In the end, it’s Trump

After months of deliberating and looking at candidates, I whittled down on my options to one. I thought I had a second choice but alas that was just an illusion.

So I decided on Trump. Since people already criticized and attacked me for supporting Trump, I suppose I might as well. Kidding aside, I tried all along keeping an open mind. In the end, I decided Donald Trump gets my vote. Unlike other people, I won’t hate on those supporting another candidate. It’s their choice.

First, it was not about popularity or favorites. I often support underdogs. In this strange case, Trump is a little like an underdog.(in some ways) He is not the favorite of the establishment. In fact, he is about the least favorite.

But there was a purpose and an objective. It was a 75-25 decision. I was already 75% behind Trump before. Then events of the last few weeks put me over the line. What a few weeks it has been for the panic-stricken arrogant elite. Plus the media has been casting its vote all along. That all made it easier. So there’s a hashtag NeverTrump making the rounds. But my hashtag would be not again. So I settled on Trump.

Reasons for my choice were broad. Enough is enough. Well, it has been enough for a while but this was the opportunity to voice it and do something different that hadn’t been done. Every election they tell us who our choices are and ram their establishment choices down our throats. We’re told we just have to accept it. Well, this is a bit of irony.

Some say he is not the best choice. I say he is not perfect. No candidate seems to be -particularly these three. But this offers more than a usual choice between two evils. This choice goes back a long way with me. In fact, back to 2000. That’s where Cruz took it, too. He brought John Roberts into the Bush vs. Gore battle. The rest is history, punctuated by Cruz’s advocacy for Roberts as a SCOTUS pick. He’s complaining about him?

Now that we are to decide who the outsider insurgent is, between three, the other two candidates have taken to the air to raise every suspicion possible. The roles reversed and Rubio is channeling Trump. Cruz pulls out every accusation he can dream up.However, it is not just them. The RNC and every operator within the establishment has been scheming to oust the Trumpster. Who’d have thunk something would cause such a stir in the establishment? Venom and tempers flare.

Romney, probably the king of the establishment, came out to personally launch an attack and whisper campaign against Trump. He was shopping for surrogates to do the dirty deed and then decided he would do it himself. Rubio contacted Christie after he dropped out, also after the smack down debate attack. Rubio boasted to Christie that he has a very bright future ahead. (you thought the Donald was the one with the over inflated ego)

Then Christie endorsed Trump, attacking Rubio in his speech as not ready for prime time. Cruz is too slimy for prime time. The RNC flung itself into the toilet threatening to flush itself down over Donald Trump. (hint: it might take a double flush, Reince)

The establishment had a meeting, according to NYT, to brainstorm how to take Trump down. They fear Trump threatens the Party(as they know it) and could cost them Congress and the election. Camp Rubio is making plans for a brokered convention scenario. Mitch McConnel is planning a Senate coup to abandon Trump.

At least one report says RNC has people strategizing some independent run. Kasich and other candidates are hypothesizing parsed out spoils of a post Trump era. They all complain about why more or somethimg wasn’t done to stop Trump much earlier? I thought they had tried. (everything they could think of) If these guys are this baffled over fighting off Trump, how can they deal with Hillary?

Little does this Party establishment elite realize their real fight is with the people, base, and conservatives. The more they dig in the more obvious it becomes.

Establishment RNC are boldly trying to connive a candidate ‘choice’ for the Party. Gee, you thought that’s what elections were for? So did I. It just reveals the true character of the RNC and estabo elite and how far they will go. It’s like gang turf war to them.

So in view of all this I made my decision. This all made that easier.
In the end, it’s Trump. Or is it Trump till the end?

RightRing | Bullright

31 comments on “In the end, it’s Trump

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good article Bull. You laid out some really nice points.

    Pepp sent me an article yesterday about all the sleazy players conniving on amnesty. Won’t use up space listing them all, but Rubio is the ring leader. I’ve tried hard to keep Rubio in some perspective, but that article did it for me. I’m hoping he doesn’t get the nomination. I wrote off Cruz a while back.

    So I’m with you Bull. I hope Trump rides this tidal wave all the way to the WH. I was never against Trump (made my points clear on him pissing me off), but never hoped he wouldn’t get the nomination. Now I’m hoping he sure in the hell does.

    A side note: McConnell is f*cking piece of shit and I’m ashamed he’s from the beautiful Bluegrass State!

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    • Bullright says:

      Good take Dave. I saw that amnesty along with that line he keeps repeating, (after securing the border) then we’ll see what the people will support.” That’s code to me and probably to all the pro-amnesty community. They know what it means.

      I guess we have to put our chips on something. Not many places to put them. But yeah when the estabos want something(or don’t), they pull out all the stops.Just when we outlived the last Mitch statement about making Obama a one-term statement they hung on us all. I still don’t know what all was so bad about that.I guess it’s in the water in DC.Why does he have to do it tho?(just to piss us off)

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave I don’t know which gets me more mad: A) the stuff they do; or (B) the ‘he he, what can you do about it’ attitude?

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      • Davetherave says:

        That’s a very good question/point Bull. I guess for me its question “B”. The servants now telling the masters what to do and openly pissing down our backs really gets my neck glowing bright red.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Bull, great article. I top have looked at all the candidates and also came to the same conclusion after researching Cruz and Rubio. My favorite candidate, Kasich has nowhere to go so he’s out. Kasich has all the qualities to make a tremendous nominee, (although i don’t agree with all he says) but he has the experience and the record to prove himself. Unfortunately he got in too late for people to really get to know him.

    Next for me was Cruz, but I despise his dirty tactics especially what he did to Ben Carson.That was as low as one can get. Now Cruz is accusing Trump of being in with the Mafia with absolutely no evidence. Bloody hell, how far will this guy go with his tricks and lies.

    Then I looked at Rubio and had so dismiss him because so many people in FLA told me he is a betrayer and we know he will. Like you said he let the cat out of the bag about amnesty in the last debate. Also I never forgot the gang of 8. He’s inexperienced and it shows loud and clear. But he’s go too much baggage for me. I simply don’t like him. His past has caught up with him. If even if FLA two newspapers who supported his Senate run are now calling for him to step down is really bad news. Rubio has showed a complete lack of understanding economics on top of it.

    Ben Carson has no chance whatsoever even though I respect him so much but he is not a leader and has shown it. It’s just too bad for Ben.

    That leaves Trump for me too.

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    • Bullright says:

      That’s a good run down. I know there are many good things about Kasich. Experience being the big one. I kind of liked the back and forth between him and Jeb. There’s a credibility about Kasich. (even though Jeb tried to put him down)

      I heard Rubio framed just as the continuation of the establishment status quo.(down to the person and staff) I suppose the RNC is infatuated with him. Closer look does not show a spine to distance himself from the estabo glitter. I’ll defer to your description though.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    Pepp echoes my sentiments except for the Kasich part. I never liked him because I think him a big government guy.

    I’m going with Trump even though I worked my ass off for Cruz. His campaign did some stuff I really don’t like and am not at liberty to disclose.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Trump since he announced and said the exact things we’ve been screaming about for decades.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yes, I share those too. Kasich does have some great qualities/skills. I just don’t put him quite down in the same level with the rest. He does have a business understanding and approach lost on most all of them and a strong states’ rights stance. But I know, it hurts him by association.

      Yeah, I struggled here to put support for the most bang. It just happened that way. The economic policies come up as top issues. I don’t think people want to only worry about inside baseball stuff when there are time bombs going off around us.

      So right, we’ve been telling them and shaking our fist, but it doesn’t even get their attention. They’ve been good at ignoring our bitches.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Kasich has done a wonderful job in OH. Ohio has the 11th best economic performance of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Employment in his state has increased 6.5 percent. Personal income also rose more than 15%.

        When Kasich took office in 2011, the jobless rate was above the national average. It is now 5%. First-time jobless claims could reach an all-time low for the state this year. He has championed business friendly policies and a record number of businesses were created in Ohio last year.

        Let us not forget OH is a big union member state. With these credentials/accomplishments; I’ll brag on him all day long. He’d be an awesome VP pick IMO.

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        • Bullright says:

          Good stuff. Its been hard for him to get his resume out there in all the noise, with all that detail.
          BTW, heard Trump was in Kentucky rallying today. And he got out without a prob. ha ha.

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        • peppermintfarm says:

          Dave,on top of his accomplishments in OH, he was part of the Newt and other Repubs who pushed thru a balance budget under the Clinton administration. He is not a big government guy. But a lot of ppl don’t know that about him. Before he became governor 65 ppl a day were moving out of the state. He has turned OH around completely as you know.


  4. “Cruz is too slimy for prime time.” My mom thinks so too, lol. I was once fond of Cruz but now I am starting to close my nose because he beginning to stink.

    As for Trump, I like him but I am not sure.

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  5. the unit says:

    I hope it’s in Hillary’s end.

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  6. Davetherave says:

    Bull I find it interesting (I guess a kind way to put it) so many Repuke talking heads keep saying, “If Trump wins the nomination, but loses the election so many voters will sit and wonder why they left their principles for personality.”

    What I find interesting is how in the hell did we do the last two elections voting for establishment Repukes? Of course I don’t hear those same talking heads bringing that up.

    I also find it hilarious hearing the establishment saying Trump will destroy the Reagan Republican Party. What a crock of shit! The party Reagan built and or its ideas died 30 years ago. The shitty party we now have needs to be shaken up and given a new face.

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    • Bullright says:

      Dave, great comment, I try to let the words speak for themselves. But you’re right.They do say it.But its love of country and a healthy nationalism that draw people in. Unfortunately even for the right, but mostly the left, they don’t understand what is driving it, or what the anger stems from. On the left they just want people angry against some fat cat. Though I guess that doesn’t apply to Hillary or Obama or all the Leftist fat cats.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Bull something else I find amazing (if not totally delusional) is people talking and putting up post of how much Trump is a phony. I see these same people backing Cruz. Are you frigging kidding me??

        What do you call that? The blind that is blind to their own candidate’s lies? They refuse to see Cruz is the biggest phony of them all? They refuse to accept the FACTS of his record? What a crock of shit IMO and that’s another reason we can’t win a damn election. They need to do fact checks on Cruz and fact checks on themselves.

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        • Bullright says:

          Yep, and I wonder how any of them could handle the amount of criticism (ie hatred) that Trump received. The best was Chris Wallace listed 4 or 5 things Cruz did, including Carson thing. He said none of it was true. I guess he apologized for nothing too. They don’t want to look.

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        • Bullright says:

          Fox will have another swing at the pinata Thursday too. I just look at everyone who came out to attack Trump, and the list is long and a who’s who. (Vincente Fox and the Pope and Romney)

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  7. peppermintfarm says:

    If I were Trump I’d not go to the debate Thurs. night. He doesn’t need to. He’s already ahead and is looking presidential as he spoke before this press conference last night.

    Then Cruz comes out and tells the same damn lies about Trump being nasty. Trump said nothing nasty about his opponents. Rubio needs to get out but he’s going to stay because the GOPe wants a brokered convention where they are going to hand us Rubio or Romney. Millions are being put into taking Trump down. This will spell the end of the GOPe if you ask me.The people are disgusted with the GOPe and their obvious no caring about the we the people.

    This is completely sickening to me. They would rather have Hillary win than accept Trump. This proves to me they are nothing but traitors to this country and us. And if Cruz thinks he’ll be the pick he has a big surprise for him. The GOPe hates him as much as Trump.

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    • Bullright says:

      I think most of them are the same people who can’t get fired up to beat Hillary. Though they’ll raise money for this. Their precious GOP is part of the problem not the big solution. Yes they do dislike Cruz. Trump has protected him from the fire and given him coat tails to run on.

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  8. peppermintfarm says:

    Did you see how gracious Trump was to Cruz last night during his press conference? Then all Cruz did was beat up on Trump at his rally afterwards. What a creep. If he thinks the GOPe is going to allow him to be the nominee he’d better think again. He’s not going to be. They hate him as much as Trump.

    You’re right Trump has protected him the whole way until that last debate. Cruz took so many ideas from Trump.



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