and Bill say. Well, if she can defeat a DoJ investigation, I guess she’s ready. But Bernie has the big-Mo and Hillary has the big-glow.

Now Bernie’s campaign wants Hillary’s transcripts for her Wall Street speeches. Hillary’s manager, John Podesta, said he wants to see all Bernie’s emails. Well, team Hill wants his emails? (lol) On with the show. They just keep dropping by the wayside, she says.

3 comments on “Strategizing a Hillary comeback

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Hillary reminds me of MacBeth who says adamantly, “Out, damned spot! out, I say!”

    Obama will come to the rescue for her. He will never give the DOJ permission to indict her.

    Off she marches, another scandal/s marked off her ledger. And if she wins we have a very dirty felon for a president. But what’s new? We have a lawless prez now so why not keep going on with the same lawlessness?

    We have the pinnacle of Marxist regime, whereby the elite gets everything, commits any crime, including murder and it’s stamped OK. The rest of us face more laws and plenty of punishment for anything deemed lawless by the Soviet America like saying something non PC about a Muslim. Off we go to Siberia.

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    • Bullright says:

      Perfect analogy and analysis. Scary really. She could be more lawless and unrestrained than Putin. Of course in some surreal world where some see Putin as a good guy, that wouldn’t be hard to do.

      Right, she might as well keep on with the it since we are getting used to it. Media seems to be dealing with it all okay. So she’s a perfect heir to it. She sees what MSM did for Obama and expects to have them eating out of her hand. Yeah off to the shack in Siberia for quiet time..

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        it is very scary Bull, but that’s what I see with this cold, crooked woman. She has a very cold heart willing to hurt anyone who gets in her way. She could very well be the female Putin. Or maybe worse the female Stalin.

        The media, all the Dem/Commies, and brain dead voters will be voting for her. She knows she is the crowned queen, not a president so she’ll do what she wants, however illegal or unconstitutional. And since she would be the first female prez nobody would dare touch her with impeachment like Obama, the first black prez.

        Siberia could be a refuge actually from all the controversy and lawlessness that drives us crazy now. I shudder to think of 8 yrs of her.

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