Muslim invasion

It’s the invasion, stupid.

Conservative says Muslim Migration West is a Planned Invasion to Destroy Western Christendom!

“This clearly is an invasion. This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States. I believe for the specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom.” — Former Rep. Michele Bachmann

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is making waves (again), for her vociferous stand against the Muslim wave of migrants heading West from the Middle East and Africa. While Bachmann’s stance against Muslim immigration has been known for some time, her latest condemnation made some specific and surprising arguments – namely, that the migration was a “planned invasion” for the “specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom.”

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What other reason would they have for coming, since they hate us so much?

But under this situation, the one who receives criticism is for discussing a ban on Muslims. The invasion gets none. So they’ll attack the messenger.

5 comments on “Muslim invasion

  1. For info Mate

    Terrorism in Australia

    The Catholic Church has to accept blame, yes the Catholic Church and those who follow the Judea Christian beliefs, the reason why is that the Christian world has sat back on its laurels for many centuries, complacent and self satisfied in believing they have reached the pinnacle of the Christian Judea Religions, they believed that there was no further need to preach to the masses. This complacency changed the organization of the Catholic Church, it became a modern day business, no longer trying to protect and convert the sheep, it became a Religious dictatorship, the Catholic Church and other Christian Judea religions became a business, they started to dictate to the masses, this method of governing in a Religion soon turns people away, they no longer follow the voice of God, the Vatican, they see it embroiled in all the scandals that afflict all modern day businesses.
    So while the Vatican has sat on its self satisfied complacent arse, believing they are autonomous throughout the Christian world, Satan has found their weakness, THE ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY. Now we enter the era where Satan actually walks the Earth, disruption, anarchy and terrorism prevail.
    We now have entered the final stages of the changing of the world’s Religions, Christianity is being phased out, world leaders like Obama, Merkel, Trudeau and Turnbull are believing in the resolutions of the United Nations, Religion is being handed over to the NEW WORLD ORDER managed by the United Nations, which in turn is being run by a new order of Muslims instituting a Global Caliphate.
    We have world leaders who are bowing down to the Islamic Ideology, not only bowing down but selling their countries out to Islam, Obama with America, Merkel with Germany and Trudeau with Canada, also our own pathetic little Government headed by Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop.
    Where was the Catholic Church and those of the Christian Judea faith when Satan made his move? Complacently sitting in their bureaucratic castles, why weren’t they speaking openly to the Governments? For the simple reason they had lost the voices of the masses, The Pope has openly endorsed the Islamic Ideology, not even his advisers have explained to him that Islam is not a Religion but an Ideology.
    What is the answer, quite frankly it’s too late for an answer, Islam is now in our backyard, in our Parliaments, Governments both state and local, in our schools, universities and in our businesses.
    For Australia we have not gone down the path to self destruction as most European countries, ( as yet ).
    A country is only as strong as its people, when a Government sells out its country to a higher organization such as the UN or a perverted Ideology such as Islam, then that country is heading down the road to subjugation and annihalation.
    What is the answer, it’s too late, the people are not moved by the words of Christianity, and they are moved by the dictatorship of high profile Parliamentarians.
    The Church has never spoken loudly enough for the masses, because they have lost their followers through complacency.
    Australia will inevitably follow the same route as the European countries, Refugees invading with anti Christian beliefs do not allow for Assimilation or Integration.
    Voting for Labor or Liberal coalition and Greens at the double dissolution will make no difference.
    The voices of the silent Australians have permitted the Islamic Ideology through our doors.

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    • Bullright says:

      Aus, so true, and sad, we all allowed it through the doors. I see the Vatican, ans frankly many others, flirting dangerously close to getting in bed with the NWO and all the globalists. Not realizing it is only a hand-off to the army of Satan through the back door. You got that right, time for serious introspection. I too fear they’ve gone far past the pivotal point.

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    • Bullright says:

      Just saw this, I guess it is contagious and getting around.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I too see this as a planned invasion mostly promoted through Obama to destroy us and bring the Caliphate here. On NewsMax last night there was a discussion of this. Dennis Lynch talked about how bad this has become and the State Dept can’t keep up with the vetting of these people so Obama told them to stop the vetting and just let them pass through.



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