Beck on Trump: “the stabbing wouldn’t stop”

What does Glenn Beck think about the candidate’s promise, at Thursday’s GOP debate, to support the nominee in the end?

“If I were close enough, and I had a knife….the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

But sidekick, Stu tried to cover for Beck later saying Glenn was referring to playfully murdering his co-host. Sure, that’s believable. Live from CPAC: it’s Beck Theater.

See Daily Caller

That’s one way of getting publicity. Then Dana tried to give him cover.

Try this for an explanation. You saw the first tape. Then Beck calls this story a smear. Glenn says SS showed up at Blaze HQ in Dallas to check it out.

“Butchered the analogy” is one way of putting it. Wow, a lie in process right there at CPAC. “Yellow journalism,” as Dana called it, is what it is. Really?

15 comments on “Beck on Trump: “the stabbing wouldn’t stop”

  1. Hardnox says:

    Beck needs to be committed.

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  2. I truly believe Beck going off the deep end. I am not saying that to be mean. Beck is only pouring gasoline on the fire of anger the people have.

    I think the people complaining about Trump are only making others go to vote for Trump out of spite. The pattern seems to be that way. Trump’s numbers go up every time a politician or someone complains about him. This is probably only part of the picture, :(.

    This is how I am thinking of these elections anymore. I wrote about it. [See]

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    • Bullright says:

      I think so. He’s probably not alone. Hey, I love that post over there. I believe there is more truth there than a week’s news.

      I listened and watched this clip over and over, and think Beck was being pretty sly. But then I hear this concocted explanation, whoa. But then if you see the end of the second clip he is talking about the threats to himself by unnamed operatives digging up dirt about him.

      So I lately have wondered about your point loud and clear… thinking there is a spiritual realm to events taking place. If anyone doesn’t think so, I’m sorry for them, but that it is my take.(I”m sticking to it)

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    • peppermintfarm says:

      I kept trying to comment on your article lafayetteangel, but it won’t go through. I don’t know what’s wrong. But I loved your article and it’s right on the mark.

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Beck needs to be thrown into a paddy wagon and hauled away. Then maybe some inmate will stab him. Or worse. Damn lying jerk!

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  4. […] Beck on Trump: “the stabbing wouldn’t stop” […]

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  5. Bull, I watched this during my free time on my ISP and I cannot believe the 2nd tape. It was so obvious Beck was referring to Trump about the stabbing. Then the explanation that he and Dana talked about is as phony as a two dollar bill. Yellow journalism my butt!



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