Tale of 2 wealthy candidates

This is a comparison between Trump and Romney. Both independently wealthy but the contrast couldn’t be any greater.

When Romney ran, his wealth was an embarrassment used against him. Trump’s wealth is a good thing. He self funds. There are pros and cons to that but…like it or not.

Trump doesn’t hide from his wealth, it’s part of who he is. Yet he relates to working class people just as well. Romney had difficulty relating to regular or working people.

Romney’s wealth was used a weapon against him. They don’t seem able to do that with Trump. Are Democrats going to go with the old rule book and demonize him for being rich? Nice try, what will that do? Trump’s wealth is an asset not a liability.

What a difference. Romney would wait to see which way the wind was blowing before making a position statement, parsing it any way he could. Romney had his circle of advisers, who also blew it. Remember the debate where he finally took on Obama and Benghazi? Then he dropped the ball and fumbled the rest of the race. He swore he was the only one who could stand the heat and take on Obama and his long train of abuses. But the left defined him early and often, which he had no answer to. He was disconnected from the actual voters. Romney had his political record and his schizophrenic stances. Finally some concluded he really didn’t care if he won — even with all the RNC’s help and defense.

Trump, on the other hand, has none of the Romney attributes. He does not play by the politically correct rule book. Romney was all about political correctness. Trump is not the wall street insider. He is not predictable as the morning dew. He does respond and answer critics without taking days, even weeks, to formulate a palatable response. Trump swings hard. For a guy who wrote a book on “no apologies,” Romney certainly was apologetic for a lot of things, especially his wealth. Finally for losing. Romney had a history and dynasty aspect to his political career. Trump is very much all on his own, with no family baggage.

Romney allowed himself to be defined by the critics. Trump refuses to fit their mold and play their games. In fact, Trump changes the game. He defines his opponents. Refreshing.

Romney stepped on the conservative vote. Trump broadened the playing field. Trump points to the exact Romney-type people who created the messes. How many people sat out the vote and didn’t participate in 2012? The fix seemed to be in with Romney from early on. Trump redefined what the Washington fix is.

Trump can identify with people where Romney could not. Romney gave the impression of the Northeast RINO. Trump exudes the street fighter persona that Mitt only wished he had. Romney got lost in staff bureaucracy. Trump owns the face of his campaign. Romney was perpetually on defense. (don’t ever run again) Trump is on the offense to spite his critics. Trump attracts attention, Romney put people to sleep. Romney had the golden opportunity handed to him. Trump was attacked from the onset. Trump has the scruffiness of a cab driver. Romney would not think of such things.

Oh but now Romney resurfaces as a backseat critic in the primary process — I guess that’s all you could say Romney won — with his widespread team of gurus and composites in tow. Romney was entrenched in the establishment which separated him from the working class. Romney had the top down approach, Trump has the bottom up “movement” approach. When did you ever see anyone get a tattoo of Romney on their leg? Trump has a brand, like it or not, and a following. Romney had his family and a close set of advisers and hacks. Romney was the carefully scripted candidate, Trump is not.

We were told Romney expanded the party tent. RNC pushed that one. Trump actually does and attracted new and young voters. Actually, a study in December showed Trump had at least 5 points more support among young voters than polls suggested.

So Romney decides he knows better than all injecting his criticism for Trump — possibly on behalf of the RNC establishment et al — to call for a release of Donald’s tax records. There might be a “bombshell” in there he says. Romney goes down the maybe road. Romney takes Harry Reid’s slimy strategy, then asks “What’s he hiding?”

The Romney campaign was train wreck of record chases. No one bests the Democrats at their own game. Romney could not even use Obama’s spurious record trail to his benefit. Failure defines Romney. Winning defines Trump. Still, Trump’s own opposition research turns up things when needed, unlike Romney’s. Now Romney calls for records all over the liberal mainstream media. He even uses their catch phrases like a weapon. Romney is no friend to conservatives, he’s the consummate political hack carping from the bleachers. So the guy who couldn’t take on Obama now plays Mr Rough and tumble critic with Trump. This just shows Romney as the elitist establishment insider he is.

Mitt makes Trump look better, if that’s possible. Thankfully it is not 2012, again.

RightRing | Bullright

12 comments on “Tale of 2 wealthy candidates

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Great article Bull!

    You laid out a good comparison of the two rich men and of course they are nowhere alike as you stated.

    Romney now comes across as mean and petty. Why didn’t he use his sleazy tactics on Obama? Instead he folded like a cheap suit during the debates between him and the Dictator. He had no balls. Obama knew it and took advantage of it.

    Now he wants to play like a leftist hack doing exactly what dingy harry reid did to him over Trump’s tax returns. It’s shameful and what is the reason behind this? I suspect he and the RNC, the media, special interests, lobbyists have all ganged up on Trump to bring him down.

    They are in a desperate place now believing they will lose the Republican party and the people don’t care. In fact they want the party taken down and the scumbags who have promised us year after years to do what the people asked and betrayed them, to be eliminated.

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  2. […] Tale of 2 wealthy candidates […]


  3. The old guard power brokrs are getting nervous and perhaps downright afraid that their dayw in power are in jeperdy, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. peppermintfarm says:

    scatterwisdom you hit the nail on the head


  5. Davetherave says:

    Really good post Bull. Romney and Trump are vastly different IMO and I much prefer Trump over Romney. You wrote many perfect examples I agree with and I won’t repeat, but will touch on one or two I have very strong feels about.

    Romney IMO did absolutely nothing to increase the voting bloc of GOP’s. What did he offer that would have increased that number? Not a damn thing I can think of. Trump on the other hand is doing wonderfully pulling younger people into the GOP. I would guess many that wouldn’t even think of voting, if it wasn’t for Trump. That is growing the GOP base in the most important demographic IMO. Young people are our future and thanks to Trump a lot are turning to him instead of Bernie.

    Romney calling for Trump to release tax records is just a crock of shit. I think Trump is very wise to hold onto what he can for now. Let’s say Trump does with the GOP nomination and runs against Hitlary. Trump can then pull out that ace he’s been holding and use that against Hitlary. “You release all yours Hillary and I’ll be glad to do the same.” I’d like to hear Hillary’s response, but I think we can guess.

    Trump is a very good business man and playing his tax returns against Hillary would be an awesome and typical strategy for someone of his business prowess.

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