A Hard Self-Therapy in a Word

This is a difficult yet therapeutic post to write that has been a long time coming. I’ll start with a simple word that frames up my sentiments at the moment, goodbye.

I’ve felt and lived through the difficulties of saying goodbye at the bedside of dying friends and loved ones. It’s one of the hardest things to face. But this is not that kind of goodbye. There is another type that has a brighter hope and opportunity attached promising new adventures ahead. It’s more that type I’m referring to.

It’s been a strange few years with many disappointments, pains, and the agony of defeat. Sure, there were a few short-lived successes here and there. Just enough to create temporary optimism about what lays ahead.

Okay, before misleading any readers to what this is about, what I am talking about is the country’s current situation — through my eyes at least — in the 2016 election. We have had a few good times in recent years but they soon turned back to a dark cloud.

What on earth am I rambling about? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s just possible that there are some things we might finally bid farewell to. (at the time of this writing anyway) They are things that have been with us for a while, etched into our minds and factored into any serious political discussion.

Picture an episode of Twilight Zone where Rod Sterling says,
“Imagine, if you will, a country without these…..”

Politics as usual: It’s probably the biggest one. Politics as usual may finally be changing. Too early to say if it will stick or not. But it feels pretty good in the short term that politics as usual could be grinding to an end. It outlived its utility and is now called into question. Could there really be something else? There may, in fact, be some life outside it after all.

Race hustling: This one may still be in effect but it seems to be losing traction fast. It might have worn out its welcome. Since things like traffic and road closures, detours, and mall demonstrations inconveniencing millions of Americans, this one may be in search of a new cause which was inevitable. Likely a migration into other areas like plain political activism.

The Democrat plantation: May be heading off into the wild blue yonder. It seems the old blue identity plantation may have outlived its fertilizer supply. This one goes with politics as usual. The primaries are revealing some serious fractures in the same old, such as taking voter groups for granted.

The establishment: Well, this one is not so much what it is but the incessant influence it has. Now its influence could be challenged. It remains one of the biggest factors in our politics today and may lose its control on our system. This one will not go quietly.

Race card: Just as race hustling is called into question, the time has come when the narrative finally got so old and predictable, and less believable than ever. It suffered from overuse and abuse. Imagine a place where it is frowned on to play the race card at every opportunity?

Woman card: This one was a little surprise, but again it suffers from overuse and abuse, especially where abortion is concerned.If the objective was fairness, we may have come full circle with the latest idea to mandate that women also register for the draft.

Interesting, too, in the first Iowa caucus that women went for Sanders. In New Hampshire the 18 to 34 yr old women overwhelmingly went for Sanders over Clinton. 87% for Sanders and 9% for Clinton… says something about choice.

Political correctness: This one is still hanging on by the skin of its teeth but has suffered some serious blows in this election cycle. We’ll have to see if it goes on life support but it is in intensive care. Some wonder now if it is really worth saving.

“It’s my turn now” — This old standard may finally be going the way of the Edsel. It never was very flattering anyway. It looks like it has been challenged from every side and found wanting. How the “rightful” heirs will feel about its absence has yet to be determined. Will they cry and demand it? Will even they be too ashamed to pursue it all the way? Time will tell. But patriarchal families are considering the dire consequences. It could be a bit too much for them to accept all at once.

Note: this claim may seem a little premature. However, chances are good for some of them, better every day in this political climate. It would require vigilance to enforce their absence. Well, that is what this formality is all about — with optimistic hope — bidding them farewell and goodbye. Can’t say I’ll miss them, dibs on the epitaphs though.

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19 comments on “A Hard Self-Therapy in a Word

  1. the unit says:

    Oh yes some good byes. Good byes to conservatives who were not that anyway.
    What does it mean now anyway? Be American. That’s the way to be.
    So until Trump drops our or is beaten out or maybe killed out, I’ll stay with promoting him, pundits described warts and all.
    Hell, if he’s no good he’s impeachable, old, white, and neither party would not convict in the Senate. And in short order.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Great article Bull!

    I think some of the things you mentioned may be gone forever. I believe this woman card with young women in particular is worn to the last thread. Young women know they have plenty of choices, they just need to have jobs available.

    The black card is worn out too except for the liberals who always make sure if a black conservative runs in the Repub election primaries, they have to get him booted out one way or another.

    The establishment is hanging on real, real tight. They most likely will be able to get rid of Trump somehow. I’m not sure how they’ll do it but they will. The magic bullet or ambush is being concocted by Fox news. I think they are the ones most likely to do it. And it has to be done soon before S. Carolina.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I agree. Fox is culpable now in a lot of this. So many people are now seeing Fox as part of the problem, if not a central actor. They can’t resist wanting to put their big old fingerprint on this election.

      I also noticed after doing this that they all have a a common beneficiary, media.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Good article Bull. I may be playing devil’s advocate here, but I see most of (If not all) the above subjects pestering the shit out of us for a much longer time. Here’s just a few thoughts:

    The rise of BLM is going to keep race hustling and the race card alive long than I can to imagine. The Commie Party will make sure of that. Where the hell did Bernie go right after winning NH? What does Bernie and Hitlary make sure to include in almost every speech they give? IMO the Dem Planation is very fertile and will be very well seeded for many years to come.

    As far as politics as usual (especially on the Commie Party side); don’t forget about their insane rules on superdelegates. They will keep their cushy positions going for a long time. As far as the Repukes; the establishment will not give power easily. I don’t see it ever happening, unless we start kicking their asses out of congress also. I don’t see that happening anytime soon and so many that replace them end up turning into them.

    The two I do believe can be shaken up are PC and it’s my turn now. I think PC will become more of a regional aspect. The liptard states will keep it well and alive, while the more conservative states I believe will start pushing back. It’s my turn now seems to be taking a beating in the early primaries and may sustain, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. Of course I don’t believe for a second Bernie will knock off Hitlary. The stupid ass rules of the Commie Party superdelegates will ensure Hitlary’s nomination and a lot do believe it’s her turn. If not her, someone else beside Bernie.

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    • Davetherave says:

      Another thought Bull, we’ve had just a two party system forever. A two party system that now has the system rigged to stay a two party system. Both sides have their do’s and don’ts to stay a two party system. The ultra-rich like our two party system. The ultra-rich doesn’t want our two party system upset. Ultra-rich run the game.

      So IMO, our f*cked up two party system as is with all their self-serving quirks will always reign supreme. Runaway train and we are the tracks. Real optimist aren’t I? 🙂


      • Bullright says:

        Dave, only one thing I can think of is, yep, it is a 2 Party system with all their controlling rules. But as for direction, if the crowd is running a certain way they are going to seek to lead it. So I guess we need to crowd source the GOP to the point they will run that way. (Instead of being drawn to these progressives and moderates) I do think this thing would take some projection of our own too. Repeat it often enough. That is we keep reminding them their old intimidation and plans aren’t working on us anymore. Well, it’s cheaper than civil war and not as bloody.

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        • Davetherave says:

          Good point Bull. The main blockade I see standing in our way is so many registered Repukes don’t vote at all, because they pass on ‘pretty damn good’ waiting and holding their breath for ‘f*cking perfect.’ The Commie Party is f*cked up forever and there ya’ go.

          Too many bat rastards will just sit back and watch (with their stupid ass delusion they can change the system by not participating), announce their supposed superior intellect, pat themselves on their delusional narcissistic backs and fake it till they ‘don’t’ make it. IMO these folks are as out of the mainstream line of pure logic as Bernie Sanders.

          As always Bull; you keep the light of hope alive while my beat down ass can’t see anything changing for the better. Our system sucks ass, because We the People have sucked ass in vigilance for so damn long. We do blame the wolves for eating the sheep or the stupid ass farmer that left the damn gate open and let the wolves in?


          • Bullright says:

            I suppose it was a wide net I cast saying politics as usual. I was referring to conventional political wisdom(if it ever was that) has been stood on its head this election. Money, insiders, political rules, voters, trends, influences. And when they don’t have all those factors to handicap the election with, it really confuses media and pundits. Call it a trickle up theory. (it sure is not a gusher yet)

            Now that you totally depressed me, where did I put those pills? 🙂 You’re just big bag of optimism, aren’t you? I did say we need a good projection program telling them, “your rules no longer apply to the situation.” Of course it will take a while to enter their brains so it best be loud and often.

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          • Bullright says:

            Now that I see the Cong Black Caucus just endorsed Hillary, this may take a little longer than I thought. (Keep pills handy) LOL Then again, they have been running behind on the script lately. Maybe they haven’t got the memo..

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            • Davetherave says:

              Last I saw their memo it was Freebies R’ Us and long live reverse descrimination. Hillary is the best choice to continue their illustrious needs. Hillary being black and all ya’ know…


    • Bullright says:

      Well yes,, Dave, you may have a good point. My original thoughts were that they will have less impact even if they keep the old race hustle going. Less and less people will believe it. True, it would take some time for them to disappear but their effective use may be reduced to the Demo Party margins. Like you I have concerns, and figure something might replace them anyway. It always does with pols and polls.

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