How Cruz marginalized my support

In fairness, I had an open mind to Cruz. I hoped he would do well and live the talk.

I was disappointed. But before I continue, I remind people how evangelicals in droves helped put Jimmy Carter in the White House. Now I’m not saying Cruz is a Jimmy Carter, though it shows Christians and evangelicals have not had clean hands. And today, I can look around and see remnants of that Jimmy Carter type philosophy in evangelicals.

When he was with Bush, Cruz was involved with the North American Union. Under Bush, Cruz was Director of Policy Planning in the Federal Trade Commission. We know he worked on the selection of Roberts, who doesn’t appear the stellar nominee he seemed.

His wife has extensive ties with big-banking agenda, Goldman, JP Morgan, Merill Lynch, and is tied to the CFR(until 2011). Heidi Cruz worked on the North American union. She was the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere in the Bush administration.

Now he comes out as the purist conservative. He challenged Trump on 20 year-old reports when he was not even in politics. He tried to characterize Trump’s positions as current, typical smear political tactics. Cruz then criticized Trump’s values. How about his values?

What values are in the North American Union, or in Robert’s nomination? I’m not sure how he was on Bush’s Harriet Miers crony nomination. Then what about the outsider, insurgent conservative Cruz claims to be? Hardly. He’s also represented some of the worst of insider politics. Yet I have not seen or heard Cruz explain or address these things.

Has he managed to work with many other conservatives? Jury is still out. But he has alienated a few. He and his wife are very much insiders. The facade fails.

Is this what some evangelicals are now seeing? I don’t know but I’m not a buyer.
**Oil slick alert.

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12 comments on “How Cruz marginalized my support

  1. Hardnox says:

    Froggy, you echo where I’m at. The more I learned the more I have become suspicious. He is the only one talking about the Constitution however but in the end he’s still going to owe his donors.

    Btw, I just read that he has sealed all of his records.

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    • peppermintfarm says:

      Interesting Nox. I wonder why he has sealed all of his records. Sounds so much like Obama. WTH is that?


    • Bullright says:

      Well, it has been coming to a head. Sealed records? Another insider move of politicos. Yes he will owe and so would we. I suppose I wouldn’t mind as much if he wasn’t pushing such a purist narrative on everything.

      I also had enough of the arrogance and elitist crap. Lies and flip-flopping aside, is there anyone he hasn’t attacked?


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Good article Bull!

    I have to say that once I had Cruz on a pedestal, but not anymore. With him being involved in so many of these activities that you lined out, I have become so disappointed and disgusted. He almost sounds like a One World Order supporter.

    Yes the facade fell off and the real Cruz is exposed for what he really is. An insider. His judgement bad per the John Roberts appointment to SCOTUS. Did he do any homework on this guy?

    His dirty tricks showed him up as a typical politician who will do anything include lying about Rubio about his religion. (the Bible lie). He’s gone too far for me. I’d rather have Rubio at this point.

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, I have to agree with you but I take no pride in opposing him. No one else is entitled to an excuse while he needs a lot of them. I seem to get more cynical and suspicious as I go.

      I also remember another guy they had up on a pedestal with Rick Perry, hailed as a super conservative. I did the research on him and the road is stained with oil too. Student of Gore Sr and all. But it is what so many want to believe that gets me, like they did with Obama. His expiration date has passed. Rather the enemy you know….

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    I feel cynical and suspicious constantly since we’ve been burned so many times with the Republicans and their promises which they break immediately upon taking office. With all of them being backed by special interests and lobbyists they have no loyalty to us but to their donors.

    Yes Rick Perry hailed as a conservative also gave in state tuition to illegals, another stain if you ask me.

    As far as Obama and the crowds that cheered him on, even though research showed him to be an enemy of America, no resume except as a community organizer, people accepted him and his high flung oratory. Now we have Hillary, the felon running and so many support her and do not believe she did anything wrong.

    Apparently denial is big in this country.

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    • Bullright says:

      So right, that denial is deep. Everyone else is challenged on their record but the Washington power brokers. (er making good on promises) Now I hear Cruz always talking about the Washington cartel and breaking it up. First, he is part of it. Second, what has he done to break it up? Nothing I can see. So the talk works on some people, they hear that while I see these cartel tactics from Cruz. Is that how he is going to do it? He’s going to out dirty them in the slime pit? Makes a good sound bite though for an old cartel member from way back.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Exactly Cruz is one of the Cesspool City power brokers and has hidden it. I wonder why he sealed all his records like Nox said. Sounds so doggone suspicious to me and like he doesn’t want a lot of bad stuff coming out on him.

        I really don’t see what he’s ever accomplished other than to filibuster in the Senate which got us nowhere. Just exactly what is his resume, the one he has sealed now.


  4. Well then, I am not alone…
    Starting to feel like I ain’t got no dog in this hunt.
    I liked Cruz in theory – on paper – but as soon as I set sights on his elect-ability he simply weirded me out – and continues to do so.
    I agree with the Oil Slick Alert.
    May have to write-in Mike Pence out of a sense of respect for the late constitution.

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  5. the unit says:

    I haven’t committed openly anywhere. I got ’til 3/15 in Florida. Of course I’ll vote early, starting on 2/29.
    Our ballot still has everybody who was running, even the drop outs.
    It’s just the Republicans didn’t learn to dance with the one that brung you. Democrats took theirs on a hay ride, bonfire, and weenie roast.
    Dennis Prager had guest Jonah Goldberg on this morning and asked “would you vote for Trump over Hillary in the general.” (rather than not vote)
    J.G said only …”my vote has never counted in my lifetime.”
    As Dennis always says…”Fair enough.”
    Mine never did either, but I’ll vote and vote even for one who can’t dance now, over any Democrat. ‘Cause maybe the other can learn to dance…like in the end Leo did.



  6. […] How Cruz marginalized my support […]



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