Convention Chaos in Cleveland

In researching the subject of the ballyhooed convention debacle, I was looking at the Repblican site. Here is an excerpt.

“Talk of a brokered or contested convention is fast gaining popularity these days owing to the remarkably good performances of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. The prospect of the businessman winning the Republican presidential nomination has spooked the Republican orthodoxy, leading to a strategic rethink on alternative solutions to prevent his nomination.

Even 2012 Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was roped in to assist in dampening Trump’s momentum.

A brokered or contested GOP convention would be the single largest political event in television and internet history. Reporters, media outlets and political junkies would probably trade their soul just to see it happen in their lifetime. It is worth noting though that discussions about a contested or brokered convention have in fact been circulating since December 2015, before the primary process even begun!

It is also worth pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, brokered and contested conventions are actually two different things; the former actually refers to backroom deals and negotiations involving senior party figures, while the latter entails delegates voting at the convention.”

Speaking of the resurfacing of Mitt Romney in cahoots with the RNC over the matter:
Mitt Romney Not Conservative — Donald J Trump (video)

Now carefully consider the descriptive words above and the impact. With all the TV coverage and popularity in this primary — namely on the Republican side along with medias’ interest — it is worth noting how much interest they have in a contested or brokered convention. Call it an investment.

They naturally would be all for it or “all in,” as they like to say. Even while that creates a diversion from Hillary’s emailgate and Benghazigate myriad of investigations or possible indictment of the frontrunner. It’s a great story for media.

So that puts the media, the RNC and much of the Left(including the Left media) all on the same agenda page. There is no interest among them in avoiding chaos and turmoil. Quite the contrary, they have a vested interest in creating it. And in the end, it’s good TV. So who are the reality TV freaks here, really? Sleepless in Seattle meet Chaos in Clevelend, coming to flat screens near you.

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23 comments on “Convention Chaos in Cleveland

  1. the unit says:

    Chaos seems to be all we can expect. I’ve been hooked on all the old Wild Bill Elliot and Red Ryder movies the last couple of weeks. In every one he says “I’m a peaceable man” then when necessary six guns go a blazing.
    Being retired now with time to watch them movies…I’m a peaceable man.

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  2. You nailed it Bull. If there is either a contested or brokered convention in Cleveland. all hell is going to break loose. I guess the GOPe doesn’t care as long as they can get rid of Trump. They are making a Yuge mistake. they haven’t seem any thing yet as far as anger goes if they take Trump down. All of his supporters are going to bolt with rage and then they lose. But they could care less. They’d rather have Hillary. Follow the money is what I say.

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  4. They sure have built this up. And we, the people, are trembling over such a possibility that going to tear things up.

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  5. Yep. If Trump gets 1236, one short, they will still have a blood bath over it. It really stinks


    • Bullright says:

      Someone on Fox said that it’s funny how no sooner do we declare Trump won someplace and everyone immediately starts talking about how they can defeat or stop him. We’ve never seen that before.

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  6. Whoever said that has it right. The elites are constantly plotting how they are going to make sure Trump does not get the nomination. Makes me sick.


  7. Getting a pass? That is the worst lie I’ve heard so far. Yep they do want it both ways. But the people see what’s going on. I hate to think of what that convention is going to look like. It will be the bloodiest ever, probably worse than the one in 1968 with the Democrats.

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