Rubio Con

There’s something really rich about Rubio running around calling Trump a con man.

So we have a one-term Senator who, after getting elected, abandoned the state and people that elected him to plot his run for President. Then he skips much of the meetings and votes. That’s all the Senate seat was a stage for him to run on.

Who is taking advantage of people? Who is the con artist? But people probably know my thoughts about what Washington elite politicians are anyway. And con man (woman) would be the perfect description of what they are doing. For which Marco is the poster boy.

Rubio must be stupid, or just ignorant, if he didn’t realize it could be thrown right back in his smug face. Rubio calling someone a con man? Talk about hypocrisy. He conned the people and the Tea Party to support him, so he could get into office of a job he doesn’t want to do. Screw the people. His answer is to tell them at least he is not running for reelection.

It is totally lost on Marco. Con on. Now he pledges to be a competent executive.
So we have a competition between two first-term Senators who staged their runs after getting elected.

34 comments on “Rubio Con

  1. Davetherave says:

    Bull I’ve come to the conclusion every politician is a con man and every businessman is a con man. Hard to be successful these days it seems trying to play it straight. I think it’s sad and true.

    Good point about Rubio’s hypocritical comment. I will also take this opportunity to point out that I’m sick and tired of Trump’s bullshit. Blaming GW for 9/11 was way wrong. Said he never supported the second Iraq war, but low and behold there he is right on YouTube back then agreeing with it. Also pretty damn tired of the personal attacks and offering not enough substance. He’s too often coming off childish to me at this point.

    Cruz has turned out to be the biggest disappointment for me this go around. Really use to respect him, but now believe he’s lower than a snake’s belly.

    But we all know I will vote for any GOP in the main fight, in attempt to keep Hitlary out of the WH. So that makes me wonder why I even worry and bitch about this shit.?.?.?

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    • Bullright says:

      Good points. Though something in me rebels against equivocating Businessmen and politicians. I understand that reasoning though.

      Trump may be short on substance though Rubio is short — way short — on experience. And we know what lack of experience was with Obama. Cruz has the same hurdle. I almost can’t believe we are ready to just elect either Rub or Cruz based on their speech patterns and content.

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    • Bullright says:

      On the 9/11 comments from Trump, I didn’t like them and thought they were low. But then what do they really mean in the scheme of things? What effect are they? It certainly isn’t my opinion.

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      • Hardnox says:

        Initially I thought WTF! Then it was probably about attracting the dingbats so he could win the SC primary. Smart move I thought when you think about it. Trump knows full well that GW Bush didn’t cause 9-1-1 but it sure did pull the wind out of Jebbie’s sails.

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      • Davetherave says:

        At least to me in the scheme of things; it means Trump told a bold face lie about a republican president I think pretty damn highly of. Pick on policy on one wants, but save that bullshit to use on the liptards.

        What do we just overlook Trump’s lies now and write them off just because the lle is not our opinion? Hmmm

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        • Bullright says:

          No, I’m only thinking what does it mean now in this race? I don’t agree with his assessment of it.

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        • Hardnox says:

          It was certainly a dirty trick but let’s face it he’s fighting against the establishment that had fielded a minimum of 12 candidates to ensure a Jeb victory, a possible brokered convention, the entirety of the media, and one worthy opponent (Cruz).

          Yeah, it was bullshit but it worked. Jeb is gone and the entirety of the establishment is crapping razorblades. Further, the establishment’s big donors are so scared they have contracted a consultant firm to explore the feasibility of a 3rd party run.

          If one really get’s down to hairsplitting, 9-1-1 did happen on GW’s watch, even though we all know that BJ Clinton enabled it. Did Trump lie or did he stretch the truth?

          Politics is a dirty business. Gone are the days when there was an ounce of civility.

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          • Bullright says:

            Nox, like your assessment. They started this with some nasty motives. Funny how it played out like a poker game.T his time they are grabbing to overturn the table.

            As you say gone are those respectful days. Change for the worse. But then these Alinsky radicals have a decorum all their own. And the GOP has (had) its way of doing things. So even the honor among thieves is now challenged. What’s that saying “truth is the first casualty…”?


        • Bullright says:

          Dave, well, its not like he was pushing an amnesty bill and then had to explain his obsession with it. So I’ll qualify it and the lie….. well now we have to name one of these bastards that hasn’t lied. See where the relativism goes? I’ll grant he was just a public citizen then. Now things matter.

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          • Davetherave says:

            I’ll make these last points on this subject. They all lie and they are all con men. I think a person would have to delusional to think otherwise. I know Rubio’s faults that have been discovered so far, they piss me off and a far majority (including me) want to hold him accountable for that.

            I know Trump’s faults that have been discovered so far, they piss me off and I am going to hold him accountable. Yes we have to vote for one of them over Hitlary for sure.

            I give no one a blank check. I give no one a free pass on bullshit and I want all them to know whoever is elected that they will be accountable to the people. I’d be happy to vote for Trump at this point, but he’d damn well know I don’t hear any more bullshit.

            Maybe my train of thought makes no sense to anyone else. But if we don’t call out “everyone” over lies and problems, failures, then why should they expect they will be accountable to the people once elected? This is just my way of trying to hold onto the little bit of integrity I have left. 🙂

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  2. Bullright says:

    Marco Rubio, absolutely for in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

    Rubio’s plan to discount college tuition for illegal aliens will serve as a further magnet to new illegal immigration, and will also increase competition for college slots and post-college jobs for American youth who are already struggling. Moreover, due to affirmative action policies, these illegal aliens will not have their tuition discounted but their applications given preferential treatment as well.

    All depends what we all mean by substance, I guess.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    Rubio leaves a slime trail wherever he goes. He’s an opportunistic self absorbed little shit.

    I can’t imagine him being much better than King Putt. He’s really shown his real stripes lately. We should all be grateful he did it early.

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  4. peppermintfarm says:

    #Rubio spent THOUSANDS with @GOP credit card. For an AFFAIR.

    FloridaForTrump ‏@Florida_Patriot 5h5 hours ago

    Judge Jeanine Destroys Lying Traitor To the Masses Nikki Haley (AKA Nimrata Nikki Randhawa) Haley, Rubio’s biggest supporter.

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  5. peppermintfarm says:

    Well, I have a lot to say about this. First, it took Rubio and Cruz a planned attack, tag team, to try to take Trump down. This shows the weakness in both men. Why two? Can’t one man do the job? And who set this tag team up? I read that there was a private meeting between Cruz and Rubio to do this. I would guess the RNC is in on it too. They haven’t found a way to take Donald out so they are desperate. It backfired because both Cruz and Rubio looked stupid and weak.

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    • Bullright says:

      I wondered the same thing. 2 – really now? I suspect they are planning a sequel since that went so well. he he. I think they are too dumb to realize when it backfires. They double down. I saw the lady on outnumbered say that today: “did it take both of them, one couldn’t do it?”


  6. peppermintfarm says:

    Next, on Twitter I’ve had tons of twitter friends who have told me to NOT vote for Rubio, that he betrayed them and he will do the same as president if he were to be elected. Two of the biggest newspapers in Florida, on The Sentinel, the other I can’t recall, but both supported Rubio’s bid for Senator. Now they are calling for him to resign or have called for it. This is really bad news.

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  7. peppermintfarm says:

    Rubio and Cruz have both showed their lack of experience in business or any type of knowledge of it. This showed so succinctly when Trump talked about having competition across state lines and that then there would be lots of plans. Those of who have worked know that when you hire onto a company you are presented with several plans, all in your state. Usually it’s about 3 different plans. If the state lines are done away with on insurance selling and all the health insurance companies have to compete with one another, there will be tons of plans from which to choose. Maybe hundreds of them wanting your business.But Rubio had no idea what Trump was talking about. It showed just how dumb he is about the business world and how things work.

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    • Bullright says:

      That points back to the original sin in Obamacare, being anti-choice at the core. Yet I have heard Rubio talk about state lines even since then. He seems to think it a valid point. He doesn’t seem like a very good listener to me. Politicians with tin ears, you know.


  8. peppermintfarm says:

    Trump said Ted Cruz does not have the endorsement of a single Republican senator.

    Zero is right.

    He isn’t even being supported by Rand Paul or Mike Lee, two other Constitutional, very conservative Senators.

    Cruz is not electable IMO. He is so far to the right he gets no one to come over to the “big tent of the Republican party” as the RNC kept insisting was so important. So Trump brings in all the demographics and they don’t want it????

    So while he may be a Constitutional candidate and conservative which I have a lot of doubts now after reading up on his associations, what good does it do to put up a candidate that cannot win against Hillary?

    Why not appoint him to SCOTUS instead where he seems to be more suitable. He likes to give out long drawn out windy speeches down into the weeds that no one cares about this kind of talent would be best suited for SCOTUS.

    Cruz pushed Roberts on Bush. He claims then he didn’t “nominate him”. Well of course not, the President does that,but he did push him to be on SCOTUS and we all know what a disaster Roberts has been. So every time Cruz is asked about Roberts he punts and avoids the question by diverting to “I didn’t nominate him”. Lame, lame answer.

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    • Bullright says:

      Like you I wonder about the big tent stuff, when I hear him claim all the people he supposedly attracts. Where are they. And I have a little beef with the way he uses the Christian evangelicals. No one is supposed to see the hypocrisy of his rhetoric? I guess not.


  9. peppermintfarm says:

    The only two people up on that debate stage the other night with any experience in business and balancing a budget, creating jobs, being able to work with people are Kasich and Trump.

    It’s a shame that Kasich has been able to go nowhere and gain momentum. In my opinion he’s make the best nominee although I don’t agree with every policy of his either. Just like I don’t agree completely with any of the candidates policies or plans.

    The two Senators “do nothings” are just that. They have no accomplishments other than standing on the Senate floor fighting with everyone like they all do in the Senate and nothing gets done. So what are their reasons for us to vote for them? As Michael Barone said in his article today, Rubio and Cruz need to make an argument why anyone should vote for them if they want to take Trump down.

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  10. peppermintfarm says:

    The voters will likely see through these many versions of Rubio. Having called yourself a “Tea Party” candidate then supporting amnesty is the definition of a con artist, Mr. Rubio. So, you were much more likable until you threw stones in your glass house.

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  11. peppermintfarm says:

    Lastly for now. while I believe Kasich to be the most suitable candidate for POTUS, but know he won’t make it I have to make a decision on who to vote for.

    I don’t want to vote for Cruz or Rubio. I’d wouldn’t mind voting for either Trump or Kasich.

    But, if Rubio or Cruz, become the nominee I’ll go to the polls once again with my puke bucket, a nose clip over my nose, cold water for the wrenching thirst I’ll feel after I’ve pulled the lever for someone I totally despise, and run out of the polling station with awful guilt for having voted once again for a liar, one of which will betray us on amnesty,Rubio, the other of which who won’t be able to get a thing done because everybody hates the egotistical, know it all Cruz.

    Sometimes life just sucks. Both are GOP party men. Both will do the same thing as usual politics. And nothing will have changed. It’s all about “saving the party” as Rubio states, nothing about we, the people. The GOP does not give a damn about we, the people and they never will.

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    • Bullright says:

      Boy, I hear you there. Sounds like my dilemma. I do like Kasich in a lot of ways. This establishment has a hold on things. And these two others are party estabos even if they deny it.Cruz is as much establishment, so that was a big lie. We just keep getting back to where we started, IMO. Musical chairs on the Titanic.

      Right, that saving the Party from Rubio. As long as he wins. He wasn’t interested in listening to us before. Now he wants to save us. I think my puke bucket is already full.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        yes the GOPe has a hold on it all and the people are fighting against them as hard as they can. Whether, we the people, can win is yet to be seen. But we do know the establishment has no respect for us and cares nothing for us. it’s all about keeping themselves on the gravy train and being elitists.

        Rubio is such a con. If he didn’t care about his own ppl in FLA, why would he care about the rest of the country now? It doesn’t add up.


  12. tannngl says:

    You’re right! Rubio is a con man. Have you noticed? The people of FLA seem to have noticed?

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