Another Upstanding American Traitor

Another upstanding Muslim and resident of Virginia just happened to be captured in Iraq, after surrendering while fighting for ISIS. But then it gets better.

NY Post – (story here)

IRBIL, Iraq — A Palestinian-American member of the Islamic State group gave himself up to an Iraqi Kurdish military unit in the country’s north on Monday, an Iraqi Kurdish general said, a rare instance of a voluntary surrender of a militant fighting with the extremist group in Iraq.

Read more:

The man has been identified as Mohammed Jamal Amin, or Mohamad Jamal Khweis, and reported to be from Alexandria, Virginia. Possible discrepancies over the name.

Birds of the feather, you know.

7 comments on “Another Upstanding American Traitor

  1. Makes one wonder how many more of these people we have here.

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  2. the unit says:

    These Jihadist guys are able to saw off a head pretty good. I wish Momma was still around…I saw her wring off a chicken head to feed her kids many times. Worked good.


    • the unit says:

      That to feed us the bulk of the chicken. No we didn’t eat the heads. Now I’m talking ’40’s, Momma ate some squirrel brains those years so kids could eat the good part what was lefl. She had nifty way to crack open the skull too. She had hammer, skull was a nail. 🙂



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