Thanks for Trump endorsement, Mitt

Romney did his planned, debut 2016 speech about Trump.It was claimed he would eviscerate Trump in his national speech covered live on all the news channels.

Whatever he said and his motives, it read like something else. It was a reminder of Romney’s failures — a reminder of RNC failures. Maybe he should have paid more attention to the optics. It was what Romney does, he makes big speeches to convey his specious thoughts about something. It’s what he did in 2012. Romney makes a speech to address this or that. But of course, the one thing he didn’t address was Obama’s record. And he failed to tap into the people’s sentiments about it all. (we were wrong)

Considering who Romney is what he did in 2012, it should read more as endorsement for Trump. So it was Mitt raising his finger and pointing it, at us as usual. In condescending elitist character he lectured us on how we should vote. He called Trump names and attacked his character, sometthing he could not do to Obama. I have no respect for Romney. He acted the political hack that he is.

So in view of that and his harsh criticism for Trump, I take that as a compliment. Sorry Romney, you as the loser don’t get to decide who the nominee is or is not. You should be the last person to decide that. But his elite arrogance never ends. Though the performance gave away his motives. It’s fair to attack his motives or speculate wildly about them. It’s nothing compared to the speculation he did on Trump. Speculate freely and often.

Romney’s Mitt the Hit — “scathing indictment?” Please.
Romney out!

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21 comments on “Thanks for Trump endorsement, Mitt

  1. Hardnox says:

    It would have been nice if the asshat had half as much vitriol against Batears in 2012 as he had for Trump. Heck, he may have been running for a second term by now. Instead, he proved what an establishment hack he truly is.

    Btw, does he still owe money on his 2012 campaign or is that now forgiven?

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    I guess HN said it all for me. Romney’s mean attitude should have been used on Obama. But he didn’t have the nerve and choked.

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    • Bullright says:

      Yep Pepp. I remember all the failures and business losses in Bain Capitol, the job cuts, shipping jobs overseas. Suddenly he’s questioning someone’s credentials, as you say, being the corporate raider.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Romney plays tough guy when on the sidelines, but was a p*ssy when in the battle. One of the worse back seat drivers I’ve seen in years.

    The repuke talking heads keep slamming Trump for his attacks, but they’re standing in line to give Romney a French kiss for what he just did. Surely not hypocrisy???

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  4. The Emu says:

    I may not comment often, but I do enjoy your versions of the Political scenario/Chaos, going on at the moment in your Country, I’m backing Trump, then we can sit back and watch the Shit hit the Fan.
    You might find this article I wrote a while back, an interesting piece, if not ,delete it from comments mate.

    The Freedom of Speech is being stifled, all in the cause of potentially inciting hatred, bigotry and Islamophobia.
    Sadly, having watched the political games being enacted around the world, on the political stage, America seems to have lost much of its heart. America used to stand on Integrity, Truth, Honesty and Justice; these tenets are disappearing rapidly out of the American language and Government.
    No longer is America seen as a World Leader, no longer does America have a President who holds the values of Truth, Honesty and Justice in his hands.
    It is sad to watch a great country like America unfold from internal means, a President who lacks empathy to his Servicemen and woman, both serving and returned, a President who places the acceptance of the Islamic Ideology into his country, above the security of the people of America, a President who embraces the Ideology of the United Nations New World Order, above the basics of security and well being of his own people.
    America has lost the direction on the world stage, America has become a puppet of the United Nations, not only America, our feeble minded Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has done the same, sold out Australia to the United Nations. Germany’s President, Merkel has also sold out Germany to the United Nations.
    How has this come about, a programme pre ordained for a New World Order by the United Nations, and signed by Western and European World leaders.
    The Islamification of the world is unfolding, the first indication is the denial of Freedom of Speech, this negates Bigotry, Racism and Hatred. All because we are led to believe that Islam is the answer to world peace and unity.
    It is time the Western Worlds Governments, and European Governments, recognized the fact, that Islam is not a Religion but an Ideology. In support of this statement we need to remember the point that all Muslims are born under the Sharia law, an Islamic Ideology.Muslims who stray from the Islamic Ideology, become Apostates or Infidels. The Islamic Ideology is contrary to the Global Humanitarian way of life, its Beliefs and Culture. Countries around the world, America included, need to debate the subject, Is Islam, a Religion or Ideology. If it is a Religion, then is it compatible and harmonious to our Western Judea/Christian beliefs, and conducive to assimilation and integration into our culture. If it is not a religion but an ideology, then again we ask the question, is the Islamic Ideology also conducive to harmonious assimilation and integration into Global culture. At the moment throughout the world, it is becoming clearer each day, that Islam is an ideology which is incompatible with every Western and European country. The people of America and Australia should find the Ideology of Islamic Beliefs to be a Credible Threat to America and Australia.
    I feel sad thinking back over the years when America was an Ally of Australia, an America that stood for freedom and democracy, a country that stood for the rights of their people, and all the peoples who were oppressed around the world, that dream has gone. America no longer holds my flag in support of Humanity, not only America but my home country Australia as well as Germany and Canada
    The Russian President Putin sides with the French President to face ISIL front on, the American President will not, simply because the American President wants Assad removed, here we have two major country’s fighting the evil of ISIL for Global humanitarian reasons, America, under Obama, wants Assad out purely for political monetary gain, no word of Humanity out of Obama.
    I do not cry for France, I do not cry for all those European countries experiencing terrorism, I do not cry for America or Australia when the next wave of terrorism comes, I cry for those world leaders who have sold their country out to Islam.
    The Bald Eagle of America may be Bald, but the American Bald Eagle no longer has feathers under the Obama Government, and as such THE BALD EAGLE WILL SOAR NO MORE.

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    • Bullright says:

      I love it. You hit the sentiments right on. Sort of cuts through all the cross talk. (especially stateside) Thanks for posting. I’d like to post it too.\\\

      Nicely said, I cannot add to that except its sad, so sad that we’ve come to this. The world is dropping the humanitarian shield in place of political correctness that will stop no terrorist act, only accelerate it. And the Mo-Bro agenda continues, will we?

      Thanks Emu, much appreciated.

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      • The Emu says:

        Use it any way you want mate, they are the personal sentiments of this old Australian Soldier, I was trying to email it to a few American Newspapers but got no response.

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        • Bullright says:

          No responses? I’m amazed. Well, I guess I’m not really because that’s part of the problem.

          Incidentally, they (& media) don’t seem to like nationalism in any sense or form, unless it fits their agenda. Yet they respected it when they saw it in the Chilean minors’ rescue. But here, it gets frowned on. That’s disturbing.

          Thanks again.

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    • peppermintfarm says:

      Emu, what a great synopsis of what is happening to America. It’s enough to make a person cry. And I have at times. This is not the America I grew up in and I miss all the freedom we once had

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    • Hardnox says:

      That was great. I would love to pilfer that screed and repost it at ‘Nox & Friends. Please a direct link to your website article. Thanks.

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  7. Listening to Mitt reminded me of the opposite of an old wise saying.

    Instead of “follow the leader,” I thought about “follow the loser.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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