Fair is not fair – rhetoric or otherwise

John Kasich said that Donald Trump has created “a toxic environment.” So Trump is to blame, apparently, for these protests and large group that shut down a rally in Chicago.

Now I know people appreciate Kasich for his record and success, and so do I, but I have to take issue with his statements. Let’s put the blame where it lies, can we?

Trump is not an isolated factor nor the cause of everyone’s opinions. He is not the cause of the anger, it predates his run by far. What has failed us is our Party and leaders. To ignore the cause of this movement, the anger and disgust is to dismiss the purpose. Many people try to ignore and dismiss the purpose of this.

In Chicago, a protest organizer explained that, after they positioned themselves all around the venue, their goal was “for Donald to take the stage and to completely interrupt him. The plan is to shut Donald Trump all the way down.” Now is that perfectly clear?

Then Kasich’s spokesperson came out, also condemning Trump, but saying we understand the reason people are mad as heck and he[John] understands that anger. Does he really? He seems to dismiss the voices of masses so easily, but put some blame where it belongs — with politicians and the establishment status quo.

How come when someone surges like that on the uber-Left everyone celebrates them, they gush praises on them? But on the right, they rush to condemn them. Why is that?

Rubio says he doesn’t know if he could support the nominee if it was Trump. “I don’t know.” He believes trump would shatter and fracture the [party] movement, as the nominee. Again, what has fractured and shattered the right has been the establishment politics as usual. Only insiders or estabo hacks could claim that… because it already is.

Cruz said the “responsibility for any campaign begins and ends at the top.” Maybe for others, not considering camp Cruz’s dirty tricks applied in Iowa. Cruz implies that if we just talk a certain way and act a certain way — like him — and have a dialogue, it eliminates problems like the Chicago protests. Please, is this really Ted’s understanding and knowledge of the Left?

Their Marxist purpose is to shut popular voices on the right down. It is not about dialogues or reasoning with them. All these front groups on the left operate the same way, or in concert with one another.But their objective is to stifle opposition to themselves any way they can. All of us should appeal to civility or appeal to our “better angels,” Cruz said.

Carly Fiorina said Trump “has taken advantage of [people’s] anger and frustration.” Blind are leading the blind. When she was talking about people’s anger that was different. Was she extorting that and her female credentials? Now just blame Trump for having given voice to the exact issues GOPe wanted to bury.

Obama, for the second time in a week, took his time to delve into politics namely on the right, in his roadshow tour. He said:

(Wa Po“)What is happening in this primary is just a distillation of what’s been happening inside their party for more than a decade. I mean, the reason that many of their voters are responding is because this is what’s been fed through the messages they’ve been sending for a long time — that you just make flat assertions that don’t comport with the facts. That you just deny the evidence of science. That compromise is a betrayal. That the other side isn’t simply wrong, or we just disagree, we want to take a different approach, but the other side is destroying the country, or treasonous. I mean, that’s — look it up. That’s what they’ve been saying.”

He went on to add that there are “thoughtful conservatives” out there — read who agree with him — that care about poverty, climate change, don’t insult people, who are concerned about what is going on. Well, everyone is concerned, supposedly, one way or another. But more of the same is not exactly the answer to any of it, or what they are asking for.

Then Obama said:

“We’ve got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it’s the Home Shopping Network,” he joked.

“Now, the truth is, what they really mean is their reaction to me was crazy and now it has gotten out of hand. But that’s different. I didn’t cause the reaction. The reaction is something that they have to take responsibility for and then figure out how do we make an adjustment.”

We are being bamboozled people. This is the way the left operates and made to order for the party of Alinsky radicals. I’m not saying we are playing into their hands. Heaven knows they are going to do and act this way no matter what. I’m saying Trump presented them with an ideal opportunity for their tactics. Maybe this is one of the ways Carson can help Trump, by knowing and understanding their exact tactics.

What they have done is use Trump to personalize their attacks to broad brush the whole conservative country. Trump gives them a personal target. This is what they’ve always done. So while Ted Cruz rails about the Washington Cartel, that’s fine. But we also have to focus on left-wing fascism, too. Let’s not look at Trump as the problem when, in fact, he has been one person to speak out about the problems. So naturally he would be a target of theirs.They want to destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way. Why should it surprise us?

Give me a break though, as everyone comes along to say “we know people are angry…” blah, blah and it is justified. Well, if they do know, then why do they face off with and criticize the people for taking action? In fact, they tell us they understand it that they too are angry. Really, what are they doing?

Maybe Trump is getting the hang of it and understands this radical dynamic of the Marxist Left. He has taken to pointing to the protestors as Bernie’s people, and indeed many were Bernie people in Chicago’s protest. He calls them out and personalizes who they are.

Hillary could not pass the opportunity to say “When you play with matches, you could start a fire you cannot control.” Let’s talk about playing with matches and starting a fire you can’t control sometime. It’s a long conversation.

Bernie continues to say Trump stokes anger while his campaign throws the “revolution” around loosely. Now considering Bernie’s chances against Hillary, what happens when he loses and when everyone does not get their totally free college education? Talk about stoking people’s anxieties, anger and expectations. What are those people going to do? You and I both probably have a good idea what they are going to do.

Now have you ever seen a candidate or someone take as much incoming attacks and criticism as Trump, especially from powerful places and the media? And it keeps coming.

Jekyll Island redux. A group of top Republican establishment, operatives and donors organize a meeting to take out Trump. Of, course the strange thing is it is not in secret, they are right out in the open about it. Jeb Bush has a private meeting with Kasich, Cruz, Rubio strategizing a take down before the debate.

I’ve already talked about Mitt Romney fiasco, also scheming behind the scenes. Then there is the matter where Republicans or Trump critics cannot oppose protests or Romney attacks because both comports with their own opposition. What kind of Party?

MSNBC has been reading motives into Trump all along, like racism. Other media jumped on to condemn Trump for what happened in Chicago. Glenn Beck a week ago referred to Trump supporters as Nazis and brownshirts. Talk about doing the Left’s work for them. Then another news broadcast said the rallies are WWE-type events where Trump incites and promotes violence. Two weeks ago, and still, they were stuck on a KKK message trying to tie Trump to racism. Is there anything they haven’t thrown at Trump? Not much.

“Imagine what Trump would say if he had a record like this – [his]?” Just imagine.
Barry, just imagine if you had half of your records (in question) thrown at you?

RightRing | Bullright

15 comments on “Fair is not fair – rhetoric or otherwise

  1. Excellent article Bull.

    Blame the victim of the well organized leftists commie groups who came into Chicago with the express purpose of shutting down speech. We have a whole bunch of these radical leftists such as Bill Ayers, BLM, moveon.org. Sanders supporters and others who are organized, paid and bused to the event to agitate for violence.

    I’m pretty doggone angry at Cruz, Rubio and Kasich for their rhetoric never once mentioning who was really at fault for this violence, the leftist commies. I guess they don’t want to tell the truth. They themselves sound like these same leftist agitators for bloody sake.

    But oh it plays so well for them doesn’t? Perhaps this will be the end of Trump in their little petty minds. Then like Rubio we can go back to the same old crap we’ve suffered under the GOPe. Follow the money. None of them want their millions stopped that flow into their coffers from the lobbyists, special interests groups, etc. Damn we the people in their books. They are all GOPe creeps who want the status quo to stay. We don’t matter to them.

    moveon.or and Bernie supporters are bragging on Twitter that they shut down Trump’s rally. So who is to blame??????

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, they’ve all done their part

      So bragging are they? Maybe they’ll be showered with praise from GOP candidates et al. One thing I forgot to say, they love to take their credit don’t they?

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  2. the unit says:

    I’m too tired to make a personal comment. Agree mostly with article and comments.
    I offer this, which I think mostly is in agreement with what I’ve read here.
    From a fellow I’ve read a long while.

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  3. Davetherave says:

    Good piece Bull. Once again we see the party that says we need to be more tolerant being completely intolerant towards others that don’t agree with them. Talk about a broken record. First Amendment taking another beating.

    I’m very disappointed with Kasich’s statement. I’m on the record regarding IMO Kasich has done a wonderful job with Ohio, but that statement is classless and utter bullshit. Seems Kasich is getting into the mudslinging now and that’s really shitty taking the side of the organized front to shut down free speech.

    Cruz and Rubio taking the side of the organized stop free speech movement pisses me off, but can’t say I’m surprised. They’d eat their own children, if that guaranteed a contested or brokered convention. Kasich’s statement took me by surprise, but not the low-life duo of Slimy Cruz and Rubbish Rubio.

    ALERT: New study just released shows Cruzbots have lowest IQ of any voting group and support gay marriage, if they could marry Cruz. 🙂

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    • Dave, I completely agree with your statement. I too was very disappointed with Kasich’s statement. I expected this kind of crap out of Cruz and Rubio but not Kasich.

      I read that new study which shows Cruzbots and Rubio supporters the most uninformed groups of people and blinded by both insiders who have done nothing in the Senate other than blow their mouths off. Just what are their accomplishments. I’ve yet to find out what they are

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      • Davetherave says:

        Pepp if I recall correctly, Rubio miss something like 60% of votes on the senate floor. I bet he still took his full paycheck though. Can’t help but wonder, if he’s a golfer and vacationer like Barry.

        All I’ve seen Cruz do is ‘nothing.’ Suck up money from the TX Oil Cartel, but is that really an accomplishment??

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        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, as to accomplishments I don’t know any great things, though Cruz says he opposed this or that and Rubio claims to have sworn off the amnesty juice, at least for now. But each have sucked up their share of oxygen in the Senate. Now that someone comes along and threatens their high oxygen levels they naturally attack.

          They both point to bills and this or that they supported etc. But last I checked that is their job and what they are in the Senate to do.(big oil money, and big sugar money aside) Like: “give me a rose for doing my job — which by the way I didn’t do very well — and I was only there for a few years,” to paraphrase it.


        • Dave, I think it’s more than 60% but who is counting? His constituents are counting and don’t trust him. Cruz is a scumbag


    • Bullright says:

      You summed it up pretty well. Just didn’t expect it from Kasich. He knows what all has happened that has people ticked. Well, that’s our excuse, but what is the protestors excuse? I’m hearing a lot of stuff from those Left-orgs. It doesn’t make much sense.

      But Cruz and Rubio, right, no surprises there…even if they have to defend the uber-left.

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      • Davetherave says:

        Kasich staying out of the grade school stuff is one thing, but taking the side of the idiot left and blaming Trump? Guess he’s trying to buy votes…

        Liked by 2 people

        • Bullright says:

          More like staying out of it until he sees an irresistable opportunity to use it. I understand he’s in a fight there in Ohio, but its casting blame on the wrong place. Wonder if he’ll change his tune on the Chaos in Cleveland Convention when the protestors descend on it? (which they always do)


      • I’m so angry with Kasich now. I heard him this morning say he’s going to come out with stuff after his election in Ohio. Apparently he’s as bad as the other two scumbags running.


  4. Just Gene says:

    The Demencrats have understood for years – ACCUSE YOUR ENEMY OF WHAT YOU YOURSELF DO.

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